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Great Huna
Magma Blade, Midak Skyblaster
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Galmav is a Toa of Plasma, and a the former member of Makuta Dredzek's Toa Hagah team.


Early life[]

Galmav was originally a Matoran of Plasma from an island east of Daxia. However, he was eventually cast out of his village for his lack of work ethic and commitment, and he subsequently left his homeland. Arriving on Stelt, he became a trader, and spent much of his time traveling to numerous different lands to sell his items and supplies. Eventually, he was transformed into a Toa.

Toa Hagah[]

When the Brotherhood of Makuta decided its members needed bodyguards, Galmav was selected to become part of the Toa Hagah team assigned to Makuta Dredzek. Before his membership was accepted, Galmav and the rest of his team was forced to partake in a number of testing challenges by Dredzek, who wished to see if his Toa team were capable of protecting him efficiently. Not long after passing the tests, Galmav became the team's tactical leader, due to his natural edge in strategies and planning.

As part of their duties, Galmav and the rest of his team attended to the matters Dredzek had no time for, such as Rahi intrusions. For the next few centuries, Galmav and his team dutifully performed their tasks, guarding Dredzek and opposing all external threats.


After many centuries of service, Galmav and the rest of his team was betrayed and executed by Dredzek on orders of Makuta Teridax, who requested all Toa Hagah bodyguards be eliminated after his own team, lead by Toa Norik, rebelled against him.

Galmav was later revived in the Red Star, as deceased entities from the Matoran Universe were intended to. However, he was also supposed to be returned to the Great Spirit Robot; due to the Red Star malfunctioning, he was instead trapped there.

Abilities and Traits[]

Light-hearted, friendly, and amiable, Galmav was renowned for being the wise-cracking joker of his team. Good at keeping others in high spirits, Galmav was extremely devoted to his work, and would willingly sacrifice himself if it meant the safety of his friends and allies. However, his greatest quality was his brilliant tactical mind, and his talents as a strategist made him a valued member of his team. Due to his original occupation as a trader, Galmav was very persuasive in a debate, which also molded him into a skilled negotiator.

As a Toa of Plasma, Galmav possessed the ability to create, control, and absorb molten magma.

Mask and Tools[]

Nemanaraa wore the Kanohi Huna, the Great Mask of Concealment, which he could use to become invisible. Galmav's Huna was carved in the shape of a Noble Huna. Galmav carried a Magma Blade and an early version of the Midak Skyblaster.