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"A Matoran? Whatever next, cuddly ussal crabs?!"
―Vezok to Gakarl

Gakarl is a Matoran from the Tren Krom Peninsula. He went to the realm of Karzahni to be repaired some 100,000 years ago. He was kept there for over 50,000 years. The being Karzahni was very bad at repairing Gakarl, and so gave him some weapons to compensate.

Gakarl, Goxxer, and a few other brave Matoran planned to escape. They did this in extreme secret, and even used a hidden cave as their headquarters. Using their crafting skills and various weapons, they managed to build a vehicle. It was dubbed sky-speeder by Gakarl. One of the Matoran rebels was a Builder of the Toa Canisters, who was insane.

But one of the Matoran rebels betrayed the rest. Karzahni immediately set the Manas on them. The Builder of the Canisters escaped the massacre. Gakarl thought about helping his friends, but another side of him emerged. He ran to the sky-speeder and flew off. The vehicle took him out of Karzahni, and into lands unknown.

He arrived on Xia, and lost his original mask. Instead of a mask, he wears a facemask-like item made of Protosteel. Being a Matoran, he stuck out like a sore thumb on Xia, and was immediately attacked by rogue Vortixx. But he killed his assailants using his sky-speeder. That was his only weapon.

A Dark Hunter named Gatherer was watching nearby, and alerted The Shadowed One about the special Matoran. Gakarl was summoned to Odina, where he reluctantly accepted the invitation. After his flight, The Shadowed One recruited Gakarl on sight, but he had to go through one iniation test first.

Gakarl had to fight Vezok before he became a fully-pledged Dark Hunter. Vezok was cocky enough to think it was an easy battle. Gakarl drove his sky-speeder around Vezok, dodging his shots and kept firing at Vezok. Vezok fell to the floor wounded, but then Gakarl rammed into him. Vezok was out cold.

News spread quickly throughout all the Hunters, realising Gakarl is the first Matoran (that wasn't mutated) to ever be a Dark Hunter. Although some looked down on him, most respected him.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Behind the Scenes[]

The model of Gakarl and his sky-speeder was built by The evil dude's brother using spare BIONICLE parts.