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<gallery> File:CB2Flardrek.jpg|Flardrek File:FlardrekAim.JPG|Flardrek takes aim with his Thornax Launcher File:MagmaBlazeSwordMounted.JPG|Flardrek with his Magma Blaze Sword mounted on his back File:FlardrekAttack.JPG|Flardrek in an offensive stance File:FlardrekDefensive.JPG|Flardrek in a defensive position File:Flardrek+Falmed.JPG|Flardrek with Falmed File:Flardrek.vs.JPG|Flardrek dueling Tervok during the Ambush on the Rock Tribe Outpost File:ReFlardrek1.JPG|A back view of Flardrek File:ReFladrek2.JPG|Flardrek unarmed File:ReFlardrek3.JPG|Flardrek with his sword BotaxAndFlardrek.JPG|Flardrek with Botax File:Botax.vs.Flardrek.JPG|Flardrek dueling Botax File:Bionicle20 417.jpg|Flardrek as designed by Toa Hydros Image:M.O.C.s 9 015.JPG|Flardrek as designed by Jareroden97 File:Fairon0004.jpg|Flardrek as drawn by user SubAqua