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Xevthian Empire (formerly), Dark Hunters (formerly), Dark Brotherhood
Non-Elemental Ice Powers, Great Strength, Great Endurance
Sword, claws, tail

"Frostbite" is a former Dark Hunter and now a Dark Brotherhood lieutenant.


Early Life[]

Originally native to the southern land shared between the Xevthians and the Zaraks, Frostbite was a clan leader amongst his people when the island's High-King, Alxor, formed the Xevthian Empire, and announced his desire to conquer the universe. Unlike most of his kind, he did not join the military, and was instead elected as the spokesman and representative of his people on Alxor's advisory council, negotiating better terms and conditions for his people in the High-King's court. When Alxor revealed his plans to conquer the land of Versuva, Frostbite argued that such a conquest would be easy, and that caution would not be neccessary, though he was ignored by Alxor, who wished not to underestimate the island's natives.

After the Xevthian Empire fell, Frostbite was among the Zarak that rebelled against their masters and migrated north to the island of Marzak. Here, Frostbite remained instated as a clan leader on the Zarak's new homeland. Once Barraki Ehlek's forces hit the island, however, he was wounded and left for dead. He was later found by a Dark Hunter who nursed him back to health and brought Frostbite to Odina where he was recruited as a Dark Hunter.

Dark Brotherhood[]

Roughly five hundred years ago, a formerly deceased Dark Hunter named Conqueror and his friend Mysa left to begin the Dark Brotherhood. Having tired of the life of a Dark Hunter, Frostbite joined them and has been serving as a lieutenant ever since.

War with the Brotherhood of Makuta[]

After agreeing to help the Order of Mata Nui combat the Brotherhood of Makuta, Conqueror sent Frostbite to the island of Xia to keep an eye on the Dark Hunter's activities. He later left to report of Skakdi "Render" 's sudden reappearance. Conqueror later sent Frostbite back to Xia with orders to tell his operatives among the Dark Hunters to keep an eye on Render; as well as loot whatever weapons they can get off of the island.

Abilities & Traits[]

A tactical thinker and brilliant strategist, Frostbite is a powerful warrior who is known as a forced to be reckoned with.

In addition to his awesome strength, Frostbite is virtually invulnerable to most physical assaults.

Due to experiments preformed on him by the Dark Hunters, Frostbite possesses limited power over the element of Ice, allowing him to create frigid blasts capable of freezing molten Protodermis. He can also conjure localized blizzards and snow storms.


Strength: 17
Agility: 12
Toughness: 20
Mind: 15


Along with his sharp claws and thick armor, Frostbite wields a large Protosteel sword sharp enough to slash Makuta armor into ribbons.

Alternate Versions[]



Dark Brotherhood (v

Leader: Conqueror

Members: Scar  • Trakshee

Former Members: Toxon (deceased)

Servants: Mysa  • Orek  • Frostbite  • Titan  • Stealth  • "Warrior"  • Reaper  • Krahtek  • Zyglak

Former Servants: Gilvex (deceased)