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Farside Council
Turaga Berwak
Nuva (Formerly)
Forgotten Warriors (Formerly)

The Farside Council forms the lead of the Farside Village, as well as being the head of leadership for the island's other villages.

The group's main goal is to protect the Matoran of Balfe Nui and offer council to those who seek it.



The Farside Council was originally founded Toa Hakefor, Leshar and Balenvar, who established the group when the settlement of the Farside Village was first constructed. The three were there only members and only had influence over the single village's affairs.

The Nuva Conflict

During this time, the village and therefore the council went under siege by Forgotten Warriors. While the village was initially lost to it's attackers, they later reclaimed it.

Two of the members, Hakefor and Leshar, joined up with the Patriots in order to defeat Nuva. However none of the two made it through the conflict, and both fell during the Battle at the Sacred Grove.

It is yet unknown as to what happened to Balenvar. Months after almost everyone moved out of the village, it was Range who eventually discovered the Toa's body not far away from the village.

With none of the members left alive and the Farside Village abandoned, the group was forcefully disbanded. Only after Nuva was defeated and the settlement was rebuild the Farside Council could be restored.

The banner was crafted in the image of the three founding member's Kanohi masks to honor their legacy.


Current Members

Former Members


Original Council

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