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Fear Mission
Date Set
1,010 years ago

Fear Mission is a story-serial written by user KylerNuva. It tells of an event when Makuta Tazzuk and Toa Hydros encounter for the first time, as well as Toa Hydros, Toa Eeaon and other embarking on a mission to destroy the Brotherhood of Makuta most dangerous weapon yet.  


Over 1,010 years ago

Toa Hydros, the experimented Toa of Fire, Air and Earth, was in a great and unfortunate situation. He has departed on one of his missions for the Order of Mata Nui, a secret organization that was dedicated to serve the will of Mata Nui, to go to an unknown island and investigate of strange events occurring on the island. But during his scouting, he's gotten himself into this particular situation; he was blocking the blue and white Rahkshi, known as Electrahk, lightening powers to avoid being zapped by it's painful jolt. He has moved or jumped out of the way, but is getting a little exhausted by the amount of energy he is wasting.

He also knows that there are two more Rahkshi's around; one being a Plant Life Rahkshi known as Plantahk, and another being a Darkness Rahkshi known as Darahk. Luckily, he was able to have knocked both of them out, but now must confront his final foe. He is now behind a rock, where his enemy is searching for him.

"I've got to think of a plan, and I've got to think of one now", whispered Hydros.

Then suddenly, he thought of one. He grabbed and threw a rock at a tree near by Electrak. When it hit, Electrak heard and responded by shooting a jolt of lightening at the tree, vaporizing it.

With the Rahkshi being distracted, Hydros jumped out of the rock he was hiding behind and slashed the Rahkshi's armor as he landed with his sword cutting its armor.

Electrahk then fell to the ground, damaged and unable to move. Hydros then inhaled and exhaled a few times as he sat on the ground, resting. "Well, that was inconvenient," he said to himself. "The Order said that I had to make sure there was no trouble on this island, when it was clearly the Brotherhoods snakes patrolling the island, probably looking for captives. Do they never stop causing trouble?"

"You'dlike that, wouldn't you, Toa?" said a deep and dark voice out of nowhere.

The voice startled Hydros abruptly, as he jumped to his feet and made sure that both his Power Sword and Cordak Blasters were prepared for anything, but as he turns around, he saw nothing, but heard the unnatural and disturbing voice throughout the deserted forest. He didn't know who was out there, but he could only guess what it was: a Makuta. "Well" said Hydros, acting along the voices appearance, "I would love to see you guys for once not causing some serious trouble, like attempting to become the next League of Six Kingdom. And because of your peoples previous crimes, I will make sure that you don't cause anymore trouble."

"Ah, but your mission has only just begun," said the voice. "You came here to make sure that this island was secured, and now look where you are standing, on an island that is completely in control of the Brotherhood of Makuta... or soon will be." The voice then paused for a moment and then resumed. "Like you, I too am here for an important mission: to create a weapon on this island."

Hydros then knew that what the voice just said wasn't at all good. He then demanded, "What are you building?!"

"Oh," said the voice. "It's really nothing, except a massive cannon that can literally sink an entire island to the bottom of the deepest parts of the silver seas."

Hydros was shocked for a moment after hearing what the voice was planning on building.

"I named it the 'Annihilator'", said the voice. "And when my forces finish constructing the turret and configuring its operational system on this island, we will make all of the Matoran's around the universe either serve us for eternity, or become an extinct species very soon."

"That's unbelievably insane!" yelled Hydros.

"But ingenious," said the voice, not at all amused as to what Hydros just said. "They will make their ultimate choice very soon, and if they choose the wrong one... well, you know that it would be there last one."

Hydros started walking around, trying to find the source of the voice. "I'm not going to let you do such a monstrous thing! Now show yourself, you fiend!"

The voice then chuckled evilly and disturbingly. Something was appearing behind Hydros, and Hydros knew that. He immediately turned around and pointed both of his weapons at the unknown figure. Hydros was in shocked and confused at the same time when he saw the Makuta's presence. When he looked at the Makuta's black face, he looked kinda like a Rahkshi, except there was no Kraata and looked liked his natural face. Hydros has nevered seen such a Makuta, as Makuta's wear Kanohi's masks, when it didn't even look like that this Makuta was even wearing a mask. "Who... are you?" said Hydros.

In a moment, he was screaming at the Makuta's appearance, as if it turned into something more horrific then he has already seen (this was because the Makuta used his Fear powers on Hydros without notice). He was paralyzed and unable to escape this "fear." The Makuta came closer to him and whisper "I am known as The King of Death, the Lord of Torments...

He then paused looking straight at the Toa's eyes, as Hydros eyes were looking forcefully back at him. He then got out his Shadow Saw, as Hydros could only assume the worst. "But you may call me Makuta Tazzuk , The Great Fear..."

Chapter 1[]

Toa Hydros was in an unlucky situation: he was unable to move and was about to get slaughtered by the dreaded Makuta known as Tazzuk. He was relying on someone to either help save him or be able to move in time before the Makuta can strike. Unfortunately, his second option was impossible.

"You Toa always think that you will save the day, don't you?", said Tazzuk, mocking Hydros. "But who's going to save you from this predictament? No one, and it would be vaguely foolish for someone to even try."

"I'll take that risk." said a voice behind Tazzuk.

Tazzuk immediately turned around, only to get knocked down to the ground by a Cordak Blaster missile.

Hydros was then able to move again. He looked at the figure and realized that it was Toa Eeaon .

"Eeaon? What are you dong here?" asked Hydros. "The Order said that I'm suppose to be on this island alone."

"Well then they didn't tell you everything." said Eeaon. "They told me if this island was really under the control of the Brotherhood, they wanted me to spy on all operatives. Luckily, I saw your struggle against Tazzuk and came in time to save you. Trust me: he's a nasty Makuta."

"But why didn't the Order mention that you would be here?" asked Hydros.

"Probably because they're testing you on how you can take the element of surprise. You apparently failed with Tazzuk, but succeeded with me."

"Ok, enough." said Hydros. "We should make sure that that Makuta is knocked out cold."

"One problem... he's not even here anymore," said Eeaon, pointing to the spot where Tazzuk fell. Tazzuk was gone, thanks to his teleportation powers. Hydros looked at the spot and frowned.

"This isn't good." said Hydros. He then turned to Eeaon. "Especially what I've learned from him."

"What would that be?" asked Eeaon.

"He's making a weapon that can destroy islands," said Hydros.

Eeaon was in silence for a moment. "I know..." he responded. He then started walking.

Hydros was startled for a moment. "How did you know?" he asked the Toa of Ice.

He turned around and answered, "Because they sent me here to destroy it."


Meanwhile, after escaping the ambush of Toa Eeaon, Makuta Tazzuk has teleported to the outskirts of his enlarge turret, surrounded by the fortress that was protecting it. Thr Rahkshi's on the higher level of the turret open the entrance door, which was big enough to bring a Kahgarak in the fortress. Tazzuk entered and headed to the main control room, where the turret was being active.

As soon as he got there, he was introduced by Makuta Vakura, one of the Makuta's who teamed up with him and a Makuta Tazzuk knew very well.

"Where have you've been?" asked Vakura, in a demanding tone. "You been gone for quite sometime. And I'm wondering what you do when no other Makuta's are with you."

In a moment, Tazzuk used his magnetism power on Vakura, sending him to a metal wall. Tazzuk then deactivated his power, and Vakura fell ot the ground, but landed with his foot and knee touching the ground.

"As for what I do with my own time, that's absolutely none of your concern." said Tazzuk, in a tone that at first startled Vakura. Vakura got up and gave Tazzuk a nasty look, but Tazzuk ignored it. "But we do have a situation. We have Toa's on the island: uninvited Toa's."

"Is that so?" said Vakura. "Then looks like you know what to do: simply slaughter them to oblivion. You're, after all, are THE King of Death."

"That would be too easy if I took them out." said Tazzuk. "It actually would be more amusing if they had a challenge that would bring them to their knees, yet fight back."

"You want to toy with them?" asked Vakura.

"More like 'giving them a challenge worth fighting for'", said Tazzuk.

Vakura silenced for a moment, and then said "Then you give them the challenge 'worth fighting for,' and I'll prepare to test our new weapon on a worthy target."

"Very well" said Tazzuk. "I know exactly who can show them a fight." After saying that, Tazzuk walked out of the control room, while Vakura looked through the windows outside.

Vakura spotted an island, and said to one of the Rahkshi, "Let's show our visitors a 'parade of explosions.'" He then smiled, with a careless look on his face.

Chapter 2[]

Toa Hydros and Toa Eeaon continue their journey to the so-called "Annihilator", but due to the large trees surrounding them, they were unaware as to how far or how long it'd take to get the the Makuta mega-weapon.

"So tell me, how was it like facing Tazzuk," asked Eeaon.

"Not comfortable," said Hydros. "But I could tell by his breath that he's one sadistic foe. But why do you ask? Do you know this Makuta?"

Eeaon looked down at the ground, with an unfitting frown on his face. He can still remember the day he and his team, the Toa Agences, challenged Makuta Tazzuk to stop him from controlling the Matoran's as slaves at the Northern Continent. He looked back up at Hydros and said, "Absolutely." He paused for a moment, then added, "Tazzuk is the Makuta who killed my brother and sister many years ago."

"Oh," said Hydros, with a sudden surprised face. He looked down, feeling sorry for Eeaon. "I'm sorry to hear that. Just to let you know, I too once felt the pain of loosing someone that I really cared about." Hydros too frowned, also remembering what happened to his good friend (if not the only person who knew Hydros very well), Sayra.

"I'm rather surprised that we haven't talked more about our lives," said Eeaon. Hydros looked back up and listen to what Eeaon was saying. "I mean, it would be interesting to know more about you. But I haven't had time to work with you or any other operatives that go out on missions like this one. Such as my brother, 'Brutal' ."

"I've never understood why you still call him that if you say that you know his real name. Apart of me thinks that your lying," said Hydros.

"And you?" asked Eeaon. "Is it true that your name isn't really 'Hydros?'"

Hydros paused. He couldn't believe what Eeaon had just said. "And how would you know that?" asked Hydros.

"I don't really know," said Eeaon. "But in some way, it doesn't sound like that your real name is Hydros. But I don't care as to whether or not if that is true. The fact is that "Brutal's" name is intentionally being kept a secret; it's pretty much his alias, under the request from both myself and Deccon ."

"I see," said Hydros. "But still..." Hydros paused when he realized that Eeaon started to frowned as he dragged on the subject. "No offense," Hydros added.

"None taken," Eeaon said, with a more appropriate tone. "I'm just surprised that the Makuta haven't attacked us yet."

Suddenly, a blast of energy out of the trees striked Eeaon, knocking him down to the ground painfully.

"What the...!?" yelled Hydros with surprise and confusion. He then saw who it was, or more like who they were; a Makuta wearing a Shelek and what looked like a a cross over between a Skakdi and a Makuta.

Hydros prepared his weapons for battle.

"Don't even attempt to fight us," said the Makuta with the Shelek. "We just wanted to tell you to look up at the sky and see some fireworks."

"I don't like the sound of these 'fireworks' that your referring to," said Hydros, still aiming his weapons at his two opponents. "But I'm not going to let you cause any trouble."

Suddenly, an enormously loud shot was heard from behind the Makuta direction. It was the Makuta ultimate weapon, firing a huge purple and white beam that came flying over them at a fast pace. Within less than a minute, and enormous explosion occured from a far distance, but the explosion was visible from where the Toa and Makuta were standing.

Hydros looked at it with an absolute shocked and horrified look on his face. He realized what has been done, at the same time, he didn't. But he knew that it wasn't at all good news. He turned back at his opponents, his eyes filling with rage.

"What have you've done!?" demanded Hydros.

"Pretty simple actually," responded the Makuta. "The fireworks have begun, and an island is now, even as we speak, sinking to the bottom of the silver sea."

"How could you!?" yelled Hydros. "You might've killed hundreds of lives!"

"Now, now, calm down." said the Makuta with a sarcastic tone. "The island that we literally blew up wasn't at all inhabited. Probably a few Stone Rats and Gukko birds might've been playing on that island, but now, their bodies are buried underneath the sea of liquid protodermis. But no bodies of any other species other than Rahi's were most likely lost."

"Who are you anyways?" asked Hydros.

The Makuta pulled out his weapons, and so did the one that looked like a Skakdi and Makuta crossover. The Makua with the Shelek pulled out what appears to look like an Ax on a staff and a Cordak Blaster, while the other figure pulled out some sort of advanced machine gun and a saw, covered with blood on it. Hydros knew what was about to happen, and he was ready of anything.

"Glad you ask." said the Makuta. "I am Makuta Fearack, Makuta of Artidax. And this is Visticon, Makuta Tazzuk's apprentice," he said, smiling sadisticly. "As well as your slayers."

Chapter 3[]

This has probably been one of the worst days for Hydros in recent memory; not only was he facing both one of the most experienced Makuta in combat AND the King of Death’s apprentice, but three Rahkshi that Fearack referred to as the “Elite Rahkshi” have also arrived to challenge and battle against the Toa. Thankfully, Eeaon has recovered long enough to actually help Hydros out in their predicament. The three Elite Rahkshi known as Rehzohk, Grengak and Predahk attacked the Toa, but Eeaon fended them off with the help of his Ice power to cause them to either slip on the ground of ice he created, or getting knocked down by the icicles that he unleashed at them. 

Sadly, the Toa were the one’s who were on the losing edge, having no chance against 5 of the Brotherhoods most deadliest operatives. To Hydros, it was as if he was fight a losing battle that he knew that he couldn’t avoid. 

Fearack attacks Hydros with his Axe-Staff, but Hydros blocks with his sword, only to be swiftly kicked into a nearby wall by the Makuta.

“This is almost too easy,” mocked the Makuta. “I thought you were suppose to be one of those Toa who could actually put up a fight… guess I was wrong. Oh well.” Fearack then attempted to vaporize the Toa with heat-vision, but Hydros managed to roll out of the way as the wall behind him instantly melted. 

And with that, Fearack charged right at the Toa, but Hydros managed to do a maneuver by jumping over the Makuta and slashing him in the back. The Makuta yelled in pain, then growled in response, punching Hydros away from him. Hydros then used his earth power to cause the ground around Fearack to rumble, forcing the Makuta to lose his balance and fall into a hole Hydros managed to create as well.

“And that’s why underestimating you opponents always leads to your defeat, Makuta.” said Hydros, who mocked the Makuta in retaliation of the Makuta previous statement.

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t survive this battle!” Hydros turned around, then was immediately shot by Visticon, one of Tazzuk’s most loyal apprentice. Visticon approached Hydros, aiming his rifle at point-blank range at the Toa. “Now I shall be the one to succeed where my master failed.”

Suddenly, he is smashed by a big boulder of ice out of nowhere. Eeaon approached Hydros and helped him to his feet. “Are you alright?” asked the Toa of Ice.

“Yeah, I’ve been through worse… Now come on, we still have a battle to win.” said Hydros, with determination in his voice. 

The two Toa stood side-by-side as the other Elite Rahkshi managed to surround the Toa, but they both charged at the Rahshki; Hydros managed to slam Grengak near the wall Fearack smacked into, as he took on Rehzohk, while Eeaon battled Predahk. 

Although the Toa were finally holding their own against the Brotherhood, the Rahkshi were proving to be far more challenging than the Rahkshi Hydros battled earlier. These Rahkshi were far more skilled in combat, and were much more agile at that. Both Toa continue to swing their weapon at the Rahkshi, who were merely blocking all of their attacks with their staffs. 

Rahkshi Rehzohk then used its Twilight power to flash Hydros’s eyes with light. “Ah! My eyes!” yelled the Toa. The Rahkshi then punched Hydros in the face, knocking him to the ground and prepared for the finishing blow with it’s Staff of Twilight. But Hydros wasn’t going down that easily; by instinct, he quickly rolled out of the way to dodge the Rahkshi’s fatal strike into the ground. Hydros’s sight quickly returned to him, and he immediately blasted the Rahkshi back with his power over fire. Then Rahkshi Grengak attacks Hydros, attempting to pierce the Toa’s armor with it’s Staff of Acid, which could cut and melt anything it touches. Hydros did his best to block the attack with his sword, then managed to grab his Cordak blaster, swing his blade, causing the Rahkshi to swing it’s staff, then manage to aim and fire at the Rahkshi, sending it about a yard away from the Toa.

Eeaon too was holding his ground against Rahkshi Predahk. He was physically the strongest of these Rahkshi, so taking him head on was much more difficult. But Eeaon was a veteran in combat, battling some of the most dreaded creatures that’ve ever existed in this world, including Tazzuk himself. Eeaon attempted to use his Ice power again the Rahkshi by turning the ground into ice. However, Grengak used its power over plant-life to create a massive tree that shattered the ice as it grew out of the ground. What’s worse, was that this tree was alive, and it’s branches were moving very similar to a hand movement; it swiftly grabbed Eeaon, and started to crush his body, and slam it up-and-down at the ground. 

As the Toa yelled in grave pain, Hydros overheard Eeaon and turned around and gasped to see the horrific sight. “Eeaon!” Hydros yelled, “Hang on, I’m coming to save you!” Unfortunately, the Toa was blast from behind, causing him to fall to the ground face-first. He slowly rolled over onto his back to see who attacked him, only for Visticon to stomp on the Toa’s body and point his rifle at the Toa’s face.

“But who’s going to save YOU!?” Visticon yelled, as he was about to pull the trigger.

Fearack rose up and saw everything. He let out a diabolical laugh and shouted “Look who’s underestimated who now, Toa!” he bellowed. Hydros looked at Fearack quickly with an angry frown, growling at the Makuta, then at Visticon as he looked at his possible slayer. “Now my comrades… end both of their miserable lives hear and now!” 

“That is NOT happening, Makuta! Especially not now!”

Fearack’s attention was completely off-guard when he heard the shout from behind. He turned around, only to be smacked in the face with a big burst of lightning, sending the Makuta crashing into Visticon, both flying away from Hydros and slamming into the ground. Before Hydros could see who attacked them, he turned around and saw a big jolt of lightning zapping Predahk, causing him to lose his control over Plant Life, and the tree crushing Eeaon lost it’s grip, and Eeaon managed to jump out of it. Then lightning struck the tree, dissolving it into ashes.

The Makuta got up and realized that his armor was damaged, leaking antidermis, as well as were all of the Elite Rahkshi, who suffered serious battle damage at the hands of the Toa they fought. Fearack turned to Hydros, growling. “This isn’t over, Toa! I can guarantee you that we’ll meet again, and next time… you’re as good as dead!” With that, Fearack used his teleportation power on himself and Visticon, as they both vanished into thin air. The remaining Elite Rahkshi managed to get up and flew away, retreating to the Brotherhood’s ultimate weapon, the “Annihilator”. 

Hydros then rushed over to Eeaon, to make sure that he wasn’t seriously injured. “Eeaon, are you OK?” he asked with a little bit of concern in his voice.

Eeaon groaned and shrugged, but replied “Yeah… I’ll get better.” Hydros then helped him up to his feet, the Toa grinned at Hydros. “I must admit Hydros, I never knew that you had power over electricity.”

The Toa looked very dumbfounded, as if Eeaon believe that it was he who rescued him from the organic plant-life. “Uh, Eeaon” Hydros said curiously, “I don’t have power over electricity…”

“But I do”, said the voice that distracted Fearack. Both Toa turned to the stranger; Hydros immediately gasped as soon as he saw the stranger. It was obviously a Toa , but one Eeaon wasn’t too familiar with, but Hydros knew her deeply, and so did the Toa. “Hello, my old friend… or should I say, ‘brother’.”

Hydros smirked, then uttered “Hello, sister… or should I say: Toa Shaza?” 

Chapter 4[]

After engaging in one of the worst day of Hydros’s existence in recent memory, things were finally starting to  take a turn for the best on the Toa side; they overcame Tazzuk’s wrath and defeated some of the most experienced soldiers in the Brotherhood of Makuta… with the help with a familiar face that Hydros knew greatly. 

After both Eeaon and Hydros see Shaza, Hydros walked over to her and gave her a hug. “Out of all of the things that have happened today… seeing you has perhaps been the brightest moment of today.” Hydros said, with his tone tremendously subtle and happy as he continued to hug his “sister”.

Shaza hugged Hydros right back, and said “It is great to see you again too, Hydros. And I see you’re doing what you’re best at: beating the living antidermis out of Makuta.” 

Both Toa stopped hugging, as Hydros chuckled. “Well, it’s what I do, after all” Hydros said happily.

Eeaon then approach both Toa with a relieved look on his face. “I must say, I’m very glad to see another Toa on his island as much as Hydros. Though I don’t believe we’ve properly met yet. Who exactly is this, Hydros?”

Hydros turned to Eeaon, expressing a similar grin as Eeaon. “This is Toa Shaza”, he said. “She’s an old friend of mine… and a very close one at that. You could say that she’s my ‘little sister’. She’s helped me on occasion with particular missions.” 

“I see” said the Toa of Ice. “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Toa Shaza. I am Toa Eeaon, I too am a ‘friend‘ of Hydros.”

Eeaon extends his hand to shake the Toa of Lightning’s hand, who responds to the gesture by shaking her hand with his. “It’s an honor to meet another Toa.” 

After both Toa stopped shaking each others hands, Hydros then looked puzzled, then asked “Wait… Shaza, what are you doing here, anyway? How did you even know that I was here?”

“I didn’t” Shaza said. “Originally, I was merely traveling these region of islands to investigate anything suspicious around here. But then I saw an enormous blast not too long ago that somehow blew up an entire island… it was a terrifying sight. But I knew it was my responsibility to investigate the problematic occurrence, so I decided to come here…” Shaza then turns to look at the Brotherhood’s ultimate weapon. “…Now I know the cause of the problem… and it’s beyond chaotic, I must say…” 

Shaza then turned to both Hydros and Eeaon. “Let me guess; you two are here for the same cause and the same reason?” 

Eeaon nodded, saying “You could say that. But you’re right; we are here not only to investigate the cause of the problem…. But to fix it as well.”

Shaza agreed with the Toa suggestion, but questioned. “What are going to do, then? If it’s true that the Brotherhood controls this massive turret, then I doubt the three of us will be enough to bring it down.”

“I hate to admit this, but Shaza’s right.” Hydros said. Eeaon looked at Hydros, as if he was starting to think that Hydros was beginning to have doubt in the possible success of their mission. 

“Hydros, you can’t be serious.” Eeaon said with a slight amount of disbelief in his voice. “You know as well as I that we don’t have any other alternatives; we have to take the Brotherhood head on. I know it’s going to be a challenge, but we must; it’s our main objective.” 

“Are you kidding me? Sounds much more like a ‘Suicide Mission’ to me.” exclaimed Shaza. “There’s no way the three of us will be enough. You should know better, right?”Hydros nodded at Shaza, then turned to Eeaon. “She’s right, there’s no way we can just storm the fortress and-” 

Suddenly, Eeaon let out an abrupt yell, and swiftly slams his Ice Axe into the ground, jolting out a large amount of icicles from it. Both Hydros and Shaza jumped by the sudden outburst. “I SAID WE’RE FINISHING THIS MISSION! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!?” raged Eeaon, with such sudden anger.

Both Toa starred at Eeaon in disbelief; as if Eeaon was suddenly possessed. Eeaon looked into their eyes, and realized what just transpired. He looked down, breathing heavily, having a heavy amount of regret in what he just did. Both Toa were dazzled by Eeaon’s expression.

“I-I’m so sorry…” mourned the Toa of Ice. “I… I didn’t mean to do that… it’s just…”

“What was that about?” asked Shaza, who felt concern that something had snapped Eeaon into obscurity. 

“My friend…” said Hydros, who too was concern. “I know this is important, but you must realize the disadvantage we’re in and-

“No, no… it’s not that.” replied Eeaon. “It-it’s about…” he then leaned his head downwards, with a big frown of sorrow. 

Hydros looked into his eyes as the Toa of Ice continued to look down. He then realized what this really was about. 

“It’s about Tazzuk, isn’t it?”

Eeaon looked up, surprised by the fact that Hydros somehow knew that Tazzuk was the one who caused him this amount of grief. But then he remembered that he told Hydros not long ago that Tazzuk was the one who murdered almost all of his Toa Agences brethrens. He knew he couldn’t deny Hydros’s claim, and with that, he slowly nodded.

“You’re… right”, he said. “Though our mission to destroy the Makuta weapon is paramount… I just can’t help but believe that I actually have the chance to bring Tazzuk into justice myself.”

Hydros nodded, starting to understand what this whole mission really was about to Eeaon; to avenge his Toa Agences by defeating the one who slayed them.

However, Shaza had no idea about this predicament that Eeaon refers too. “I’m sorry if I’m not exactly ‘up-to-date’… but what exactly are you two talking about?” 

“It’s… personal.” Hydros said quietly. He then turned to Eeaon, then asked “Should I tell her? Or would you be more comfortable?”

Eeaon looked at Hydros with a bleak look on his face. “I’ll tell her. Besides, you don’t know the whole story… yet.” he said in a bitter tone. He then turned to Shaza, and before he could explain his story to both her and Hydros, he asked them, “That is, if you really want to know the whole story?”

Hydros looked back at Shaza, who had a look of wanting to know the full story of Eeaon’s tragic past. Hydros sighs, then looks back at Eeaon and softly says “Go ahead.” 

Chapter 5[]

As both Hydros and Shaza stood together quarreled by Eeaon’s sudden outburst recently, the Toa of Ice begins to explain his story to his fellow Toa. 

“Your see… millennia’s ago, I was apart of a grand and proud Toa team known as the Toa Agences. We were lead by perhaps one of  the most daring, yet dashing leader I had ever known… we now call him Toa “Brutal”, and he use to have had a great amount of passion of being a Toa; following the Toa code, believing the Three Virtues, protecting the Matoran at all cost, and leading our team with inspiring examples and actions. I was truly privileged to have been lead by one of the most noblest of leaders out there… that was, until the time of the Toa Hagah rebellion, that Tazzuk, the Makuta we use to serve… attempted to turn the Matoran of our residence into slaves that would be force to work eternally for him, or to be silenced if they denied his dictatorship. Me, “Brutal” and the others knew that we couldn’t allow this decisive Makuta to get away with such treachery. So we challenged him… but this was the worst mistake we’ve ever endured. The Makuta wanted us to battle him; because he knew that we didn’t stand a chance against him… especially with this “Power Crown” he has worn since discovering it somewhere. He viciously wounded or killed some of us easily, then injured us to the point where we couldn’t fight back or even move. He then started to killed us all one by one; slowly and disturbingly… it was the worst sight me and “Brutal” ever endured; to watch our brothers and sister slowly dying at the hand of a demented monster while being viciously wounded, knowing that there was nothing we could do to save them… We would’ve also suffered a similar fate, had it not been for the help of others who would become some of the most trustworthy people we’d ever know from this point on. They saved our lives, but our survival was bitter sweet…. Ever since the murder of my team, “Brutal” has gone mad and obsessed with vengeance against Tazzuk, and he’s lost every ounce of respect for the Toa code, and possibly the Three Virtues in general… he always believed that those traits would always help the Toa Agences in the direst of times… but then he realized it was all just a hoax; a myth that was supposedly made up to make the Matoran sound safer and to give the Toa more confidence in himself… I have felt so guilty about the incident after all of these years… I’ve since felt that the only way to calm my brother and bring him at peace would be to confront Tazzuk once more and ensure that he is banished somewhere that not even he will ever escape…”

After Eeaon stopped talking, there was a long pause of silence; both Hydros and Shaza were both shocked. jaw-dropped and greatly sadden by the story Eeaon has just told them. They both knew that Eeaon wasn’t merely just any ordinary Toa at this point; he was a broken soul; a bitter hero who’s nobility of being a Toa was crushed by the malevolence wrath of Makuta Tazzuk. 

“Eeaon…” Shaza said with a remorseful tone. “I am so sorry…” She then hugs Eeaon, then makes a low sound as if she were crying. “That must’ve been a horrible experience… I honestly don’t know how I’d feel if I went through something similar, and I’d wished that no being, especially a Toa, should ever endure such nonsensical torture…”

Hydros remained silence, who still felt jaw-dropped by the dark story that Eeaon explained to him. Hydros already knew why Eeaon’s rival with Tazzuk was personal, but he never knew that the demise of his teammate was this dark, let alone the impact it has inflicted upon his former leader. Hydros has known “Brutal” within the Order of Mata Nui, though both don’t really interact or go on missions together due to their contradicting personality. He never really understood why “Brutal” acted so stubborn… until now. He finally realize that “Brutal” doesn’t act selfish for no reason; his anger came from the death of the Toa Agences, and has felt both guilt and hatred towards the fact that both he and Eeaon believed that they could’ve saved them, and now will not rest until “Brutal” himself finds Tazzuk and ends the Makuta miserable existence once and for all. 

Hydros then started to realize that Eeaon and him have a little more in common than they thought. Both Eeaon and Hydros have lost people near and dear to them. For Eeaon, he lost almost his entire team; for Hydros, he’s lost Sayra, a Toa of Water who soon discovered Hydros’s true identity right before being murdered by a Dark Hunter known as “Proto-Beast ”. But Hydros has had bitter guilt inside of him, believing that somehow, he could’ve saved her from the fall, or ever after defeating the Dark Hunter and searching for her while he remained on Metru Nui. He looked at Eeaon, and after Shaza stopped hugging him, Hydros placed his hand on Eeaon’s shoulder.

“Eeaon” said Hydros. “I give you my word… we will make this right… And don’t worry, I know how you feel…”

Eeaon looked at Hydros with a curious look on his face. “Y-you do…?” he asked, as if he had a ton of question he’d want to ask Hydros with how he could  “relate” to the suffering Eeaon endured at that time. He remembered that Hydros has said something about "losing someone close to him", but he was having a hard time to believe that losing one person could be "comparable" to losing an entire team that he considered to be a family. Despite this personal debate, he put it aside, and heeded Hydros's words.

Hydros nodded. “Believe me… vengeance will not solve this problem. And I may never truly feel the amount of pain you’ve suffered due to the fact that you’ve lost so many of your brethrens… but I do know what’s it’s like to lose someone close. This, I can promise you.”

Eeaon could tell by Hydros’s tone that every word he spoke out were true. Eeaon looked down in grief for a moment, then looked back at Hydros. “I…I see. If that’s true, then I too am sorry for the pain you’ve been through as well, my colleague.”

There was a moment of silence, as the three Toa leaned their heads downwards, mourning for a moment… 

“Look..” Shaza said, breaking the silence. “Maybe we should all rest for a moment… y’know, to take all of this in more subtlety. I know from experience that while vengeance will only lead to more harm… so will going into battle with bitterness and lack of confidence.” 

“She’s right”. Hydros said. We should just take a moment to relax and place these deep thoughts back into out heads.

“I… agree.” said the Toa of Ice, reluctantly. Despite the fact that Eeaon wanted to bring Tazzuk to justice, he was still focused on their primary objective: to destroy the Brotherhoods gigantic cannon, the “Annihilator.” He knew that weapon could be functional at any moment, but he believed that a weapon this large could not simply fire another blast, or at least, not this soon. It’d probably take an hour or more to recharge the cannon to fire another blast. He explained this to both Hydros and Shaza before they all went to rest. 

Before they layed down to rest, Eeaon spoke quierty to both of them. “Hey guys.”

“Yes?” Asked Hydros.

“What is it?” Shaza asked, following Hydros’s question. 

“I’m… really sorry for the outburst.” He said with grievances. “That’s not like me at all. Unlike my brother, “Brutal”, who wants to literally murder Tazzuk in cold blood… I merely want to defeat him and imprison him to a location that he’ll be trapped for all eternity… I hope you guys didn’t get the wrong impression about how I go about with my actions.

“It’s alright, Eeaon.” Shaza said calmly. “We all have our moments where he have to express ourselves as loudly as possible. No hard feelings.”

“She’s right” Hydros complied. “We definitely have our moments where we… ‘lose control’ of who we’re meant to be and what we’re suppose to do.”

“Thank you.” said Eeaon. “I’m glad that you both understand. And I’m truly glad to be on this mission with you… both of you.” After giving a faint smile, he layed down onto the ground, resting along with the other two. 

Hydros looked back at Eeaon as he layed down. Then he layed down next to Shaza. They both looked at each other, and nodded towards one another; knowing that they’ll both have each others backs no matter what happens or how horrible the situation gets; these two were like brothers and sister, and they would protect each other at any cost… along with any friend and ally they’ve made along their path, including those who have suffered fates far worse than either of them could fathom. 

Chapter 6[]

Meanwhile, in the “Annihilator’s” main deck…

Makuta Tazzuk, the lead-creator of this mega weapon, and leader of this group of Makuta and minions, looked through the main deck’s window as he watches the sun set into the horizon. He has a rather grim look on his face, and looks down at his claw, remembering that it was those very claw that murdered the very Toa that once served him. Seeing Eeaon was a rather unexpected, and actually unpleasant sight, for Tazzuk; he knew that confronting “Brutal” would be a challenge, but to see another member of the Toa Agences alive bothered him… he believe as long as Eeaon lived, “Brutal” wouldn’t confront Tazzuk as blindly as he’d want him to if Eeaon were dead. So Tazzuk believe that the best course of action at this point is to kill the only other member of the Toa Agences other than their leader to still be alive.

“Well, well, well…” said a familiar voice.

Tazzuk turned his head back to see who it was, then shrugged. “Of course you’d be the one to brag…”

Makuta Vakura approached Tazzuk slowly from behind. “Brag? Oh no, no, no. You got it all wrong. I’m not like that idiot Fearack, who’s a self-centered show-off who believe he’s the best of us all… but I am someone who tells the truth… and I can truthfully say that your all-mighty “soldiers” aren’t as might as some of us may have believed. 

Tazzuk merely looked back at the sunset with a frown on his face. But then suddenly, he expressed a faint smile, and started to chuckle softly. Vakura could hear him, and started getting suspicious by the Makuta sudden change in attitude. 

“You’re right…“ Tazzuk said calmly. “They failed to prove to me that they were my ‘all-mighty’ soldiers.” Tazzuk then turns around and slowly approaches Vakura. He then points his finger on Vakura… hard. “Then why don’t YOU prove to me that you’re the superior one?”

Vakura replied “As much as I’d enjoy killing more Toa, I’m afraid I’ve been assigned with a new ‘schedule’. So these Toa are all yours are far as I’m concern.” 

“That’s what I thought.” said Tazzuk, who then “poked” Vakura hard enough to slam him into the wall of the main deck’s entrance.

“Ugh… you really enjoy doing that, don’t you?” Vakura said with a harsh tone.

Tazzuk merely chuckles evily, then states, “If your services are no longer required, then I suggest you leave with your life… before I swipe it out of you.” 

While Vakura may not fear Tazzuk as much as some of the other Makuta, he could tell by Tazzuk’s tone that he was 100% serious. So he decided to do the “smart thing” and leave as quickly as possible. 

Tazzuk merely chuckles as the Makuta leaves. While he returns his sightings on the sunset, another Makuta enters the main deck; this time a red and green Makuta with four arms. He was much shorther than Tazzuk, but approached him with little to no fear amongst the King of Death. “Tazzuk.” The Makuta said. Tazzuk turned around to see another familiar face; but unlike Vakura, this is one he actually admired. 

“Ah, Wrekan.” complied Tazzuk. “I’ll take it that the cannon’s recharge cycle is almost complete.

“You’d be correct, Tazzuk.” replied Wrekan. “However… I should inform you that Vakura intentionally left out some certain… details relating to Fearack’s teams defeat.

“I thought so.” Tazzuk said in an unsurprised tone. “Vakura always enjoys being my spoil-sport. Now then, what information do you bring to me?”

“For one, there is another Toa amongst the small team that have infiltrated this island’s defense. A Toa of Lightning that is. From what my spies have reported, her identiy is known as ‘Shaza’.” 

“I see.” said the dreaded Makuta. “Anything else?”

“Yes, actually.” The Maktua said, this time with a little more caution in his voice. Tazzuk looked down upon the Makuta, crossing his arm with a strong frown on his face.

“And that’d be…?” the Makuta questioned, impatiently.

“There’s… a small fleet of ships arriving near the docks of where the Toa supposedly came from.” 

“Really?” asked Tazzuk, with much more excitement in his voice. “And exactly who or what are on those ships, and why are they coming here?”

“From what my spies report… they appear to be a very familiar force to my soldiers… they are blue and silver Toa-like beings that are armed with a large amount of weapons at their disposal.”

Tazzuk then raised his head, realizing as to who it is that’s approaching their island. He then uttered, “…They’re here.” 

“What do you mean?” Wrekan asked insecurely.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” Tazzuk exclaimed. “Mobilize your soldiers, and prepare for battle.”

“But Tazzuk” Wrekan interrupted. “Shouldn’t we just use our island’s defenses on these ships. Unlike the boats that’ve traveled to this island, these ships are far bigger for our defense cannons to take out.”

“No.” Tazzuk simply responds. “Besides, I’m certain that your soldiers would prefer to do the slaughtering much more than your ‘defense’ now, wouldn’t they?”

“I suppose…” Wrekan says with caution in his voice. “But if we send my army out against them, the ‘Annihilator’s’ defenses will be reduced tremendously. “

Tazzuk looked down coldly at Wrekan, then coldy says, “Are you questioning my ability to secure a Brotherhood outpost… let alone, a MASSIVE WEAPON OF ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION!?”

Wrekan felt as if he was being deafened by Tazzuk’s shouting, as the sound of Tazzuk’s yell is a very unpleasant sound to any Makuta, or any living being for that matter.

Wrekan responds slowly “No, Tazzuk… I didn’t.”

“Then do your part… and unleash the army as soon as the enemies arrive.” Tazzuk started walking and continued by saying “Once the "Annihilator" is complete, target the nearest island with living locals on it…the time to show our enemies of our true power is upon us. Be ready.” With that, Tazzuk continues walking out of the main deck of the “Annihilator”, and through the entrance door.

Wrekan raised his hand at Tazzuk and abruptly ask him “But Tazzuk… what about the Toa already presented on this island?” 

Tazzuk stopped walking for a moment, turned his head back to Wrekan, and stated deeply and disturbingly “…I’ll deal with them myself.” He then proceeded to walk off, as the entrance door closes swiftly. 

Chapter 7[]

After resting for about a half-n-hour, the Toa started to get up. After Hydros helped Shaza to her feet, he decided to mention something that he thought up of while resting that some would consider to be rather pointless, yet serious at the same time.

“Hey Shaza… there’s something I notice prior to you arriving to this island.”

“Oh?” Shaza ask curiously. “And what’d that be?”

“Well… I realized that you were on an island not far from here… and the fact that this weapon here has the power to destroy islands. I… actually just realized that the weapon could’ve actually destroyed the island you were on. And if that’d happen… I-I honestly wouldn’t know what I’d do with myself…”

Shaza realized what Hydros was talking about, but she felt as if he was being overprotective towards her. Granted though, he was being genuine about it too.

Shaza shrugs, followed by “You’re right… so just be glad that I’m still alive now, right?”

Hydros placed his arm on Shaza’s shoulder and looked deeply into her eyes. “Trust me, sister… I am.”

Shaza chuckled, exclaiming “No offense, brother… but I think you’re taking your little idea way too seriously.”

“I actually have to side on Hydros on this one, Shaza.” said Eeaon, walking up right next to them. “Being cautious is always a purposeful instinct to act upon; it allows both himself and yourself better awareness of the possible outcomes of what could’ve happened and how we should attempt to avoid them.

“I guess you’re right.” said Shaza.

“Yeah.” stated Hydros, takings his hand off of Shaza’s shoulder. “So… I’ll take it that we’re going to travel to the “Annihilator” now, aren’t we?” 

“Correct.” informed Eeaon. “We don’t really have much options, but we’ll have to be very steady and careful about infiltrating this ultimate weapon of the Brotherhood.” 

“It’s still not going to be easy” noted Shaza. “To be honest, I actually have no idea how we’re even going to bypass the Makuta defense.”

“We’ll bypass it by force.” said an sudden voice. 

All of the Toa quickly turned to see who just spoke; what they saw were two large beings nearby; one was a large Warkor cladded in black,silver and grey armor, wearing a powerless Kanohi Paraki. The other was a large gold, silver and black warrior who looked very similar to Botar, but was not the Gatherer of the Fallen. Both Eeaon and Hydros swiftly knew who they were, and sighed in relief for the unexpected arrivals of familiar faces. However, Shaza has never met either of these characters, and wasn’t sure if they’re allies of Hydros and Eeaon, though judging by their expression, that should be the case.

“Who are you two?” the Toa of Lightning asked, still raising her talons at the two figures.

“Relax, Shaza.” replied Hydros. “They’re friends of ours.”

“Indeed.” followed Eeaon. “The Warkor here is named Deccon, and the tall one is named Dortan. They’re fellow associates of ours.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” said Shaza, lowering her clawed-weapons. “I was actually hoping that more help would arrive.”

“I bet.” said Deccon. He then walked towards Hydros and Eeaon, saying “You two have done your part very well.”

“What do you mean?” asked Hydros. “I thought our mission was to infiltrate the Brotherhood’s ‘Annihilator’ and sabotage their weapon.”

“And it still is.” said Deccon. “But one of your mission was also to distract the Brotherhood’s forces long enough for our… soldiers to arrive without being attacked by the islands defense turrets. Thanks to your distraction, most of the defense turrets were locked on to your position, but due to the forest terrain around here, none of them could get a lock on any of you. That bought my army enough time to travel here and be ready to storm the Brotherhood’s doomsday machine.” 

“How come you didn’t tell us about this ‘plan’?” asked Eeaon, being quite suspicious with the sudden update.

“So that they wouldn’t have either get suspicious of knowing our full plan or to extract the information out of you had one of you been captured by the Brotherhood.” replied Dortan. 

Hydros, Eeaon and Shaza all looked back at each other, then back at Deccon and Dortan. “Very well”, said Hydros. “So, we continue our mission, while your soldiers distract a majority of the Brotherhood’s defenses?”

“Yes.” replied Deccon. “Now go, before the Brotherhood finds you; I doubt you’d enjoy fighting more of the Brotherhood’s soldiers.” 

“Too true.” said Eeaon with an exhaust tone this time. “I’m starting to get too old to fight off far more experienced creatures like those Rahkshi.”

“Yet not old enough to take on Tazzuk?” Hydros asked with sarcasm. 

Eeaon chuckled at Hydros’s remark. “The day we finally defeat Tazzuk will certainly be the day that I retire as a Toa and give the role to a more ‘fresh’ Matoran out there.” 

Hydros chuckled back, then patted his hand on Eeaon’s shoulder. “Can’t argue with that retirement plan…” He then looks at both Eeaon and Shaza. “Alright guys, it’s time to finish this mission.”

“Agreed.” stated Eeaon. “Let’s end this.” Hydros, Eeaon and Shaza all placed their hands on one another. Deccon smiled, doing the same thing, followed by Dortan, who slammed his large fist in the group. 

And with that, the Toa began marching towards the direction of the Brotherhood’s giga-size turret, the “Annihilator”, while Dortan used his teleportations power on Deccon to regroup with their forces. And so the final battle was upon the Toa and their allies, being ready to remain united in the coming storm that they’ll have no choice but to go through and fight through whatever obstacle that remains in their path. 

Chapter 8[]

Outside of the “Annihilator.” 

A massive army of red drone-like beings, created by Wrekan, waiting outside for their leader to arrive and give the signal to move out and battle the coming army that has just arrived on the army.

Near them, the entrance to the “Annihilator” opens, with Makuta Tazzuk and all of the Elite Rahkshi; Ozehk , Rehzohk, Neavahk, Grengak, Predahk, and Irorahk, followed behind him. They marched right in front of the army, turned to their direction, as Makuta Tazzuk began his speech.

“My blood-thirsty warriors. You were bred and created for a sole purpose; to slaughter any who dare approach a Brotherhood’s base of operation. And now that our enemies have intruded upon our property, we shall show them why should NEVER dare challenge the wrath of the Brotherhood of Makuta! We shall decimate them all, and give no quarter to any; there will be no survivors, only a carnage of absolute annihilation! MAKUTA DRONES! DECIMATE AND MARCH OUT!!!” 

With that, all of the Drones raised their weapons, shouting out their battle cries; most of them carrying a flame-like blaster, while others carried various weapons, such as swords, spears, axes, etc. Makuta Tazzuk and the Elite Rahkshi turned to the direction that their enemies arrived from. Tazzuk and the Rahkshi all flew to their direction, as the army of Makuta Drones followed, charging and yelling as they chased after their enemies, being ready to slaughter all that oppose them.


Near the bay of the beach they arrived on, both Deccon and Dortan reappeared. Mobilizing with their troopers, who were clad in blue and silver armor, worn various mask/helmets, being around the size of a Toa, and also carried various weapon. These were the secret soliders that served the sacred organization, the Order of Mata Nui. Deccon, followed by Dortan, walked in front of his troopers, and started giving his own motivational speech.

“My fellow troopers. On this day, we go into a battle that will determine the fate of the whole universe; the Brotherhood has accomplished constructing possibly one of the most deadliest weapons in existence. The “Annihilator” is a giga-sized cannon capable of obliterating islands. The possibility of the Brotherhood creating more is unimaginable… but if we manage to take on the Brotherhood’s forces head on, our allies will do their part, and sabotage the cannon long enough for our heavies to take out and destroy the monstrous weapon. I only wish that I could tell you all that we’ll make it out of this battle alive… that’d be a flat-out live. Many of us will fall, and may of will will die… but for who do, be aware that you’re nobility of serving the Order of Mata Nui will never be forgotten. And for those who stand and rise up to the occasion, know that I will be with you all til’ the battle is over. On way or another, only one side is coming out of this battle alive. And if we are the ones to fall, then I’d like to tell you all that it has truly been an honor traning each one of you and leading you as your general… but well will NOT allow the Brotherhood to simply defeat us here and now! As long as we stand together, we will overcome the odds, and will slay though our enemies triumphantly, and we will end the terror of the Brotherhood when time Great Spirit Mata Nui himself reawakens! Until that day, I bid you stand and fight alongside with me, against the Brotherhood, and end their dark terror today, and send a message to them that they have no idea who they’re facing against! Now come! COME SOLIDERS OF MATA NUI! GO NOW AND STORM THE BROTHERHOOD’S ARMY HEAD ON! GO NOW, THE ARMY OF MATA NUI!“

With that, all of the Order Troopers cheered and shouted their battle cries as they followed Deccon and Dortan; they all marched behind them, heading out into one of the greatest battles they’ve encountered thus far. Deccon knew that this was a battle he may or may not survive; but no matter what happen… he would not allow the Brotherhood’s cannon to remain functional, remaining confident that the Toa will succeed in their mission. 


Nearby the “Annihilator’s” entrance; Hydros, Eeaon and Shaza all traveled stealthily through the island’s forest, being careful not being spotted by any drones of the Makuta. As they almost make their way out of the forest, they each hide behind a tree, all of them peaking out to see what was guarding the gates; there were about 6 of those red-drone like creatures that were securing the entrance to the “Annihilator.” 

“What… are those?” asked Shaza, being disgusted by the guards appearance.

“Brotherhood Soldiers” answered Eeaon. “Grotesque creatures, I know… These particular ones were created by a Makuta science known as Wrekan. They may not be intelligent, but they know when to be savage, and when they are… it’s not a pretty sight.”

“So, what’s the plan” she asked the Toa. 

They all pondered for a moment to come up with a plan. Then Eeaon spoke out “I actually have an idea that should work…” 

Moments later,  the guards continued to block the passage inside the “Annihilator”, when suddenly they heard someone approaching them.

“Alright Makuta-scum, I surrender.” shouted Eeaon, who was unarmed with his hands raised upwards. Two of the Soldiers approached him, aiming both of their fire-like weapons at him. Eeaon then got to his knee as they two soldiers approached him. “I decided that fighting your kind is a useless struggle. So, I decided to submit to the Brotherhood. In fact, I might even be interested in re-joining the Brotherhood, if your Makuta leader would like that?”

As both soldiers continued to aim their weapons at Eeaon, they looked at each other, confused by the Toa easily surrendering to them. While they may not be smart, they knew a suspicious act when they saw one. So in response to the Toa “plead”, one of their weapon starts glowing, signaling that it’s about to fire right at the Toa head.

Eeaon shrugged. “Fine… your lost. NOW!” 

Suddenly, Eeaon ducked to the ground as both Hydros and Shaza jumped out of the forest, and swiftly attacked both the Brotherhood soldiers. 

The other four soldiers saw this and charged at them, firing their weapons as they did so. The Toa easily managed to dodge all of their blast, and attacked them. Hydros managed to bring another one down, while another continued to fight him off with it’s fire-like blaster. Shaza dodged and blocked a few swings from another drone trying to melee her. She then knocked the soldiers weapon out of it’s hand and slashed it down onto the ground, then jolted out a burst of lightning at another one who attempted to shoot her, bring it down as well. Hydros easily managed to defeat the final soldier with ease.  Both Toa looked at each other, then back at Eeaon, who quickly got up and approached them.

“So, how was it?” the Toa of Ice asked pleasantly.

Both of them chuckled. “You were right; that was fun.” laughed Shaza. She then gave Eeaon his weapon.

Eeaon then walked towards the entrance, turning the door to ice, and shattering it with his Ice Axe. “Now then… let’s go in and do our part. Deccon’s forces won’t last long if we don’t destroy this turret.”

“Very well.” expressed Hydros. And with that, all three Toa entered the base…. Not realized that they were being watched by another.   

Chapter 9[]

As Tazzuk and the Elite Rahkshi continued to fly, they spotted their enemies army arriving. As they did, they landed near their army, who were not far behind. Tazzuk observed the army, realizing that while both sides may be almost equally with amount of soliders on each side, Tazzuk knew that he still had more, along with the fact that the Elite Rahkshi and himself were also attending this battle, he believe they had no chance of stopping them. 

Deccon signaled his army to hault, as he saw Makuta Tazzuk on the hill that he watched over. “It’s him…” he muttered. He then took a few steps forward and shouted at Tazzuk “Makuta! Today is the day that we exterminate this ultimate weapon that you have devised!” 

“Is that a fact, oh-might Warkor?” Tazzuk replied sarcastically. “Because as far as I’m concern… the only thing happening today… is the death of every single soldier right behind you!”  After saying this, Tazzuk’s army emerge from behind him, with a massive wall of Brotherhood soliders at his side. 

This sight surprised some of the troopers, who were now having doubt that they may not win this battled. Deccon turned around, and uttered to those who were afraid “Remember… the Great Spirit is on our side… and I’m for all of you…” The soldiers listened to Deccon’s words, and started regaining their motivation to fight again.  Deccon then turned back to Tazzuk and his army. “We will fight, Makuta… AND WE WILL WIN!” 

And with that, Deccon pulled out his rifle and shot at Tazzuk, who merely dodged as a solider from behind him takes the hit, dying instantly. Tazzuk looked back at the soldier who was shot, then back at Deccon, with sinister frown on his face, growing. “Have it your way…. ATTACK!”

With that demand, all of the soliders in front of Tazzuk started shooting and charging at the army. 

Deccon raised his hand, and shouted “FIRE!”, as his front-line of troopers open fired at the charging drones, taking each one out as they continued shooting them. Some of his own troopers were taken out by the Brotherhood’s shot, but the Makuta drones were suffering much greater casualties. 

Tazzuk then extended out both of his wrested-chainsaws and shouted “CHAAARGE!!!” with a ear-deafening screech. As Tazzuk, all of the Elite Rahkshi, and the rest of the Brotherhood soldiers charged at their enemies, so did Deccon, Dortan and all of the Order Troopers behind them. Many shot each other on both sides, with bodies falling as this happened. As Deccon charged towards several Makuta soldiers, his mechanical arm suddenly transformed into a long blade-arm, slashing and crushing all of the drones that came into contact with him. That was until Tazzuk himself charged at him, letting out a violent screech, and viciously slamming his wrist-saw at Deccon’s blade-arm. “I will seize both your soul AND your precious armies!” the Makuta yelled. Both Tazzuk and Deccon fought one-on-one, as the rest of the army collided with each other. The battle quickly started to become gruesome, as many sides were taking vicous lost, from each side shooting one another, to decapitating, stabbing and wounding each side aggressively. Dortan easily managed his own, with both of his twin wrist sharp swords slaying away at Brotherhood soldiers, until he confronted some of the Elite Rahkshi, with most of the fighting off and killing Order Troopers. Dortan took on whatever Rahkshi that charged at him, and swept them away with ease. This battle was turning out to be much more intense than either side anticipated. 


Back inside the “Annihilator”, Wrekan watched the battle ensue, expressing a sinister smile on his face, while chuckling softly.

And so it begins. The Makuta thought. The end of this “secret enemy” of ours Tazzuk has told me about. 

Suddenly, there was a loud rumble around the vicinity. This startled Wrekan, who demended “What was that?!”

Two of Wrekan’s own soldiers rushed from behind. “Lord Wrekan! The Toa that Tazzuk and the other confronted! They’re here, attacking our base!” 

“WHAT?!” yelled the Makuta, who grabbed one of them by the throat. “How did they…!? Never mind.” He dropped the drone, then turned back to watch the battle. “Do whatever you can to stop them. It appears that Tazzuk is unaware that the very Toa he wishes to slay are right here in this very base. And if they dare come to this deck, then I shall take them to meet Tazzuk’s… pet.”


The three Toa battled more of the Brotherhood soldiers in the hallway of the “Annihilators” interior. As they all dodge, blocked, took cover, and returned fire at the Drones, they were managing to hold their own. Most, if not all of the Drones that they’ve fought so far, have fallen. After taking out another wave of Brotherhood drones, then continued charging through the interior. 

“So which way is the main deck?” Hydros asked while running alongside his fellow Toa.

“Judging from the position we’re at by the bases map” Eeaon responded. “…the main deck should be around that corner.” 

As the Toa continue charging to the main deck, there were much more drones this time guarding the entrance to the main deck, and immediately fired upon the Toa as soon as they arrived. They Toa once again dodged, blocked, took cover, and attacked the Drones. Hydros used his Cordak Blaster to take out several with a few shot, with both Shaza and Eeaon used lightning and ice respectfully on the others, blasting them with ease, slamming hard into the wall.


After hearing the loud thud outside of the main deck, Wrekan and all of the drones operating and securing the bridge turned towards the direction of the entrance. With all of the guards aiming their weapons at the entrance, it opens…. But no one comes though…. That was, until one of Drones from outside is thown into the main deck and slamming into a couple of soldiers. The three Toa them swiftly charged in and unleashed their elemental powers upon the guards, taking most of them out.

“Secure the area!” shouted Eeaon, knocking down and slashing through a few drones. 

After the three Toa managed to defeat almost all of the guards, they spot Makuta Wrekan, and merely charged at him with all of their weapons, preparing to unleashing their elemental powers on him. However, Wrekan was prepared for their arrival, and used his telepathic power to have one of his drone quickly trigger the trapped door that was right in front of the Makuta. The Toa did not realize this, and all of them charged at him, only to quickly fall right into the trapped hole that emerged in front of Wrekan. They all fall in, yelling as they do, and the trap closes. Wrekan merely chuckles, then turns back to continue watching the battle. 


As the three Toa fell through the trap, they ended up landing in some dark place, where they could barely see. After recovering from the fall, Hydros rose up, shouting “Eeaon? Shaza? Guys? Where are you?!”

“Over here!” Shouted Eeaon, Hydros heard him, and followed his voice. 

Suddenly, the lighting within the corridor turns on. The Toa looked up, surveying what just happened and where they’re at now. Before any of them could ask where they are, a loud sound erupts; a combination of a large gate opening, and a loud roar coming from the opening gate.

“What….?” said Hydros, who was as confused as all of the Toa were. 

However, their confusion soon turned to desparation right as soon as they saw what slowly emerged from the opened gate: a massive size creature that was orange and black, who had a long neck, with razor-sharp teeth, and had massive-size feet, and enormous wings. The creature’s neck and wings were all chained up tightly to the cage it was imprisoned in, but the chains extend long enough for the creature to emerge from it’s cage and approach the Toa slowly.

“What…. is that…?” asked Shaza, who felt very worried as to what’s about to transpire. 

When Eeaon got a closer look at the monster, he gasped in disbelief. “It…. can’t be.”

“What? What wrongs?” asked Hydros, who sounded just as worried as Shaza.

Eeaon was wordless… he couldn’t believe what he’s looking at; a creature that he thought was merely a myth, a dark and savage monster that was almost unstoppable, or so the tale of this particular creature goes.

Eeaon next words would force him to shout them in complete horror.


Chapter 10[]

If there was one thing Eeaon wish he could do; is to have warned both Hydros and Shaza of how ruthless a Slavion Dragon was foretold to be…. Unfortunatle, that is not the case for the Toa of Ice, as he and the others tried desparate to dodge the dragon’s wrath. 

From what Eeaon has been told by someone he knew very well, a Slavion Dragon was a berserk and devious creature; it is consider one of the strongest creature to have ever been known, especially during the time of it’s “existence”. Legend says that these creatures were created by one of the most vile organization to have ever existed; long before the creation of Mata Nui himself. However, Eeaon always believe those stories to be urban legends. But seeing a living Slavion Dragon right here was a startling and horrible sight. 

As much as he would want to know how one exist, there was no time to even think straight, especially with the dragon attempting to devour them all with it’s starving attitude. 

While the Toa continued to dodge, Hydros shouted “That’s it! We need to take this thing down now!” He then pointed his sword at the dragon, preparing to fight a burst of scorching flames at him.

Eeaon realized, and shouted “Hydros, wait!”

But it was too late; Hydros blasted his wave of fire at the dragon, seemingly burning it’s armor… however, what startled him wasn’t just the fact that the dragon didn’t feel a thing, but the fire barely pierced, or even touched, through it’s armor. Hydros was was completely stunned by this unexpected revelation of that fact that his elemental power had no effect on the massive monster. The Slavion retailed with a deafening roar, then unleashed a powerful fireball from it’s mouth. Hydros managed to jump out of the way, but the impact of the fireball when it blasted near his position was so powerful, it send Hydros flying into a wall, slamming onto it hard.

“Hydros!” yelled Shaza. The Slavion Dragon attempts to stomp on the Toa of Lightning, but she managed to dodge. She then attempted to fire lightning at the Dragon, but like Hydros’s fire power, the electicity had no effect on the Dragon. “What the… why aren’t our powers working on it!?”

“Because it’s immune to all elemental attacks!” shouted the Toa of Ice, dodging the Dragon’s tail slamming near his position. “It was created by vile creatures that somehow had the to be immune to most, if not all, elemental-base powers… including their creations, such as these behemoth!”

Shaza, dodging and paying attention at the same time, was confused as to how Eeaon could know something this strange. “And how would you know that?” She asked, while trying to dodge the Dragon’s wings slamming into the wall.

“I have my… resources.” Eeaon answer. “However, our standard weapon may have a chance against this creature… just attacking it is the hard part.”

Hydros, recovering from the attack, overheard Eeaon’s method of defeating the dragon. “Then that’s what we’re going have to do. Eeaon, Shaza, continue distracting it! I’ll jump on it’s back and try to take out it’s head.” 

After hearing Hydros’s request, both Toa looked at each other and nodded, then turned their attention back to the Slavion Dragon, and unleashed both of their elemental powers on the dragon. Their attack was not at all to harm the beast, but to merely distract it long enough for Hydros to jump onto a wall, and springboard off of it to be able to jump on the creatures back. However, as soon as he landed on the dragon, it noticed Hydros being on it. The dragon starts roaring loudly, and goes berserk by waving it’s wing and stomping around, trying to shake Hydros off of it. Hydros held on tight, yelling as the dragon attempted to knock him off it’s back. While going berserk, the dragon’s tail comes right near the Toa. Eeaon noticed this, and jumped over it, but Shaza didn’t, and was slammed by it, being sent flying into the wall, slamming so hard, that she was nearly knocked out. 

“Shaza!” yelled Eeaon. He turned to the Slavion, with rage in his eye. He then charged at the dragon, dodging it’s foot that nearly smashed him, then stabbed it’s foot with his axe. This cause the dragon to let out an agonizing roar, then immediately burst out another fireball, this time over the ceiling near Shaza, causing both an explosion to erupt, and a large amount of debris to fall right at Shaza. Hydros notice this and was in shock to see what’s about to occur to the only person who he could call “sister”.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” yelled Hydros.

Shaza turned to her back right as soon as the Slavion blasted the ceiling. She was the debris falling on her. Shaza tried to move, but her back was too soar from being slammed into the wall by the Slavion, and was unable to move. Shaza wanted to scream, but she knew that it’d be pointless, so she merely closed her eyes and watched as the debris fell on her.

Her eyes remained closed for a moment… but then, as her eyes remained closed, something felt strange…. The debris has yet slammed onto her. She slowly opened her eyes, and was shock to see what she witness; the debris falling over her stopped, as if time itself froze. She was greatly confused and in absolute disbelief, but when she turned her head, she was even more shocked to see that both Hydros, Eeaon, and the Slavion were all frozen. Neither of them moved, which stunned Shaza beyond belief. She wanted to move and see what was going on, but her injuries were getting the better of her, and was losing consiousness. Before passing out, she actually saw someone moving towards her. She couldn’t tell who it was, as her vision was getting very blurry, but judging from what she saw… it was another Toa . A Toa that Shaza would one day meet someday… this orange and grey Toa knew that. As he used his “time-based” power, he grabbed Shaza, and slowly walked her out of the vicinity, being very gentle while holding her. 

As he walked out, there was another Toa, this one being silver and grey, near the opened exit. He looked at this Toa and told him, “You know what to do.”

“Of course.” said the silver and grey Toa. 

The orange and grey Toa continued to walk, and as he left, everything started moving again; the Toa continue to struggle against the dragon and the debris collapsed onto the ground where Shaza was laying.

“SHAZAAAA!!!” yelled Hydros, unaware that Shaza was just saved in literally a second. 

As both Toa struggled to stop the Slavion, the Toa that entered the chamber used his sword, which illuminate a loud and powerful sonic blast at the Slavion Dragon. Although this sonic attack didn’t damage the dragon, it did irritate the dragon gravely, which started to shriek loudly and ferociously. It then unleashed another blast onto the ceiling, this time however, there was an even bigger explosion, as the entire debris from the ceiling started to fall onto the dragon. 

Eeaon saw it, and immediately shouted “HYDROS! GET OUT OF THERE!” as the Toa of Ice jumped away from the dragon as far as he could. 

Hydros noticed the debris falling on over him, and quickly jumped off the dragon. As soon as he did, the Dragon attempted to blast Hydros with another fireball, but it was too late for the dragon; the debris fell onto it, and completely smashed the dragon, burying it under the heavy piles of rubble. 


As the battle continued far from the “Annihilator”, Tazzuk and Deccon continued their duel; Tazzuk attacking Deccon with his wrist-chainsaws, while Deccon blocked and attacked the Makuta with his armed blade. However, the Makuta would do a manuver that caused Deccon’s arm to be swept away from the Makuta, and quickly used the opportunity to cut it off with his other wrist-chainsaw, painfully cutting through the mechanical arm. Deccon let out a scream of pain, and fell to the ground as he did. He pointed his chainsaw at the Warkor’s face. Before and during the fight, Tazzuk noticed something was wrong; the Toa that he confronted were no where in the battlefield. He looked back at Deccon and demanded “Before I kill you, you might as well tell me this… WHERE ARE THE TOA!?”

As soon as he shouted his demands towards the wounded Warkor, there was an explosion that occurred at his prized creation; the “Annihilator” (which was caused by the Slavion blasting and collapsing the entire ceiling it was caged in. 

Deccon looked at the Makuta and laughed. “There accomplishing their mission; destroying your putrid device.” 

Tazzuk looked back at Deccon and growled. Then suddenly, his frown turned into a smile, and started laughing disturbingly. Deccon was confused by Tazzuk’s apparent “delight” of knowing what the Toa were up to. “I’m rather impressed… so this whole battle was a distraction to keep me and the rest of the army at bay so your fellow Toa could sabotage my ultimate weapon? No matter… now that I know where the Toa are, I shall slay them myself.” 

He then kicked Deccon’s head back into the ground, then shouted at the Elite Rahkshi Ozehk nearby. “You there!” Ozehk heard the Makuta shouting at it, and turned to his attention. “You’re in charge of this attack for now. I must return to our base and ‘take care’ of our enemies there.” Ozehk nodded, and continued using it’s psionics power on the Order Troopers; using it’s telekinesis to blast several away, while using it’s mental attack to knock others out. Tazzuk then spread his wings, and flew off, heading towards the “Annihilator”, getting ready to slaughter the Toa currently within the Brotherhood’s stronghold. 

Chapter 11[]

As Toa Hydros recovers from slamming into the ground after jumping off the Slavion Dragon, he woke up, realzing that Eeaon was shaking his shoulder to make sure that he was still awake and alive.

Eeaon sighed. “Thank the spirit that you’re still alive.”

While Hydros was relieved that he was still alive, as well as  successful of burying the Slavion Dragon underneath large boulders and rubble, he couldn’t help but felt like he wanted to cry. He turned to Eeaon with a desparate look on his face “But Eeaon… Shaza… s-she’s…”

“Don’t worry, she’s alive and well.” 

Hydros turned up to see who spoke; it was another Toa; a silver and grey Toa of Sonic who knew strongly that Shaza did in fact survived the debris collision.

While Hydros didn’t know who this was, he was more confused about how this Toa knew that Shaza survived. After all, no one could’ve survived that… let alone, come out of it without serious injuries. He said in a disbelief tone “H-how… do you know? Unless you’re lying…” he looked down.

The Toa kneeled to Hydros and placed both of his hands on his shoulders. “Trust me… your ‘little sister’ is perfectly safe now. A friend of mine used… speed, to rescue her just in time. You’ll be seeing her again soon enough.”

Hydros didn’t know what to think about this predictament; he wanted to believe the Toa was correct, but how would he know? He has no idea who this Toa was… or how he knew that he considered Shaza to be his “little sister?”  Confused, Hydros muttered “H-how did you know…?”  

“Trust me… I know a lot of things you don’t. Such as the fact that you’re Hydros. And believe when I say, Shaza will be fine.” 

After saying his name, Hydros became more confused and suspicious about this Toa; how in Mata Nui’s named could this Toa know who Hydros was? “Wait a moment…” Hydros said in confusion. “How could you possibly know my name? I’ve never met you… I don’t even know who you are.”  

The Toa of Sonic rose up, helping Hydros to his feet. He decided that proper introductions and explanations would be fair to the Toa.  “I am Selta, Toa of Sonic.” answered the Toa. “Like I said… I have a friend who knows much about you and some others.” He turns to Eeaon. “As does he.” 

“Indeed.” said Eeaon. “It’s nice to see you again, Selta.” 

“You… know him?” Hydros questioned Eeaon.  

Eeaon looked at Hydros replied “Yes… he was a Toa who helped me on some mission. He’s also a good friend of mine.”  

“I see…” said the Toa, who was still concern yet confused whether or not if Shaza was really alive as Selta claims. He then turned to Selta. “So… you said that Shaza actually survived the debris?” 

“Yes.” he said. “Like I said, a friend of mine was ‘quick’ enough to grab her and secure her to a safe place.” 

“How did you know that we were trapped in here, anyway?” asked Eeaon. 

“And who is this ‘friend’ of yours, and where did he take Shaza to?” questioned Hydros, showing more desperation in his voice.  

“Relax, I’ll answer both of your questions.” Selta turned to Eeaon and states. “Firstly; Eeaon, the Order told me and my ‘friend’ that you two were here, and they believe that our assistance were needed. We saw you fought off against those Brotherhood soliders, and we followed you. There were a few who attempted to followed you from behind, but we were able to take them out as well. As for how we knew you were in this particular chamber; well that wasn’t too hard… we heard the thuds and bangs coming from the outer parts of the door. We used powers to pierce through the door and help rescure Shaza and assisted you in defeating the Slavion Dragon.” He then turned to Hydros. “As for your question Hydros; my ‘friend’ is someone that you can’t know about for personal reasons. But trust me when I say that you’ll be glad that he managed to rescue your ‘sister’. As for your second question, they’re still in the base, but somewhere where all of the guards were taken out, and will probably not investigate for a while. She should make a full recovery very soon.” 

Hydros was still baffled by the fact that Shaza could actually still be alive. But he knew that dwelling on the idea that she could’ve been killed by the debris would not be a good idea. So he decided to pull those thoughts behind him for now and believe in what Selta has told him. “Very well, Selta… I’ll trust you for now.”, he said coldly.

Selta could tell that Hydros didn’t completely believe him, at least not until he saw that Shaza was alright. Despite this, he simply says “Thank you. And to prove it to you, I’ll go check up on her. The next time you’ll see me, she’ll be with you.” 

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to split up now?” asked Eeaon. “Don’t you think we should all be able to check up on her?”

“The best thing to do at this point is to resume your mission, Toa.” Selta complied. “The Order also told me about your primary objective. You should be ready to storm the bridge this time.”

“What makes you so sure?” asked Eeaon.

“Trust me.“ Selta replied. “My… friend will make sure that the bridge is cleared.”

Despite what Selta said to Hydros about Shaza surviving, he was still suspicious and suspect that if Selta were lying, that he actually might abandon them.” He decided not to dwell on this either, but he did exclaimed “Fine, go… but I’m just warning you right now; If Shaza ISN’T with you… then we’re going to have a big problem between us. Understand…?” 

Eeaon frowned at Hydros’s remark, but understood the pain of what it feels like loosing someone personal, so he decided not to intervene in his statement. 

Selta acknowledge Hydros’s ill-patient expression and said “Understood… I promise you, she’ll be back.” And with that, the Toa of Sonic ran the opposite direction. 

Both Eeaon and Hydros saw another map on the wall, they were about  two stores below the main deck, and they knew that there’d be much more Brotherhood soliders than there were last time. They both looked at each other with a blank look on both of their faces.

Eeaon told Hydros “Let’s finish this… for Shaza.” The Toa then extended his fist to slam it with Hydros.

“…For Shaza.” Hydros follows, and slams his fist with Eeaon’s. Then both Toa readied their weapons, and continued marching towards the Brotherhood’s main deck once again. 


Tazzuk landed right outside the “Annihilator’s” entrance, realizing that all of the drones that were guarding it were dead. And the gate blocking the entrance was shattered by ice. Tazzuk ignored both of these facts and slowly walked into the fortress, revving his chainsaws as he did, and letting out a devious chuckle, getting ready to murder his enemies. 

About a few dozen of the Brotherhood soliders from the battle followed him, after he telepathically order them to follow them. One of the drones approached Tazzuk and ask "Shall we exterminate the Toa?"

"No." said Tazzuk, as he continued marching through the hallway. "Simply slow them. For if these Toa wish to have a final end, then I'll be more than glad to oblige to their desire for a slow and agonizing death... Now come, my soldiers. On this day, it will be... THEIR LAST STAND!" 

Chapter 12[]

As the orange and grey Toa continued walking and holding an unconscious Shaza to a small and empty storage room within the fortress, he placed her back-first on a bench. This Toa knew Shaza… loved her, in fact. But he knew that he could never reveal himself to Shaza… at least, not yet. This Toa was someone who still existed in the present, but he was at the same time, a different “version” of this Toa. The orange and grey Toa decided to transform back to his original form… Krataka, Toa of Twilight. 

Krataka looked down at Shaza, rubbing her head as he did so. He whisper “I’m so sorry Shaza… I honestly wish you were awake right now, and that you could see who I really am… Sadly, you do not know me… at least not yet, anyway.” He looked upwards and sighs. “Just a thousand and ten more years… and then, that time will come.” He looked back down at Shaza, rubbing her forehead slowly and gently. 

Krataka is a Toa of Twilight who was hurled back in time at a certain future event by an alternate Kanohi Vahi, and due to the “accident” of said Vahi’s power of sending Krataka back in time, he is now able to take the form of a Toa of Time-like character (in which this alias, he refers to himself as “Akatark”). Before said “accident”, Krataka would fall in love with Shaza in the central core of Mata Nui himself; Karda Nui. Tragically, however… he would be force to go back in time, and restart his life with his new alias “Atatark”, and he couldn’t get involved with most of the events that’ve occurred with his fellow friends, such as Hydros and Shaza. He did, however, watched over them after all of these millenias, making sure that everything he knew would happen occur so that there’d be no time paradox that would collaspe the known universe and effect the events of the future. This was perhaps the very first time since the “accident” that he’s finally with Shaza, though in an uncomfortable state, as he wish he could continue loving her, but there have been much more pressing matters with his life.

“So… this is the Toa that you loved?” 

Krataka quickly turned around, and was relieved that it was just Toa Selta. He sighed and answered, “Yes… this is her.”

Selta asked a similar question about Krataka loving Shaza a while ago, suspecting that this was the one that Krataka told him that he loved. 

Selta walked right next to him and looked at Shaza. He chuckled. “Heh… have to admit, she is kinda cute.”

Krataka then chuckled to Selta's remark. “Yeah, you could say that…” He then looked at Selta and asked him “So, are the Toa continuing with their mission?”

“Of course.” Selta answered. “I also told them that Shaza will be with me the next time we regrouped.”

“Good.” said Krataka, looking back at Shaza.

“So when do you think she’ll be awake?”

Krataka looked back at Selta. “While I was bringing her here, I used the power of the Vahi to make her wounds heal faster. She should be awake in a matter of minutes.”

Selta has known both the original and this version of Krataka for a while. He once helped his younger self on a mission to protect an island from a Rahi Rampage. After doing so, he met up with this Krataka, who told me several aspects about himself, and about some of the events that transpired to the point where he’s at now. Though it confused Selta for a while, he started to understand that this was a different Krataka, yet the same Krataka that he met protecting the island at the same time. He has since been an honorary ally to Krataka and his secret organization, the Society of Guardians . Krataka trusted Selta enough to tell him about the Society’s existence, as well as Selta promising him to keep his “current” self a secret from all who are unaware of it. 

“Very well“, said the Toa of Sonic. He then added, “I must say… it must hurt to know that she can’t know your existence quite yet. And you’ve been hiding from her for… how long?” 

“Too long…” answered Krataka. “I still remember the day that I first met her… when the day would come that she and I fell in love… it was honestly the first time I’ve ever found someone who would love me about as equally as I loved her.” 

“Sounds romantic.” Selta said. “I hope you’ll cherish seeing you two… loving each other again, right?”

Krataka looked back at Selta, while chuckling softly. “Heh, I guess so.” He heard a groan, and turned back to see that Shaza was starting to wake up. He then turned back to Selta and said, “It’s time… you know what to do.”

“Indeed… farewell for now, Krataka.” He said, extending his hand to shake Krataka, who complies the gesture and shakes his hand with his. “It’ll be an honor helping you defeat the Brotherhood on this day.”

“Likewise, my good friend.” stated Krataka. He then left the storage room, with the door automatically closing. 

Selta looked back at Shaza to see her recovering. As she woke up, she groaned and quickly said “Ugh… w-where am I?” She then looked up at Selta, confused to see the strange figure. “Who… are you?” She asked the Toa.

The Toa replied, “I am Selta, Toa of Sonic… and a fellow ally of yours.”

“Are… are you the one who rescued me”, Shaza asked the Toa.

Selta looked down for a moment, then looked back up, and answered her question; “Yes… I am the one who saved your life.“

Chapter 13[]

Although it was purely unnatural for most, if any Toa, to commit an act of murder, it was also very uncommon for Toa to intentionally lie to another. 

However, Selta knew very well that he had to trick Shaza into believing that he was the one who rescued her. If he were to tell her that it was Krataka (either the present version of the “alternate” version,) it would more than likely affect the course of the future, which he knew he couldn’t risk. 

He also explained that he managed to rescue both Hydros and Eeaon, who were continuing their mission to  disable the mega cannon. Shaza believe in pretty much everything he told her; he is an “honest” Toa, after all. After explaining that “he” managed to heal her while she was unconscious, that the both of them should regroup with Hydros and Eeaon to help them fight off against the Brotherhood’s defense. They both agreed, and continued to go through the direction that Eeaon and Hydros were taking.


Back on the battlefield outside of the Brotherhood’s “Annihilator”, Deccon was still severely wounded, especially after getting his mechanical arm chopped off by the dreaded King of Death. A Brotherhood soldier approach where he laid, aiming it’s weapon at the damaged Warkor. Deccon may have been injured, but he was not defenseless; he saw the other part of his blade arm that was cut off. He leaned over to grab it with his right hand, and as the Brotherhood solider continued walking towards him until he was close enough to blast Deccon’s head off at point-blank range, Deccon swiftly swung his disembodied arm at the soliders head, instantly decapitating it. He then got up and continued fighting off more of the Brotherhood’s soldiers, while the rest of the soldiers continued to battle against both the Elite Rahkshi and the rest of the Brotherhood’s army. 


Within the “Annihilator”, both Hydros and Eeaon were at a stalemate with a much larger group of Brotherhood dtones. While they were able to take out many of them, the more they took out, the more reinforcements would arrive and take their place. The soldiers continued shooting at them, while the Toa remained taking cover. 

“We really need backup!” shouted Eeaon.

“Where is Toa Selta when you need him the most!?” shouted Hydros back angrily. 

“I’m back with your friend, my allies.”

Before either Toa could turn around to see who spoke, a powerful sonic wave blasted directly at the Brotherhood soldiers blocking their path. The soldiers were going deaf, yelling as the painful sound eradicated their hearing abilities. This was followed by a massive jolt of electricity, taking them all out instantly.

Afterwards, both Hydros and Eeaon were both shocked and greatly relieved to who they’ve spotted; both Toa Selta and Toa Shaza, reunited at last.

Hydros gasped and ran over, shouting “SHAZA!” He grabbed her and give her a big hug “I… I almost thought you died!” 

Shaza had a difficult time responding to Hydros. “Hy…Hydros… you’re squeezing me… too tightly.”

“Oh, sorry…” said Hydros, as he let go of Shaza, a little embarrassed about going overboard like that. 

All Shaza could do at this point was laugh and lightly punch Hydros on his shoulder. “Of course I’m alive. What? Did you think being crushed by debris would be enough to stop me?”

Hydros laughed at Shaza’s response. “My, my… am I so glad to see you alive.”

“So am I”, Shaza said happily. They both smiled at each other.

Eeaon smiled too, then looked back at Selta, saying “Glad that you kept to your word, old friend.”

“Me too.” answered Selta. “As much as I enjoy these happy moments, we still have a mission to accomplish.”

“Right.” said Hydros. He looked at all of the Toa with him, and they all continued to move forward, being confronted and battling more and more Brotherhood soliders as they swiftly appeared to stop them.


In the main deck of the cannon, Wrekan continued watching the battle, being very amused by how long and grotesque the battle has ensue. However, his attention was focus elsewhere when he heard the sound of the entrance opening slowly. He turned around, as the security forces within the confinement readied their fire-like weapons, aiming at whoever entered through the entrance. As soon as the door finished being opened, both Wrekan and the drones were surprised to see what they saw; Toa Krataka all alone, entering the main deck.

All Wrekan could do at this point was laugh evily. “Really? Just a single Toa this time? Maybe we’ll go easy on you and give you a 10 second start on either trying coming towards me… or turning around and retreated to whatever pathetic island you originated from, Toa.” 

“Believe me, Makuta…” Krataka responded. “You’d be surprised by how well I could utilize those “10 seconds” you’re allotting me.”

Wrekan smiled sinisterly, believing that Krataka had no chace against him nor his number of guards. “Then by all means… utilize them… starting now.” 

Krataka then started walking slowly towards Wrekan, but the Makuta soldiers charged their weapons, preparing to fire. As soon as this happens, Krataka instantly uses his power over time to not only change his physical form into “Atakark”, but to also freeze time as soon as he does so. He then merely walks pass the frozen Makuta drones, then approaches Wrekan mask-to-mask. He then deactivated his time power and reverted back to his “Twilight” form. As soon as time continued to flow, Wrekan couldn’t help but be entirely dumbfounded by how suddenly the Toa approached him. 

“Times up.” said Krataka, who’s fist was glowing with twilight, and blasted it right into the Makuta face, sending him crashing through the glass window in front of them, as he fell very far to the ground, yelling in disbelief all the way. While the guard were completely confused on how Krataka suddenly disappeared, they realized he was behind him after he attacked the Makuta. They quickly turned around to fire at the Toa of Twilight, but Krataka quickly dodged, took out his Staff and blasted more twilight at all of the soldiers. Krataka then unleashed his power to disable and destroy all of the operations within the control room to finally sabotage the cannon’s main control system.

While walking down the interior hallways, the was a powerful shake within the the entire area. Tazzuk felt this, and then realized that the power, such as the lighting system and energy cords around the area, were starting to go out. He growled in anger knowing what has just happened; the “Annihilator’s” main deck has been destroyed. 

“GRAAAAAH!” shouted Tazzuk, disgruntled by this occurrence.


The other Toa, after defeating the rest of the soliderrs in their path, also felt it. 

“What was that!?” shouted Shaza.

“I have a feeling I know…” mumbled Selta. He ran forward, with the other Toa following closely behind him.


With the entire main deck broken, Krataka merely walks out, muttering to himself; “My work here is finished.” 

He then slowly walk out of the room, as the door opens, it malfunctions and remains open. Krataka then turned into a different direction of the hallway, presume fully heading towards the exit. As soon as he leaves, the other four Toa arrive. They saw the opened entrance, and entered the already sabotage room. 

Eeaon was shock to see the state the room was in; “Is this…?” 

“The control room.” finished Hydros, who too was shocked by the severe amount of damage that the control room endured. 

“Like I said, my ‘friend’ would take care of this.” He walked in the room, making sure that all of the controls were entirely broken.

“Wait a moment, ‘friend’”? Ask Shaza, confused by this sudden news.

“Yes.” Answered Hydros. “Selta here told us that this ‘friend’ not only saved you, but would also be here to have damaged this room.”

As soon as Hydros uttered that sentence, Selta stopped dead on his track; he has just realized that he’s screwed up, and whispered to himself “Oh no…”

“What..?” Shaza replied with confusion. “But… he told me that he was the one who rescued me.”

“What are you talking…?” Then all of the sudden, all of the Toa turned to Selta, who’s head was leaning down.

Selta has just realized that he’s made a huge error to this remarks earlier; he told Hydros and Eeaon that a “friend “ of his rescued Shaza, while he rescued the other Toa. However, he told Shaza that it was him who rescued both herself and the other Toa. He was hoping that none of the Toa would bring this up, but that unfortunately back-fired on him. He shrugged in discomfort about this predictament.

“Selta…” Eeaon asked with confusion in his tone as well “Did… you lie to us?”

The Toa of Sonic shrugged, and replied “No…” then turned around and continued with “…and yes.” All of the Toa were confused, yet starting to suspect what exactly was going on with Selta, starting to question if there’s something suspicious going on relating to him. The Toa of Sonic continued telling them “Look, I know I lie, and I shouldn’t have… but I didn’t want all of you to know who this ‘friend’ of mine is?”

“And why shouldn’t we know…?” Hydros asked with a bit of demanding tone, starting to believe that Selta may not be as “noble” as he gave him credit for.

“Because…” Selta paused, then continued, “I-I just can’t… Listen, I’d love to tell who my “friend” is, but if I did… there’d be all sorts of consequences I’d endure.”

The other Toa looked at each other, with both a dazzled and weary look on their face. Eeaon looked back at Selta and stated “Go on.”

He shrugged, as Selta continued saying, “Let’s just say… not only my destiny would be in jeopardy if I told you who this was. You guys can’t know him… not now at least. But I guarentee you, you’ll probably meet him someday. You probably won’t know who it is, or what it is for that matter, but I’d bet my life on it that you’ll meet him later rather than sooner. Just please… understand that I did not mean to lie so dishonorably like this… I-I didn’t mean too.”

Shaza approached Selta, and placed her hand on his shoulder. “Selta, from what I’ve seen, you’re not at all ‘dishonorable.’ You’ve proven yourself that you are a great Toa; someone like you helping us in a mission where you could’ve easily left is not at all a bad thing. And I can understand that you want to protect this ‘friend’ of yours identity, probably trying to hide it so none of our enemies could get it out of us. But there’s one thing I don’t entirely understand… why did you lie to me about you saving my life?”

“I… honestly don’t know.” the Toa of Sonic answered in bitterness. “Maybe I was trying to prove to you that I was one of those Toa who could rescue anyone or anything. The Toa capable to prevent horrible things from happening to anyone that I know and care for. I… I just don’t know what to say anymore…” 

He leaned his head down, but Shaza grabbed the bottom of his mask and lifted back up, so they could see eye-to-eye. “Listen Selta. We all know that a Toa lying is never a good thing. But don’t take it too seriously… while lying may not be a good thing, it can at times. For example; there are the lies where you think you have to tell someone of something about something personal; let’s say you had to ‘go to a friends home to hang around with them’, only to be really lying that you had to go help someone else who’s in grave danger. Y’see, those are the kind of lies that people can tolerate with, and had you done something along those lines, this wouldn’t be as discomforting as it nearly turned out.”

“So… you’re not mad at me?” asked the Toa of Sonic.

“Of course not.” replied Shaza. “While I am slightly discomfort with you claiming that you saved me but in actuality didn’t, it’s not all that bad. Besides, I can respect as to why you want to protect this ‘friend’ of yours.” She then turned to both Hydros and Eeaon, who payed very close attention to the two of them. “Right guys?”

Hydros nodded, then smiled “Yeah, you’re right, sister. After all… you’re always right.”

“Indeed” said Eeaon. “We can tell that you didn’t mean to half-lie to us, but we understand as to why you did it, and to be fair, we can actually sort of respect you for it.”

Selta then smiled in relief, then looked at Shaza, saying “Thank you, my friend.”

Shaza replied “You’re welcome, Selta. It’s no-” she then saw something frighting; “LOOK OUT!” 

She grabbed Selta, and both ducked right as soon as something massive crashed and broek through the main deck’s front window. The other two Toa lost their balanace and fell to the ground. They all quickly reacted and got up to their feet as fast as possible.

“What in the name of-!?” shouted Hydros as he got back to his feet. What he and the others saw surprised them all; it was the Slavion Dragon!

“WHAT?!“ Yelled Selta. “How did that dragon survive!?”

“No clue…” muttered Eeaon. “But looks like we still have some unfinished business…”

As all of the Toa ready their weapons, the Slavion Dragon let out a vile roar, as it instantly fire a massive fireball right at the Toa.


As Toa Krataka continued walking down the hallway, he heard a massive rumble. He almost lost his balance by the sudden quake, but managed to keep standing. He realized that it came from the direction he was walking way from. 

“Oh no…” Krataka then realized that his Toa friends were in grave danger. If either Hydros or Shaza died, then that would severly damage the timeline that he has been trying to set in place ever since being hurled back by the Vahi. He started running towards their direction. As soon as he made it to another hallway, he swiftly dodged a blast of Shadow that came from the direction he just entered. He turned to see who his attacker was, and was unpleased to see who it was… Makuta Tazzuk.

“Toa!” Tazzuk shouted. “Do you really believe that you can stop this weapon from functioning!?”

“Actually, yes I do.” responded Krataka. “With the main deck destroyed, you can no longer target any island within this proximity… that is unless you wish to fire you weapon blindly. Who knows? Maybe you’re “accidentally” blow up all of Destral.”

Tazzuk then laughed disturbingly, followed by “You’d be surprised by how prepared I am for such an incident. But then again… you’d know a thing about ‘surprises’, wouldn't you Toa?“

Krataka ignored the Makuta statement, then used his power to transform his physical body from Krataka to Akatark. Stranglely though, this did not surprise the Makuta in any way.

“Impressive.” the Makuta stated unamused. Tazzuk realized that Akatark wears some kind of alternate version of the Kanohi Vahi, the great mask of time. He merely smiled evily. Atakark started using his power to freeze time, freezing everything around them, especially Tazzuk. Atakark decided that he had the opportunity to slam right past Tazzuk and hurry over to his allies to help them, though he knew this was a risky task, he had no other choice at this point. Right as soon as he almost attempted to knock the Makuta down with his bare fist, what happens completely catches him off-guard; the Makuta actually managed to MOVE and blocked Akatark’s attack. The Toa was jaw-dropped by this sudden discovery.

“My turn…” after hearing those words, Akatark then receive a powerful blow that knocked him to the ground, forcing him to deactivate his powers.

Atatark looked up, and uttered “How…?” But then he realized what may have caused it; the Power Crown over Tazzuk’s head was glowing, which might signal that it somehow helped Tazzuk negate Akatark’s power. 

“You’ll have to do better than that, Toa.” the Makuta chuckled, as he takes out his wrist-chainsaws and rev them.

”I intend to, Makuta.” Akatark responds. Despite this shocking relevation, this didn’t stop Akatark from taking the Makuta head on. He took out his staff and used it to attack the Makuta, who blocked and attacked right back at Akatark with his chainsaws.

Akatark has managed to block all of his attack, until suddenly he’s shot from behind by someone, in which the shot instantly knocked him out. After shooting him, the one who shot him approached his unconscious body, as it reverts back to his “Twilight” form. It was none other than Makuta Fearack. 

“All too easy.” mocked the Makuta. “What shall we do to him, Tazzuk?”

“I know exactly what to do to him….” Tazzuk said, chuckling and looking at Krataka, then back at Fearack.

“Take him to the torture room.”

Chapter 14[]

As the Toa of Twilight groaned as he woke up, Krataka slowly lifted up his head. “Whe…. Where am I…?” he said weakly, barely able to talk. He then realize something unusual; his feet weren’t touching the ground. Suddenly, a flash of light emerged over him. This enabled Krataka to have better sighting, and what he saw he was both very unpleasant and very uncomfortable; both his wrist and ankles were wrapped around spiked-chains. Then suddenly, Krataka felt as if he were being electrocuted. He had no choice but to yell in pain, then groaned after the electricity stopped. 

These past few moments have been both unexpected and a rare occurrence that’s happened to Krataka/Akatark; he has no clue as to what’s going on (and with the Vahi at this side, as well as the wealth of knowledge he possess, that certainly is saying a lot). 

The next thing he heard wasn’t good at all; the disturbing laugh of Makuta Tazzuk, who slowly ememrge from the shadow, with Fearack walking behind him. The Makuta looked down at the Toa, as the Toa looked back at the Makuta, gleaming intensity within his eyes. 

“It’s quite fascinating discovering much about you… Toa Krataka. Or is it ‘Akatark’ now?” 

Krataka couldn’t believe what he just said. No one other than his fellow Society members (or associates of his enemy) knew of his true identity. He almost believe that he’d be working for his mortal enemy, but then realized that if that were true, he would have brought him to his rival himself. “How did you know?” 

Tazzuk chuckled sinisterly, then pointed with his claw at the top of his head; the Power Crown. “You see, this ancient artifact has many sacred powers that could possibly surprass that of even the most powerful being within the known universe… maybe even more so than the Great Spirit himself. While I may not know all of the Power Crown’s power, I do know a majority of it now; one that allows me to look into your mind and envision all of the past experiences that you’ve endured ever since you were created… and my, you’ve been on quite a journey, I must admit.” Tazzuk continued chuckling, as he turned away from Krataka. The Toa couldn’t help but be distasted that Tazzuk has somehow not only penetrated his mind, but even somehow discover everything that he’s experience from the day he was created to the very present they’re at now, as well as the knowledge of him being an “alternate” Krataka. 

“So… Verahk will actually starts up his own organization, I see?” The Makuta chuckled. Fearack laughed as well. Tazzuk then turned back to Krataka. “Imagine if I were to ally myself with him? I doubt you’d enjoy that mighty alliance now, wouldn’t you?”

“I wouldn’t count on it, Makuta.” Krataka said. “As far as I’m concern, the only being Verahk will ally himself with is himself. Anyone else that serves he, he’ll always see them as expendable.”

“True…” Tazzuk noted. “But then again, he and I do have a little in common; for example, we both have managed to at some point frighten our all-mighty leaders, and as you just mention, he finds many of his associates ‘expendable’… What makes you think that I don’t have the same belief? Right, Fearack?” 

Fearack was caught off-guard by Tazzuk’s statement. But he reluctantly nodded, and said “Of course, ‘brother’… but even you know that we’d never rule a universe without a strong military, and highly-trained generals to enforce said military.”

“Indeed”, said Tazzuk. “But right now, that’s not important.” Tazzuk slowly approached Krataka, suddenly grabbing his throat with his claw, choking him. “What’s important is to figure out how this Toa will suffer slowly for attempting to sabotage my ultimate weapon.” He then released thin, as the Toa breathed heavily. 

“What… do you mean, ‘attempt’… Makuta?“, Krataka says while coughing and breathing, “Without… the main deck… you’re unable to target… any island… within range.”

Tazzuk then starts laughing darkly. “You do have a point Toa. Without our main deck, we wouldn’t be able to aim as well as we should. However… I’m more than prepared for the lost of one of our main ports. Besides…” 

After that, the ceiling above them started to open. The hull of the roof was then revealed with a window-ceiling. Krataka looked up slowly, and he realized that things have gone from bad to worse… he saw something that looked like another main deck, this one being right behind the “Annihilators” main cannon. This deck was also much more unsafe, as there were not indoor nor were there that much security bars to prevent anyone from falling off. Regardless, this secondary deck worked just as well as now destroyed main deck.

“…I always keep hidden secrets from both my enemies and my allies.”  the Makuta noted. 

“So… your weapon can still target?” Krataka spoke as if he’s suffered a defeat. 

“Yes… “ Tazzuk then turned to Fearack. “Is the cannon ready to fire?”

“As soon as you give the clear, the cannon should be ready for it’s ‘target practice’ again.” Fearack said.

“Excellent.” Tazzuk then looked back at Krataka. “Too bad you won’t live long enough to witness the death of your friends.“

The words of Tazzuk started to make Krataka far more angrier; he attempted to struggle out of the bonds he was trapped in, but the chains started to electrocuted him again, this time far more painful. Tazzuk merely laughed disturbingly, as he revved one of his wrist-chainsaw, and prepared to slice Krataka’s chest. “It’s time that you felt the true defenition of ‘tormentation’!” 

“Not as long as I’m here to stop YOU!”

Tazzuk, angered by the intrustion, turned around, but was suddenly blasted into the wall unexpectedly. 

“WHAT!?” shouted Fearack, who attempted to fire his Cordak blaster at the attack, but it was too late; the attacker shot at Fearack first. “…Son of a-!” Fearack then gets blasted into the wall, being neutralized and unable to move. 

The attacker then broke the spiked-chains electrocuting Krataka, and catches him as he fell. Krataka was barely able to stand, but his rescuer tried to help him to his feet.”

“Are you alright?” said the stranger.

Krataka groans, then responds, “Yeah, I am… thank you…” As Krataka looked up, he was quite surprised to see who it was that rescued him. “…Warsoa ?”

Warsoa smiled, then released Krataka as he was able to stand up now. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it, old comrade?”

“Indeed it has been, my friend.” Krataka and Warsoa new each other for a long time. In fact; while leading the Society of Guardians; Krataka was impressed by Warsoa’s resume, and offered him a memebership of being within the Society. However, Warsoa rejected his offer, though was honored to be asked to be in another sacred group. Warsoa believed that he had more “important” matter being with the Order of Mata Nui and wouldn’t have enough time to associate with the Society, though he did noted to Krataka that if he saw anything relating to Krataka’s enemies, he’d report to him as soon as possible. 

“It would appear that our mission of destroying this massive machine is talking much longer than I anticipated” stated the Toa of Twilight.

“Too true” said Warsoa. “Now let’s go before the Maku-“

Suddenly, Warsoa is blasted by Plasma. Krataka quickly turned and readied his Staff, but he was too late; Maktua Tazzuk flew and charged at the Toa, grabbing him swiftly, and then flying him through the glass ceiling, shattering it. Warsoa managed to dodge the sharp glass that fell, then got up and persuded after them.


For Eeaon, Hydros and the others, things were starting to look better until the turn of the worst happened; All of the Toa are now outside, on top of the main deck’s ceiling, and right underneath the weapons main cannon. The Slavion Dragon, now freed from it’s chain thanks to both Selta’s sonic attack and the boulders crushing it’s chain, the Dragon was now free to fly around, blasting at the Toa with it’s fireballs. The Toa continued to dodge and return fire with their elemental powers, but they knew they were doing little to no damage on it. 

Selta shouted “It’s no use, we have to find an alternate way of destroying this creature!”

“Any suggestions” asked Eeaon, who would be glad to hear anyone give him a good idea as to how they’d bring a Slavion Dragon down.

The Slavion Dragon blasted at Hydros. Although the Toa used his Mask of Shield to block the attack, the impact of the attack was still powerful enough to knock him down onto his back. He groaned and said, “I’m afraid I’m all out of ideas at the moment…”

“We’ll just have to fend it off longer until we find a solution to bring this beast down!” Shaza yelled, as she managed to dodge yet another fireball from the dragon’s attack.


Tazzuk flew higher and higher up the cannon with Krataka, with both of them punching and slamming their heads into each other, with Krataka trying ot break free from Tazzuk’s grasp, while the Makuta simply tried to injure the Toa more. After Krataka managed to use his staff to blast at Tazzuk’s wing, the Makuta spiraled out of control and both of them collided onto the secondary deck. Some of the operators acted immediately, and grabbed their weapons to attack the Toa. 

Thankfully, Warsoa wasn’t far behind; he blasted the operators with his Nynrah Ghost blaster. Krataka helped by blasting his Staff at them, taking all of them out. However, this distraction allowed Tazzuk to get back up, grab the Toa by the neck, and slam him right into the wall of the cannon. 

Warsoa immediate flew at Tazzuk and kicked him hard as he did so. Tazzuk slid, but still stood, revving one of his chainsaw and charging at Warsoa. He blocked with his wrist-blade and managed to knock the chainsaw out of his hand with his other arm. Tazzuk then retaliated by viciously punching Warsoa in the face and the chest, while Warsoa continued to fight back by punching and kicking the Makuta as hard as he could. 

Makuta Fearack, who managed to recover from his attack, flew to the secondary deck and saw both Warsoa and Tazzuk battle. He also realized that all of the operators were slain, so he decided to fly down there to ensure that the cannon was ready to fire. He flew near one of the main control panels to investigate. “Tazzuk, the cannon is almost fully ready to fire. It’ll be about a minute or so until it-”

The Makuta was then blasted out of nowhere by Krataka, who managed to recover from Tazzuk’s fury. “I will NOT allow you to fire this accursed weapon!” He charged at the Makuta with all of his might, slashing him with his staff. 

Warsoa continued to fend off against Tazzuk, in which Tazzuk stabs him through his chest with his razor-sharp nails, then continued to beat down on the Order of Mata Nui general.

While Krataka was still on the offense, the tides turned when Fearack used his power over gravity to cause the Toa to float in mid-air, then fly right up to him and slammed him back onto the ground, with a tremendous thud. The Makuta then landed right next to him, getting ready to attack, until he heard a beeping sound; which signalized that the cannon was finally ready to blast. “At last…” Fearack said ecstatically. “Tazzuk, we can now fire the Annihalator’s main cannon. What island would you prefer to target?”

Tazzuk then kicked Warsoa to the ground, them stomped on his body, in which Warsoa yelled in pain. Tazzuk looked at his cannon, then started to laugh sinisterly. “Perhaps it’d only be suitable to demonstrate how powerful this weapon truly is… by targeting one of the most popular island within this universe…”

Tazzuk then turned to Fearack and shouted “Fearack… target the island of Metru Nui, and DESTROY IT!”

Chapter 15[]

Warsoa couldn’t believe what Tazzuk had just order; to destory the island of Metru Nui!? Thousands of Matoran inhabited the “City of Legends” and for the Brotherhood to desolate that island would be one of, if not, the greatest war-crime in the history of the Matoran Universe.

Warsoa shouted “No Tazzuk, NO! Don’t do it!”

However Tazzuk approached the main control panels, and pressed the button’s that’d fire the turrets. “Already done…” 


As the Toa continued to fight off the Slavion Dragon, they realized something was happening; they saw the main turret right next to them slowly rotating towards the direction of it’s target. 

All of the Toa then realized what was about the happen… the Cannon was about to destroy another island!

“No…” Eeaon said with utter defeat in his voice, not believing that the weapon was about to fire.


As it appears that the Order is finally getting the better of the Brotherhood of Makuta, most of the soliders and high-ranked members, including Deccon, Dortan, and most of the Elite Rahkshi, witness the Annihilator’s main cannon rotating and targeting the island, preparing to open fire as it charges it’s main guns.

“This can’t be…” Deccon said with sorrow. He knew that the Toa have failed to stop the cannon from functioning.


The Toa were in a very desperate situation now; they were facing an impossible enemy to thwart AND the “Annihilator’s” main cannon was about to send all of Metru Nui into obvilion.

“What do we do now!?” Hydros yelled.

“I… I honestly don’t know now.” Eeaon uttered. He truly felt that their mission was a failure; there was nothing they could do to stop the cannon from firing.

Shaza, greatly sadden by their tragic defeat, fell to her knees, and start to sound as if she was about to cry, “I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but… it’s over. It’s all over…”

Selta looked with a sadden expression at Shaza and the other Toa. He too honesty had no idea as to how they were going to stop the “Annihilator’s” Cannon… until he realized something. As the Slavion Dragon continues to fly and roar, Selta remembered something back when the Toa were fighting it in the entrapped corridor.

When Selta attacked the Slavion, he attacked it’s head with sonic; although the sonic blast did not harm it, it did irrirate it gravely, causing it to lose control. Also, he remembered seeing Hydros climbing on it’s back when he helped defeat it. He wondered…

“No, it’s not over!” Hydros, Eeaon and Shaza all looked up at Selta, who started walking closer to the Slavion Dragon. “There’s only one way we’re going to end this once and for all.” He then used his sonic sword to blast right at the Slavion’s head, which caused it to be irritated by the attack, and swoops down to attack it’s prey. 

“Selta, what are you doing?!” yelled Hydros, who chased after him. 

“Finishing this mission!” He exclaimed as he charged head-first towards the Slavion. As the Slavion attempts to ram the Toa of Sonic with it’s sheer size, the Toa quickly jumps over it, does a maneuver, and latches onto it’s tail. Both the Slavion Dragon and Selta start flying higher up the cannon.

“Selta, get back here!” yelled Shaza. “SELTA!”

Eeaon watched Selta fly up there. He had no idea what he was doing, but he did had confidence that whatever he was planning, was going to work. 

As the Toa attemped to chase after him, several Brotherhood Soliders climbed from the wall’s ladder on the main deck, and started blasting at the Toa. The Toa dodged the attacks, and readied their weapons.

“I hope he know’s what he’s doing.” Hydros says with concern in his voice.

“Don’t worry” said Eeaon, who unlike Hydros, displayed much more confidence in his; “He know’s what he’s doing.”


As Tazzuk and Warsoa continue to slam each other with their fist and feet, Krataka rose to his feet and saw as Fearack operating the main control panel to ensure that the “Annihilator” is locked onto it’s target. Krataka readied his staff, and charged at the Makuta. Fearack noticed this, grabbed his axe-staff and blocked the Toa attack. 

“Face it Toa, your struggle is now useless. The cannon will fire, and there’s NOTHING you can do to stop it now!” 

Krataka growled, then looked at the control panels, then back at Fearack. “Not unless I do THIS!” 

Krataka then shoved Fearack away from them, then stabbed his staff right into the control panel, in which it explodes, destroying it. 

The Makuta was stunned by the sudden twist of fate. “NOOO!” He yelled, as he blasted a bolt of Shadow at the Toa of Twilight, knocking him back down to the ground. Although the control panels were destroyed, for some reason, the cannon’s blast attack wasn’t stopping. This worried Krataka even more.

“Wh… why isn’t the cannon shutting down!?” he shouted.

Tazzuk laughed, after pouncing Warsoa, then explained “Fool! When the cannon readies to fire, there is absolutely NO stopping the procedure of its attack. Just face it Toa, there’s nothing, and I mean, NOTHING that’s going to stop the cannon from firing!”

“Except THIS!” After hearing that voice, Selta, finally on the back of the Slavion’s neck, flies upwards, trying to control the dragon with it’s tentacle-like plates. 

“WHAT?!” yelled Tazzuk. This gave Warsoa the opportunity to attack Tazzuk, and hit him with everything he had. 

“Selta, what in Mata Nui’s name are you doing?!” yelled Krataka, unaware of what Selta is about to do. 

“What does it look like I’m going to do!?” he shouted back, as he tried to struggle to remain controlling the dragon, trying to get nearer and nearer to the front of the cannon “I’m ramming this dragon into the cannon to hault it’s attack!” 

“Over my dead, vile corpse!” yelled Fearack, and he swiftly flew after him and fired a Shadow bolt from his weapon. However, Krataka managed to jump and grabbed his tail, slamming the Makuta back onto the ground. Unfortunately, the shadow managed to hit Selta in the chest, causing him to fall off the Slavion. He did manage to fall onto the secondary deck, though in grave pain.  

Warsoa continued to attack Tazzuk, managing to dent some of his armor. This anger Tazzuk, who shouted “ENOUGH OF THIS!!!”, he then summoned one of his most devastating weapons, the Death Gun. He smacked Warsoa away with his free arm, then target him with the one holding it and shot him in the left shoulder, causing Warsoa to scream in agony, as he falls to one of his knees. Selta manage to recover long enough to see that Tazzuk approached Warsoa, aiming his weapon right in front of his mask. “Time to end your miserable life!” 

“NOOOO!!!!” Tazzuk heard Selta’s yell, and tried to aim his gun at the Toa, but he managed to smack the gun off-course, shooting in a different direction, as the Toa stabbed his sonic sword right thorugh the Makuta’s chest, which Tazzuk yells.

Krataka continued to attack Fearack, blasting him with everything he has. Fearack stumbled backwards, trying to fight back, but was being overwhelmed by Krataka's constant attacks. As the Makuta continued stumbling backwards, Krataka then finally swung his blade out at Fearack, and unleash a devastating blast of Twilight, sending the Makuta flying backwards, off the secondary main deck, falling all the way to the ground, yelling all the way down. 

Selta continued digging his blade through Tazzuk, yelling “I will NOT allow you to kill him! Toa would never allow a monster like you to murder a defenseless! But you no NOTHING about mercy, do you!?”

Tazzuk growled, then shouted, “We do not need to know mercy, because mercy is for the WEAK!” He then grabbed punched Selta away from him. Then he grabbed his blade and stuck it out of his chest, acting as if nothing happened. He then threw it off the cliff, approached the Toa, and grabbed him by the throat. “And if you wish for him not to die, then YOU WILL BE THE ONE TO DIE!!!” Tazzuk then threw him off the secondary deck high, and prepared to aim his rifle at the Toa as he flies in the air. Warsoa realize what was about to happen, and desparate got up and tired to stop Tazzuk. But he was too late… Tazzuk fired at the Toa several times, and just as soon as Warsoa collided into Tazzuk, every shot struck the Toa of Sonic… 

As Selta gets shot, it’s as if time itself started slowing down… Krataka just saw everything after dealing with Fearack. He couldn’t believe what he saw; he was speechless as he was force to watch the dreaded Makuta shoot a Toa that he long knew to be not only a fellow ally, but a friend that he trusted deeply. He fell to his knees, completely overwhelmed with what he was seeing. 

The other Toa saw it too; they saw as Selta’s body was thrown into the air, and blasted by Tazzuk several times. Hydros, Eeaon, and Shaza were all shocked and sadden at the same time as soon as they witness the death of a Toa who they just grew to admire… 

Warsoa too was force to watch as the Toa lifeless body fell all the way through several trees, disappearing though their leaves, causing him to feel a great amount of depression too. However, after looking at the one who murdered him, Warsoa’s sadness then suddenly turned to anger, who then shouted with complete rage; “NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Delivering far more powerful and painful punches and kicks at Tazzuk, that were actually damaging the powerful Makuta. 

The Toa too sadness also turned into anger. As several of the guards attempted to surround them, they all rose up, and let out a rage of yells at him, attacking and slaying them all, to make force them to feel the exact same amount of pain that their fellow Toa have just endured. 

Although Krataka was still greatly sadden by the lost of his friend, he remembered and realized that the “Annihilator” was still operational was about to fire it’s blast at Metru Nui. He got up, with determination in his eyes, and whispered “No more…” Then he shouted “NO MORE!” He saw that the Slavion Dragon was starting to fly lower. Remembering Selta’s plan, he jumped at it, and landed right on it’s back, trying to control it, but the Dragon flew out of control, flying higher and attempting to fling Krataka off of it.

With a massive punch, Warsoa hit the Makuta so hard, he flung him off the balcony of the secondary deck. However, thanks to the Makuta wing, he managed to fly off. This didn’t stop Warsoa; as he jetted himself after him with his jet-pack, slamming into him as if he were a missile. He continued to pounce at the Makuta with all of his fury. But Tazzuk would not go down that easily, the Makuta also retaliates by punching and kicking him while being tangled up with Warsoa. 

Krataka managed to grab onto the Slavion Dragon’s back-neck, and tried to control it, but the Slavion would not give in to Krataka, trying to fling him off. Angered that he wouldn’t let go, the dragon starts firing random fireballs everywhere. Krataka knew that there was only one way this plan would work. He spotted Warsoa and Tazzuk brawling in mid-air as they both fly towards the front of the cannon’s blast radius. “THIS ENDS NOW!” yells Krataka. He had no choice but to stab the back of the Slavion’s head hard, which caused the Slavion to shriek in massive amount of pain, causing the dragon to fly downwards now.

While Tazzuk continued delivering violent blows at Warsoa, it’d be Warsoa go receive the final devastating blow; punching Tazzuk’s face so hard, that both the Makuta fly away from his direction along with his “fused” mask actually gets dented. The Makuta roared and yelled “THAT’S IT!” He aims his gun at Warsoa and prepares to fire at him. “YOUR LIFE ENDS NOW!!!” 

“Wrong, Makuta… YOUR THREAT ENDS NOW!!!”

Tazzuk turned up to see a very distasteful sight for him; Krataka, jumping off of the wounded Slavion Dragon, who was flying directly towards Tazzuk. He quickly aimed his gun at the dragon and tired to shoot it away from him, but it was too late; both the Slavion Dragon and Tazzuk collided into each other and fell right through the “Annihilator’s” main cannon. Warsoa saw Krataka falling, and dived after him. There was a silence for a moment… followed by a loud and devastating explosion. 

After the Toa defeated all of the soldiers, they rushed over to see if they could find Selta, hoping that he somehow survived. However, they overheard the explosion, and realized that the cannon’s structure was collapsing right in front of their very eyes. 

“JUMP!” yelled Hydros, as both himself, Eeaon and Shaza jumped off the ceiling of the main deck, dodging the debris that crushed everything underneath it. They all managed to jump onto a nearby tree, and block the debris falling from every direction.

Warsoa and Krataka weren’t so lucky. A piece of debris damaged one of Warsoa’s jet-pack, as he held on tightly to Krataka as they both slammed into the ground fataly.


From the distance, the Order of Mata Nui army, including Deccon and Dortan, as well as the rest of the Elitre Rahkshi and surviving Brotherhood servants, all witness the destruction of the “Annihilator.” After the structure fell, there was a long silence.

Deccon then realized what just happen; “…We… won.” He turned to his army and yelled “WE WON!!!” The rest of the army started cheering, celebrating the fact that they have just succeeded in one of their biggest victories in recent memories. Stressed by their defeated, Ozehk lead the rest of the Elite Rahkshi away, retreating along with the surviving soliders, heading back to their ships. 


While the Order of Mata Nui army continued to celebrate, Warsoa barely got up, and checked to make sure that Krataka was alive. He finally gained coinsuousness after coughing out dust out of his mouth. He looked up to Warsoa and asked weakly “Warsoa… w-what just happened…?”

Warsoa looked around the debris that fell around them, then looked back at Krataka and muttered “…We did it.” Krataka gave a faint smile, with Warsoa expressing the same look on his face.


Elsewhere, Hydros, Eeaon and Shaza slowly managed to get out of the tree. They were completely blown away by what just took place in moments. 

“I… I can’t believe it…” Hydros muttered in shock, “Selta’s plan…. It actually worked…”

“As I said before, Hydros.” Eeaon said with exhaustion, “He knew what he was doing.”

“Indeed…” Replied the Toa of Fire, Air and Earth. “But… what about-”

“SELTA!” yelled Shaza. She saw his body laying near a few tree brands that it crashed through. 

She wanted to check up on him desparately, but Hydros held her back, trying not to accidently injure him more if he were still alive. Eeaon slowly approached Selta’s body to make sure that he was alive. Unfortunately what he saw wasn’t a good sight… not only was his entire chest completely ruined, but his heart-stone was not at all beating. He turns slowly to the others and said softly “I’m sorry you two, but…”

Both Hydros and Shaza knew what he was about to say next. Shaza looked down and muttered “No…” she tried to place her hand over her eyes, trying hard not to cry, but she couldn’t help it; she just lost a Toa that she just made a friendship with. Hydros held onto Shaza closely, as all of them mourned for Selta’s sacrifice to see to it that their mission would succeed… and thanks to him, that very mission was finally accomplished. 

Chapter 16[]

Later that day, after the massive battle finally ended, everyone prepared to give their closure on this dreadful “fear mission” that everyone endured; Deccon got his arm repaired thanks to Mettek, one of the Order of Mata Nui medics. Deccon’s heavy troopers planted mines all around the remains of the destroyed “Annihilator”, and detonated it, making sure that every bit of it would be gone forever, including the blue prints that would’ve been used to create more. The rest of the Toa (excluding Krataka) returned with the corpse of Selta and told them what happened during their long mission. After hearing the story of how Selta sacrificed himself to make sure that his plan would work, which it did, Deccon arranged a proper burial for the Toa of Sonic, and a memorial stone of him right next to where his body was buried. 

After a while, all of the Toa would finally accept the fact that Selta was gone, but his sacrifice would not be forgotten. Before they all left, they had one final discussion together.

“Well… I guess this is it.” said Shaza, still depressed over Selta’s death.

“I’m afraid so,” replied Eeaon. “But Shaza… know that I was truly honored to have alongside you and everyone else, including Selta.”

“Yeah…” mourned Shaza. She then looked up at the sky. “There’s just one thing I may never really understand now…”

“What’d that be?” asked Hydros.

Shaza turned back to Hydros and Eeaon and asked them “Who exactly was Selta’s ‘secret friend’ that he tried so desperately to hide from us?”

Both Toa looked at each other, being absolutely clueless to her question. They looked back at Shaza, with Eeaon saying “Maybe it’s just someone weren’t meant to meet.” 

“Or at least, not now.” corrected Hydros. “He did say that we may meet this ‘friend’ of his someday… it’ll just be hard to figure out who he is and why he had to be kept a secret.”

“Probably.” added Shaza. “I… just wish he could’ve lived long enough all of us to meet this ‘friend of his’.” 

Eeaon placed one of his hand on Shaza’s shoulder. “Do not be sad, my friend. And do not weep… Selta is now at one with the Great Spiit… he too is no reunited with my fellow Toa Agneces… I have a feeling wherever the heavens take the fallen, it’s a paradise we may never understand in the waking world.”

“You’re right…” mourned Hydros. “He’s now with Sayra also… I guess in a way, despite losing so many of our loved ones, they’re now all, in a way, ‘united’ up there in the stars…”

“Indeed.” added Eeaon. “And there may come a time where we all will join them in the heavens. But we should not grieve forever over our fallen one’s death. We should do what they’d do if we were the ones who died; to move on with our lives, but to always inspire their actions and noble deeds with our own.”

“Eeaon, I just want you to know that it was a privledge to have go through this mission with you.” said Hydros, speaking through nobility.

“The same applies for you Hydros… and you as well, Shaza.” the Toa of Ice states. He placed his hand out, and then they all placed their hands together. 

“I’ll miss you guys.” Shaza says sadly. 

“We’ll miss you too,“ said Eeaon, showing a bit of grievances “but there’s still so many things we have to do.”

“Hopefully, we’ll meet again sister…“ Hydros said emotionally, “..In fact, I’m counting on it.

Shaza expressed a faint smile, and remarked “I’ll hold true to your words, brother. But for now… farewell, you two.”

And with that, the three Toa parted their own ways. 


Far from the edge of a cliff, Krataka watched the three Toa depart off the island to wherever they’d travel next. Behind him was a familiar face; Warsoa, the Order of Mata Nui member who managed to save his life during the destruction of the “Annihilator.” 

“Thank you, my friend.” Krataka said, turning towards Warsoa. “Thank you for everything that you and the others did for us.”

“It was my honor.” replied Warsoa. 

Krataka turned back to the direction, watching the sunset. “The Brotherhood of Makuta have once again been thwarted… unfortunately, your mortal enemy, Tazzuk, survived the destruction of the “Annihilator”, didn’t he?”

“I’m afraid so.” Warsoa replied with discomfort. “Along with the other Makuta that were stationed there. Tazzuk is no easy enemy to be rid of… but do not worry about him, I will ensure that he never interferes with your affairs.” 

“I’ll keep your words to that”, stated Krataka. “I truly do hope that you’ll be ready for what he may have planned for you and your fellow allies.

“Trust me, Krataka… I will be.” he replied. He placed his hand behind Krataka’s shoulder. “And like I said a long time ago, if there’s any problem that you’ll need me to handle, you know that I will be there for you… and who knows? Maybe they’ll be others that might someday follow in another Toa lead, like yourself.

Krataka smiled, then looked at him, saying “Warsoa, I-” when he suddenly realized that Warsoa was no longer there. He turned around and chuckled, “Heh… not bad, not bad at all…”


After the island was nearly deserted, Krataka decided to walk down towards Selta's burial sight, to be here to give the Toa some gratitude one last time, taking his time to think clearly after all of what's transpired, remembering how far Selta was willing to go to ensure that their mission succeeded. 

"Selta... had it not been for you, thousands of lives could have been lost on this day... and worse, the entire timeline could have been eradicated had you not only acted quickly, but going as far as risking your own life to make sure that me and everyone else made it out alive... Your selfless heroism is the kind of role model I wish most, if not everyone, could be like. Bravery, joyful, caring, selfless, daring, noble, and humble... those are the qualities of a true hero... and I am honored to say that you had every one of those aspects."

After thinking of all of this, he leaned down and placed a sword on top of Selta's burial site; it was Selta's sonic sword, which he manage to find before the Order of Mata Nui detonated the remains of the "Annihilator." He leaned back up, and placed both of his hands against each other and near his face, as if he were praying for the Toa noble sacrifice. After a long moment of silence, he quietly said one final sentence.

"Thank you... for everything... my fellow brother."

Krataka then slowly walked off to the distance, but gave one last glance at Selta's burial site for one last moment.

"May the Great Spirit watch over your soul valiantly. You truly deserve it, my brother... Farewell." 

And with that, Krataka continued walking off towards the distance, as all that remained was Selta's sonic sword, which shined brightly as the sun setted for a long and brightful moment before fading to black.


1,010 years later...

(Note; the events of this episode take place before the events of “The Brutal Mission ” or Season 1 of “The Hydros Chronicles .)

Long after their “fear mission“, Warsoa would inform Eeaon and Hydros that Tazzuk and his other Makuta survived the destruction of the “Annihilator”, and they all realized at that moment that Tazzuk was a far greater threat than any of them anticipated. However, “Brutal”, Toa Eeaon’s brother and former leader of the Toa Agences, vowed on that day that the next time he confront Tazzuk himself, he would not stop at him until he slain the Makuta once and for all… that day was upon him.

As “Brutal” got ready for his mission, his fellow Order associate, Toa Hydros approached him from behind. Hydros still remembered on the day of their mission of Eeaon’s story of how “Brutal” went from becoming a hero of justice to a bitterness loner, who wasn’t always comfortable going on missions with others he didn’t believe needed his help. Hydros wanted to have some kidn of closure with “Brutal”, as neither Toa have ever managed to interact before, due to the opposite personalities. 

But now, Hydros believes the time has come to finally put that aside of him and express himself towards him.

He tapped the back of the golden Toa of Fire shoulder and asked “Uh, hi ‘Brutal’”?

“Brutal” turned around quickly, only to be greeted by Hydros. “Oh you…” he said carelessly. “Look, I’m busy right now. So can you leave now while I get ready?” The Toa then turned around.

Hydros shrugged, then decided to come clean with “Brutal”; “Look ‘Brutal’, I know you and I haven’t really seen eye-to-eye or mask-to-mask or whatever you want to call it… but there’s something I want you to know.”

“Brutal” continued focusing on readying his armor and his weapon of choices, Hydros continued talking. “Look ‘Brutal’… you’re not the only one who’s lost people close to you.”

Suddenly, “Brutal” stopped dead on track. He turned around slowly, with a big frown on his face. He softly, yey angrily said “I really don’t’ want to talk about this now… I suggest that you leave before I lose my temper…”

“’Brutal’, wait…” as Hydros attempted to correct and clarify himself., knowing that “Brutal” was very uncomfortable about talking about his dead teammates. “What I’m trying to say is… I understand the pain you’ve endured.”

“Brutal” slightly calmed down., “What exactly are you trying to say…?”

“What I’m saying is that… I believe I finally have a better understanding as to why you’re so upset all the time.”

“Brutal” crossed his arms, paying attention to what Hydros had to say about how he “understands” his anger.

“I know that you may never recover, and I know that you and I may not exactly become the ‘best of friends’ or anything like that… but just know that I understand why you’re so cranky all the time, and be aware that I can respect you for who you are, just as long as you respect me for who I am. I’m not trying to make any of this sound personal or anything, but I just want you and me to be on the same page, alright?” 

“Brutal” remained silenced for a moment. All he did was turn around, and continued placing his armor over him. The only thing Hydros could do now was shrug and walk up, until…

“Alright…” as soon as Hydros heard that word, he slowly turned around to “Brutal”. “Brutal” once again turned around and continued saying “I see where you’re coming from… look, you should know by now that I do not appreciate you comparing the death of your old friend to the death of my teammate; I know it was tragic, but you have to understand that to me, losing almost my entire team was the worst thing to have ever happened to me. While you may have recovered better than me, that doesn’t mean you have the rights to be angrier more than me over the lost of loved ones… remember, you lost one person, and I know that you told me that she remember who you  were… but when my entire team died, I barely remember to this day as to who I’m suppose to be. So just please… let’s not talk about ‘who’s sadder’ and ‘who’s angrier’ anymore, Ok?

“I can live wit that,” replied Hydros. 

“Good.” said the Toa of Fire. Right before Hydros left, “Brutal” said “Hey Hydros?”

“Yeah?” asked Hydros.

“Brutal“ paused for a moment, then finally said, “Thanks… for respecting who I am right now. Just know that the feelings mutual.”

Hydros couldn’t help but smile, but quickly stopped similing remembering that “Brutal” wasn’t exactly a “happy camper” type. “Yeah, sure thing.” he replied, as he walked off. 

Nearby, Eeaon overheard everything, sighing in relief of the fact that there may actually be a chance that one day, both Hydros and “Brutal” could get along. And with that, Eeaon walked away, being ready for another mission that he new was going to lead to an unexpected adventure with an unexpected twist of fate.



  • Order of Mata Nui


  • Hydros, Shaza, and Krataka/Akatark were created by Toa Hydros, Vakura was created by YouTuber bioniclefreak01 created Vakura, and Visticon was created by former-Youtuber myownhouse2/biogameveiwer.
  • This series originally started back in 2009. However, after completing the entire script, KylerNuva lost the rest of the story and hasn't found up until the summer of 2013, where he managed to re-edit his story and make several changes to it (such as the addition of more "drama" in the story, as well as updating it by adding some of his more modern MOC's into it, such as Makuta Wrekan and the Slavion Dragon). 
  • Before initial development of this series, user KylerNuva always wanted to create a story featuring some of Toa Hydros (Scotttjt on YouTube) MOC's, which is why this series has many reference to his creations and story arcs. Scotttjt told him that he could use his MOC's as long as he gave him credit. KylerNuva then decided to slightly broaden the amount of "special guest" MOC's appearing in this series, so he added both Vakura and Visticon for "expanded material" sake.