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Famuud Nui was the island, and village, the Toa Kaduoi were assigned to protect for a while. It is now protected by its original guardian, Kaluma.

Notable Geographic Features[]

Most of Famuud Nui is covered in the Antalai Plains, a large flat area of land that could be used to farm plants. The village of Famuud Nui is located between the Antalai plains and the dense jungles toward the north. It also had a large underground cavern. It is also famous for it's sky, which remains dark most of the time.

The Village of Famuud Nui[]

In Famuud Nui there is a small village populated by many Matoran. It had several wooden and stone huts where the Matoran lived and worked. The village also had a shrine dedicated to the deceased Toa Kaduoi, which houses their masks and Toa tools.


Famuud Nui is inhabited by the following:

  • 13 Ta-Matoran
  • 21 Ga-Matoran
  • 19 Le-Matoran
  • 13 Po-Matoran
  • 15 Onu-Matoran
  • 14 Ko-Matoran
  • 40 Species of Rahi
  • Nahin
  • Kaluma
  • Cabor - Formerly, back at a remote island's cliff.
  • Rorusa - Formerly, back at an Order of Mata Nui base.
  • Toa Kaduoi - Formerly, Deceased
  • Delta


  • Famuud Nui comes from Famuud which, when pronounced properly, means 'dark sky' in Thai.
  • Antalai Plains comes from the word Antalai which, when pronounced properly, means 'dangerous' or 'not safe' in Thai.

Map of Famuud Nui[]