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Ice, Water, Stone
Sword, Midak Skyblaster

Froston is a mutant Toa of Ice, Water, and Stone and a "failed experiment" of the Order of Mata Nui's. He is currently serving the Legion of Shadows.


Little is currently known of Froston's past. It is known he was the end result of a failed experiment conducted by the Order of Mata Nui to create more powerful kinds of Toa. However, the process by which Froston was transformed by resulted in him entering catatonic state, causing extensive mental damage in the process. Because of this, the Order deemed him a failure, and abandoned him.

He remained this way for a long time until he was discovered by agents of the Legion of Shadows. The Legion's leader, Makuta Verahk, later had Froston moved to the isle of Nocterra, where he was studied by a Legion of Shadows science team.

Eventually, a member of the science team, Drakzek, used his telepathic abilities to repair the Toa's mental well-being. He was later reawakened by Drakzek in the presence of Makuta Kylla.

Legion of Shadows[]

The female Makuta promptly took the still weak Froston into her custody and departed Nocterra. The pair later arrived on the island of Morek, the headquarters of the Legion of Shadows. Here, Kylla presented the Toa to Verahk, who, seeing great potential in the Toa, offered Froston a position in his ranks in exchange for vengeance on the Order of Mata Nui. Using his Shadow powers to heal Froston, Verahk and Kylla proceeded to assign him a mission as a method of proving his worth. With Froston's acceptance of the assignment, Verahk ordered Kylla to make preparations for the mission.

Abilities & Traits[]

What little is known about Froston's personality comes from his attitude towards the Order of Mata Nui, who he utterly despises for reasons unknown. This hatred runs so deep that he seems to have ignored the Toa Code, and allied himself with Verahk in hopes of exacting revenge.

The only thing known for certain about what abilities Froston possesses is that he was originally a Toa of Ice, and therefore has the power to create, control, and absorb frost and cold. He also possesses a degree of control over the elements of Water and Stone. Considering his physical resemblance to Toa Hydros, however, he may in fact possess even more abilities.

Mask & Tools[]

Froston wears a warped version of the Kanohi Matatu, the Great Mask of Telekinesis, which allows its wearer to move objects and opponents through thought alone. Upon joining the Legion of Shadows, Froston was given a Protosteel sword and a Midak Skyblaster as weaponry.