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Gates of Lightning
Herelius' Steppes, Realm of Remnants
Glatorian Symbol Glatorian/Agori (700)

Frost Demon Nether Toa (5,000)

Scourge Icon Scourge (6,700)
In use

The Gates of Lightning is a fortress located in the Herelius' Steppes, used for crossing into Volkin.


With lush land said to be greater than the Mohtrek Vale south of the searing Herelius' Steppes trapped by mountains surrounding it, Matoran and Agori built the Gates of Lightning at the edge of Herelius' Steppes to make a passageway into the lush land known as Volkin, as crossing the mountains or sailing to Volkin is impossible. The Gates of Lightning was the largest Order Fortress, and only intended to serve as a crossing point into Volkin. However, many thousands of Matoran, Agori, Toa and Glatorian decided to inhabit the fortress.

About a millennia later, Makuta Detrotyx, a Forsaken Exiled Great Being, was accidentally unearthed and freed by the Scourge, a race of undead creatures from the Northeastern Darkshrine Gulch. Derotyx quickly took over their capital, Demisis, and turned his attentions to the Gates of Lightning. He soon corrupted the thousands of inhabitants and converted them into Scourge. However, a few hundred Agori and Glatorian survived, and re-inhabited a city just inside the Gates. These survivors then built a Gukko port for travelers who wish to dare the Gates of Lightning into Volkin.


Glatorian patrol the surrounding area, battling in hate skirmishes against Nether Toa and the Scourge. The Agori and Glatorian have a tenuous peace with the corrupted scourge, to fight the dreaded Nether Toa from the Outer Remnant.

The Nether Toa inhabiting the Gates of Lightning did not originate from the Magna Void or the Outer Remnant. Instead, because Derotyx only corrupted them into Scourge, he turned several thousands of Toa into his nether minions, putting his actual grasp in the Gates of Lightning into play.