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Fire Council

The Fire Council was an organization formed by Makuta Tyrex intent on taking over every aspect of Matoran society, both within the Matoran Universe and in the lost colonies on Aqua Magna.


The Fire Council was originally formed to serve the Brotherhood of Makuta in secret, to perform tasks that the Brotherhood could not be seen to be doing. However, its creator, Makuta Tyrex, soon began using the Fire Council's members and resources to serve his own personal agendas, as well as the Brotherhood's. He aroused little suspicion amongst his fellow Makuta for thousands of years, until he finally decided to break his growing order away from them. The Fire Council became an independent organization, but Tyrex let it be known to Teridax that deals could still be made for mutual aid between the two factions.

War with the Water Council[]

Naturally, Tyrex soon made many enemies, including the being Morotok, who formed an organization called the Water Council as an antithesis to the Fire Council. The two factions began warring at once. Tyrex and Morotok did battle many times, and their titanic duels were known to leave hideous scars on the landscape. Eventually, the scope of Morotok's operation grew, faster than Tyrex could compete with, and the Fire Council was forced to operate even more secretively than it had before. Many members left, though some who tried were instead met with an unfortunate end to Tyrex's rage.

Shortly before the reforming of Spherus Magna, Tyrex lost contact with his subjects and the Fire Council naturally drifted apart soon after.

Known Actions[]

  • Contact Gaz and Kesol, secretly hire with them.
  • Kidnap Yezu from Irania Nui.


  • Tyrex (Leader)
  • Ozarii
  • Kirvea
  • Viltahk
  • A Rahkshi-headed mutant, who wielded a chainsaw and a grappling hook.
  • The Bioformer Drones
  • Gaz (Unknowingly)
  • Kesol (Unknowingly)

Former Members[]

  • Jydak (Deceased)