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Fall of the Phalanx
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Setting Spherus Magna
Date set Unspecified
Media information
Writer(s) BionicleChicken
Director(s) BionicleChicken
Previous A Better World

 Fall of the Phalanx is an action miniseries that continues and completes a subplot introduced in its predecessor, A Better World

Rated PG-13 for Language, Violence, and Suggestive Themes


  • BeaconA former member of the Assassin Phalanx that deserted after the death of his love, Toa Bolta, who returned to life in recent events. Due to his leave, he is hunted by his former bretheren. He is also the son of the legendary assassin codenamed Crucifix, which partially earned him a reputation as the strongest in the Phalanx.
  • Lorreti - A female member of the Phalanx and mother to Beacon's son Azrael.
  • Azrael - A winged assassin and son of Beacon with a child-like mind.
  • The Master - The leader of the Phalanx and main antagonist of the series. He is a highly experienced killer who uses a Rock Steed's head and neck as a weapon.
  • Ryne - A no-nonsense assassin who wishes to kill Beacon in revenge for deserting the Phalanx and also to prove his superiority to him.
  • Silas - A zealous follower of The Master who wishes to kill Beacon in revenge for deserting the Phalanx and also to earn his mentor's approval.
  • Oddo - An arrogant assassin with super-speed.
  • Arsenal - A skilled sniper and former best friend of Beacon.
  • Drage -  A silent assassin with a cannon in his chest.
  • Ying and Yang - A pair of twins with contrasting personalities. One is a female gunslinger who is uneducated and foul-mouthed. The other is a male swordsman who is polite and behaves himself (mostly).


Episode List
# Episode Title Running Time Description Air Date
0 Prologue 3:17 The Phalanx meets together and plot to hunt and capture Beacon. September 7, 2014
1 Chapter One 4:49 Azrael meets with Beacon. January 25, 2015
2 Chapter Two 6:11 Beacon fights Oddo August 5, 2015
3 Chapter Three 4:51 The past raises questions July 20, 2016
4 Chapter Four TBA TBA TBA
5 Chapter Five TBA TBA TBA
6 Chapter Six TBA TBA TBA
7 Chapter Seven TBA TBA TBA
8 Chapter Eight TBA TBA TBA


  • The series is inspired by the plot and action scenes of wuxia films.