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This article is about Fairon as seen in the Gigas Magna Storyline. You may be looking for his counterpart from the Kronian Multiverse Storyline.
Great Kualsi
Lance of light, Midak Skyblaster

Fairon is a Toa of Light and a member of the Order of Mata Nui, known for his efforts in the first Order of Darkness war.


Early life[]

The Av-Matoran Fairon was created by the Great Spirit Mata Nui a short time prior to the Great Cataclysm. He spent his youth on Archosa, and later traveled to a colony on Xa Nui, where he made his new home. During this time, he served in the island's military force, and gained some reputation as an exceptionally skilled fighter.

In 907 AGC, the Order of Mata Nui recruited him for an experimental Toa-only training group, giving him a Toa stone and transforming him into a Toa of light. He trained together with several others under the instruction of the slicer Dorex, and was eventually partnered with Toa of aura Rantu. It is known that he sometimes collaborated with the Le-Matoran Rando, part of another experimental group, during this time.

First Order of Darkness War[]

In 1,000 AGC, some time after Flamu's promotion, Fairon and Rantu challenged Dorex to a battle that was to be their final trial as trainees of the Order. They hid in the trees around the stone training circle, and though Fairon hesitated initially, he successfully willed himself to attack.

A battle ensued, where the trainees tested their skills against the instructor's, which culminated in the two's apparent defeat. Dorex announced that he was satisfied with their performance, but Fairon tricked him into turning his back on Rantu, who knocked him unconscious.

Fairon called on the Daxia base to bring a transport to take the weapons master back to base, at which point he was informed by his friend Rando that Helryx demanded his and Rantu's presence. Curious as to the nature of Helryx's summons, the two trainees were brought on a magne-sled into the fortress, at which point Rando directed him to the situation room, where Helryx was waiting for them.

Helryx explained that he, Rantu, and a Makuta known as Fyxan were to be sent to the city of Robotopolis to destroy a deadly substance that the Order of Darkness was using as a weapon, Shadowdermis. They would be teleported to the island of Mata Nui, where they would slip into an Order of Darkness transportation shuttle and be carried to the city, at which point they would be able to accomplish their mission.

Powers and equipment[]

As a Toa of Light, Fairon could create lasers and beams of light. Through intense training, he gained a psionic barrier which could prevent mental attacks and mind reading.

He wore a Kualsi, great mask of quick travel, which gave him limited teleportation abilities. He wielded a lance of light, which has now been replaced by a sword.


  • He is ToaFairon's self-MOC, and the first character for whom he made a page.
  • Fairon won the 174th Eternal Game.