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"We have a Tridax pod - right?."
—Forros, fighting Toa with Enorak
Species Shadow Matoran, formerly Po-Matoran
Group Brotherhood of Makuta
Kanohi Vakir
Colors Orange, Black, Gray
Element Shadow, previously Stone
Occupation Lesser to the Makuta of Voronui
Tools Shadow Midak Skyblaster
Assigned Island Voronui
Greater Enorak
Specialized Power Explosions
Pronunciation Four-oss

Forros is a Shadow Matoran and a Lesser in the Brotherhood of Makuta.


Forros was a Matoran crafter on the island of Nynrah. He was important for making several weapons, such as the laser glasses. On a Brotherhood raid, however, Forros was captured and turned into a Shadow Matoran. He was kept in captivity for about two years, then assigned to Enorak to be a Lesser.


Forros in captivity

When Enorak was assigned to Voronui, Forros traveled with him. He helped Enorak dig his base in the desert, and served as a lab assistant for all of Enorak's experiments (mostly Enorak's 'Hypnosis Creatures'). Forros was also the one who put the creatures in the villages, for the Toa to pick up.

Centuries later, Enorak put his plan to use. Forros traveled to the Turaga and battled him. Forros won the battle, and put on a disguise so that he would look like the Turaga. He then had all of the hypnotized Matoran come to Enorak's base, where Enorak turned them into an army. However, the Toa arrived to stop Enorak, and they battled the army. Enorak and Forros watched the fight until the Toa found them. After a short fight, Enorak and Forros fled. They do not know what is happening on Voronui right now, since they are in their boat near the island.


Forros has faith in the Brotherhood's Plan, but will betray them if it means helping Enorak. He can strategize, but prefers to leave that to Enorak. He is loyal to his Greater; however he would betray him if it meant staying alive. In a way, Forros is like a loyal Makuta: is loyal to the Makutas higher than he, but more concerned with himself.

Tools and Powers[]

If Forros were not a Matoran, his mask would function as the Vakir, the Mask of Weakness. The Vakir can drain energy from another being and put it in yourself. It can drain to a point of non-existence, but it can return the energy, so that the being has energy again.

Forros carries a Midak Skyblaster that can shoot balls of shadow; it can also shoot small explosives, due to his and Enorak's experiments.


"Give it a blast with some shadow. If that doesn't work, give it to me and I'll destroy it."
—Enorak, on Forros' broken weapon
"Is your job making people ugly?"
—Forros, after looking at himself as a Shadow Matoran, to the Makutas that Shadow-Leeched him