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Makuta form Fearack

"Toa" form Fearack

Brotherhood of Makuta (formerly), Organization of Darkness
Makuta of Artidax
Shadow, Energy
Spear, Cordak Blaster, Claws

Fearack was the Makuta of Artidax and Toa Cyrax's bitter archenemy.


Fearack once created Rahi's in the Brotherhood of Makuta.

When the Brotherhood became evil, he sided with Teridax. When Teridax ordered Krika and Spiriah to kill Miserix, he secretly found out the Miserix was alive. Krika found out about this and told him not to tell Teridax and he agreed.

He then assisted Teridax to watches over Artidax for the Brotherhood and Teridax accepted.

Before Brutaka and his team arrived on Artidax, Fearack was summoned to Destral for an important mission from Tazzuk, unaware that Miserix escaped.

He fought against the Order of Mata Nui on Destral, fighting off Toa Kylord and Order member Korano, but later went to Karda Nui. In Karda Nui he had several battle with "Brutal's" team, even attempted to "capture" Toa Kylord and would soon get his arm cut off in a confrontation with Takuru. When he fought Moonstalker, he was attacked by an Infection Dragon and became more power from it. He later had a fight with Cyrax and was killed due to his infection devolving his organic tissues back inside his armor.

In the "Universe at War" dimension, Fearack became a "Toa" in a parallel dimension.and aligned himself to the Universal Resistant Alliance. He at one point saved Katrix's life from Klorvak and briefly encountered Makuta Tazzuk. He is currently battling Klorvak.

Abilities and Traits[]

Create, control and absorb shadow, produce Kraata's, shape-shift and to 42 Rahkshi powers.

Fearack has been known for his aggresively cocky attitude, always believing he is more superior than the other inhabitants in the Matoran Universe; this causes him to underestimate a lot of his opponents.

In the "Universe at War" dimension, the Fearack there is less arrogant, but more colder, as his fellow Makuta brethern were slayed by the Axis's armies, and is more than willing to assist the Toa to get revenge on the Axis's act of dictatorship and murders.

Mask and Tools[]

As the Makuta, he wore Kanohi Shelek, Mask of Silence, carried the Shadow Long-spear and a Cordak Blaster.

As a Toa, he still wears the Shelek, but is equipped with razor-sharp claws, and may also have a rifle, like most of the other Toa in their dimension.


  • KylerNuva describes Fearack as being one of the "funnest" characters out of his favorites to write about.
  • KylerNuva was planning on bringing the original Fearack back in the "War of Brutality" remake, but this idea has been scrapped.