"I barely remember, I was so small back then... I only remember that my parents were killed there and Inwirn turned evil in that land. Tapio's best friend was also killed in that land. Those are also the reasons why I never returned to my homeland before..."
Aino in Aino's Blog
Primary Residents Matoran
Size About 32,947 sq. mi.
Location Unknown
Status Destroyed
Locations Tapio's school, Tapio's old house

Tapio's old school

Feritanaya(previously known by nickname Tapio's Original Homeland) was an island with a large city where Tapio was born. It's located on the planet surface. It was later destroyed by Teridax after he took over the Matoran Universe.

Very little is known about it. Below are the only known facts:

  • Tapio's mother lived there originally
  • Tapio's dad came there with a Matoran Pod
  • There has, atleast, at some point, been a Toa.
  • It is more like a city than a place with nature and villages
  • It contains atleast two, big schools
  • A Sandmonster has at least lived here
  • There are a few smaller islands near the land, as seen as the picture above.
  • It has been destroyed.


Nothing about the early history of this land is known beside Tapio's early history story.

After The Rising, Feritanaya was damaged and the rulers of that land pondered about what to do. Aino arrived to the land, telling them all to move to Kowa Mountains of Bio-Land. All the Matoran left the land therefore it's currently deserted. Months later, Teridax used his new ability to caused the island to collapse into the ocean, destroying it.

Known Inhabitants

The beings below have been seen in Feritanaya, either as just visitors or actual inhabitants. All of them only lived there formerly, since after The Rising everyone migrated to the Kowa Mountains.

Known Locatins

Tapio's Home

The place where Tapio was born. His parents lived there and Tapio and Aino born there. The house was partially destroyed by the Giant Monster. This caused the dying of Tapio's parents.

Tapio's Aunt's Home


Inwirn using the Brainsucking Machine in Tapio's Aunt's House

The home where Tapio's aunt lived and where he and Aino lived after their parents died. Aleast one room was blue walls and floor.

One day, Inwirn and Dumpa attacked Tapio in the house, with the Brainsucker Machine. The attempt failed and they left.

Tapio's School


A group of students running from the Sandmonster

Tapio's School is one of the big schools in the land. It' principle is, or was, Gatoo. Only two teacher is known by name, Serwa, although he was banned after doing cruel things to the students, and Zenta who used to teach ratios. The only known former students of the school were Tapio, Inwirn and Lottie although it's presumed that Arthur was there too.

The Sandmonster attacked the school once, but was driven away.

Maki's School


Dumpa, Inwirn and Maki meeting on the school's yard

Maki's School is the nickname for the other big school where Inwirn went after getting infected. There she met Dumpa, whoh ad just beaten up Maki. Inwirn and Dumpa left the school soon after meeting and Maki had graduated. And those were the only known former students of the school.


  • It is possible that Feritanaya could be one of the Southern Islands, but this remains unproved.

Feritanaya is believed to be the marked island on the map.


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