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Four-Armed Colossus
Range Irania Nui
Type Gigantic mammal
Colors Brown
Diet Large quantities of metallic protodermis
Natural Tools Claws, Teeth, Spines
Notable Members N/A

The Four-Armed Colossus is a gargantuan creature from Spherus Magna's prehistory, towering as high as a skyscraper, that was recently released on Irania Nui. It is unlikely to be the only member of its kind, and more may be loose on the planet in deep caverns.

Abilities and Traits[]

The Colossus comes from a time when huge reptiles walked the planet, and to compete, it had to be equally large, terrifying, and dangerous. The beast is ferocious, afraid of no enemies, and though it consumes metallic protodermis to survive, it considers all life to be its prey. Normally, its size and strength alone are enough to quell an opponent, but the Colossus also has a defensive mechanism that allows it to vomit its own, highly corrosive stomach acid offensively.

The Colossus' tail is clubbed, and its thick, bandy arms are covered in sharp spines.

The Colossus is extremely vulnerable to electricty, and high-pitched sounds, meaning that Toa of Lightning and Sonics make good offenses against the beast.


  • The Four-Armed Colossus was written as an aside, not meant to be its own character or have relevance to the story other than as something to be mentioned. In this spirit, it was originally just going to be referred to as a 'creature', and the Makuta Nui combiner model was to be the image used.
  • It is invulnerable against Psionics attacks.