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The Forgotten Heroes were a group of elite Veronians who wield the Six Legendary Toa Elements. They were the first heroes that were created to protect Veronia and their poeple from chaos and destruction. They have since disappeared approximatily around 4,000 years ago and were forgotten over time, and was remembered in legends and myths. However, some speculate that Lazarus was made an honorary and seventh member after he save on female member of the group. It is believed that they would return when times of darkness had descended over Veronia.


Here are the six ( members: Their names, gender, and powers will displayed below.

  • Cobalt: controls Water and was male and leader of the group.
  • Andromarius: Controlled Fire, male, and was the mechanic of the group.
  • Amadacius: Controlled Ice, male, planner of the group.
  • Selina: Controlled Air, was the only female member, and was an excellent statician.
  • Onyx: controlled Earth, male and was the spy of the group
  • Gilman: Controlled Stone, male, and was the inventor.
  • Lazarus: Controlled Sonics, Lightning, and Plasma, was an honorary member, and was their eternal ally.

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