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Garnax's Base
Island X
Inhabitants Matoran
Location Between Odina and Nynrah
Makuta Unknown if any
Pronunciation None

Garnax's Base, otherwise nicknamed as Island X, was a formerly unnamed landmass between the regions of Odina and Nynrah. It was owned by the Brotherhood and was given to a Po-Matoran named Garnax as a reward for his services.


Early History[]

Similarly to the other islands in the Matoran Universe, Island X was created by early Matoran labourers. Upon the completion of the Matoran Universe, a small colony of Matoran of Lightning settled there.

Island X Location


However, after the Brotherhood of Makuta introduced a number of species of Rahi to the area, the Matoran village was attacked and many of the inhabiting Matoran of Lightning were killed. Desperate not to let the Toa hear of the incident, the Brotherhood decided to alter all pre-existing records of the island, changing them to state that there had never been any Matoran residents, something that the Toa did not notice. This meant that the island was left in the control of the Makuta.

Additionally, a perception filter was fitted around the island, concealing it from any passing Dark HUnter ships en route to Odina.

Garnax's Rule[]

In spite of this, however, the island remained unused until a Po-Matoran servant of the organization, named Garnax, managed to prove his worth, being able to secure shipments of armor and weapons for his masters by calling in old debts from his enemies, the Makuta rewarded Garnax for his services and placed him on the island as its ruler.

The Brotherhood then built a mansion for him on this island and placed several captured Matoran slaves on it as his servants. The reason of the Brotherhood's interest was because they intended to use the island to stage an attack from. As the island was populated by Matoran, they assumed that no Toa would think to invade it.