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Mask of Fear
Component Kanoka

The Kanohi Fexan is the Mask of Fear, one of the few Legendary Kanohi. It has the power to create fear into anyone's mind, stunning them into submission. It also has the power to make one's worst nightmares become reality. The mask also has the power to transform itself, making it impossible to tell one Kanohi from another.

The mask also has one other power: The ability to send one to the Nightmare Realm, a reality that only exists through the Fexan. With a Kanohi Fexan activated, it makes the effects of the Nightmare Realm more powerful.

The first known Fexan was created by Shadowhawk with a ton of Protodermis. After mixing it with Anitdermis, the mask was turned into a Mask of Fear. Over the years, a few others have been able to forge their own.


  • Shadowhawk (in the form of a Glatorian helmet)


  • Since the mask can look like any other Kanohi, Matoran usually get scared over what mask they're wearing at the moment.
  • Some actually say the mask doesn't exist.
    • The ones that do believe have heard about the mask from stories.
  • Toa would never wear the mask; it's powers would devastate many.
    • Not many Makuta would want to wear this mask either; they think it's powers would overwhelm them.
  • Very few can be unaffected by the mask's powers
  • Beings can still face torture from the Nightmare Realm for many days even if the Kanohi Fexan isn't activated.
  • The Nightmare Realm comes with only one consequence: it takes a lot of energy to use.
  • Any Kanohi that would be able to see through an illusion would not be able to see through the powers of a Fexan.
  • Collector1 came up with the power.