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Forever a Stone

Forever a Stone is a story by Axonnmaster.


"No, please don´t let it be true," Jaller thought while he ran.

"Oh my God, please don´t let it be true," he thought again.

"Who are you?" a being asked as he suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Who are you?" asked Jaller.

"I´m Mako" the Matoran answered. "And now.. Who are you?" Mako asks back.

"My name is Jaller and I´m a hero of the Fire Tribe." the Toa of Fire proudly answered. Mako looked at him, in a way nobody ever looked at Jaller.

"What?" Jaller asked angrily. "Nothing...It´s just... you are.." slowly replied the Matoran, apparently a Ko-Matoran.

"Do you have a problem with me?" asked Jaller in an unfriendly tone.

"No..." says Mako. "... No I do not have a problem with you" Mako finished.

"Well then I have a question" Jaller said friendly.

"What question. Feel free to ask" the Matoran said with a grin on his face.

"Where am I?" asked Jaller with a dumb grin on his lips.

Suddenly both heard a big crash. Slowly Jaller turns his head around to look where the sound came from. What Jaller saw made him open his mouth. There was a big Rahi. Twice as big as all monsters he had ever seen.

"Wh-What do you want Rahi?" shouted Jaller angrily. He was not mad, but afraid of the towering Rahi.

The Rahi roared loudly. Jaller laid his hand on his belt where a Fire Sword hung. The monster prepared to bite him, but in the last moment Jaller jumped back. The Rahi failed at attacking Jaller but bit into a stone, which caused the stone to crumble.

Jaller got his sword and moved toward the monster to slice at it. Suddenly Mako shouted "No Jaller, this is an Agria. If you hit him, he will kill you. He will get stronger every time you hit him. You have to use your Elemental Powers against him!"

Jaller nodded and put his sword back to his belt. The Toa began to shoot fireballs at the Rahi, but they did him no harm.

"I shot more fireballs than I ever did before, but this monster does not react on my attacks..."

"I know" said Mako, smiling at Jaller.

"And what do I do now?" asked Jaller, angrier than ever.

"You have to create bigger, and stronger attacks," the Ko-Matoran answered.

"I couldn´t create bigger and stronger attacks!" screamed the Toa of Fire.

"I´m sure you could" said Mako confidently.