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Shadow of Malevolence
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Gearok is a Makuta currently working for Volitus in the Shadow of Malevolence organization.


Gearok was a Makuta assigned to an unknown location (it is rumored that he came from the Pit). He joined Volitus when he discovered his plans for power, and Gearok was later assigned to recruit Makuta into Volitus's cause. He traveled to many different islands, the most notable of which was Karzahni.

After bringing back many recruits to Volitus, the organization needed to enter the Brotherhood of Makuta base. However, they wished to not be seen, thinking Miserix would punish the Maktua for being away from their islands for so long. Gearok assisted the group in traversing Destral and attempting to break in the base. The attempt was unsuccessful, and Gearok was banned from the Brotherhood of Makuta along with his other fellow Makuta comrades. He was later appointed to commanding officer in the battle that took place in Karda Nui later on. There, Gearok battled many Toa and terrorized an Av-Matoran village. Gearok and his forces fell back to a secret island when the battle neared its end.

Gearok is now stationed at the Shadow of Malevolence base and is planned to go to Odessha in the near future.

Abilities and Traits[]

Gearok can use and manipulate shadow as well as control gravity within two hundred-foot perimeters. His most favorite ability is the gravity smash, which consists of him making a Toa float in zero-gravity and immediately smashing the Toa into the ground by quickly switching to high-gravity.

Makuta Gearok is a very strange Makuta. He never truly gets angry; rather, he acts in conjunction with contentment and entertainment. In other words, he enjoys killing, destroying, and any other act that causes harm to his enemies. He is very mysterious, slightly insane, and it is often impossible to tell what he is thinking.

Mask and Tools[]

With no Kanohi to speak of, Gearok does not have any powers affiliated with a Kanohi mask.

His weapons are called Versa Blades, named as such because of their versatile construction. The blades act as swords used for slicing, cutting, and stabbing; they can be attached to his hands and used as legs for quadrupedal walking; the blades can be used as rapid-fire guns when ammo is inserted in them; and the blades can attach to the his back and act as wings.


  • The Omega Hunt


  • He was inspired by Vezon as well as the Joker from the live-action Batman movies.
  • His quadrupedal blade function was inspired by the Vahki, as their weapons can act as legs when they walk.