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First Order of Mata Nui
Kimu Nui
Mata Nui

The First Order of Mata Nui was a group of Great Beings founded by Mata Nui to combine their powers to terraform Terra Magna.


Mata Nui created the Order in 2 LY to terraform Terra Magna and make it able to support life. It is known that there base of operations was Kimu Nui, and they traveled to places with boats. They spent the next 3 years traveling the planet and shaping the world, creating grasslands, deserts, jungles, mountains, oceans and continents.

It is known that they created all of the planet's features except for the Mangaia, created by Makut'arkh, and the Malstromagna, which was accidentally a result of terraforming. When Mene Nui was created, Mata Nui's second in command, Na'vrotha stayed to pursue his creations there.

Their final creation was the huge mountain of Karda Nui, where Mata Nui intended to use later for his creations. In 5 LY, the world was fully capable of supporting life, and the Order was disbanded. Na'vrotha stayed close to Mata Nui and they worked together in some endeavors. Vorovax left for Voro Nui, which he named after himself and made his base of operations.

Known Members[]

The Order is currently disbanded, but some of its members were known.

  • Mata Nui - Founder and Leader of the Order
  • Na'vrotha - Second in Command, stayed on Mene Nui
  • Vorovax - Claimed Voro Nui after he left


  • The only body that the Order didn't create was the Mangaia
  • There were other Orders of Mata Nui, but this was the first to be called
  • When creating Karda Nui, noone knew the true purpose except for Mata Nui