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Fahu was a KMES operative and is currently part of Kopak' strike team on his search and rescue mission.


Though Fahu's early life remains largely untold, it's known that he originally was a villager in an island in the Matoran Universe, and migrated to Tehktra Nui little before the raising of the League of Six Kingdoms. During the time that he lived at Tehktra Nui, which was located on the Endless Ocean Planet, Fahu became a KMES member. When the KMES located Zoruxx's base at the Wastelands, Fahu joined the strike team to defeat the corrupt Toa and his Mechanical Rahkshi minions.

So he marched towards the Wastelands, along with the Ko-Matoran army and several tanked vehicles. They ambushed Zoruxx, who had just finished his newest creation, the Kosuhrak, and destroyed his base with a rocket. Zoruxx, knowing that he was outgunned, ordered his Mechanical Rahkshi to retreat. Zoruxx flew off to the sea on the Kosuhrak in flight mode, followed by the other Rahkshi.

Kopak later ordered Fahu and some other Matoran to come with him to the island of Axorla Nui. They went there with water bound vehicles, and upon arriving at the shore they chose a spot to camp at night. Kopak ordered them to split up, and Fahu went with another Matoran to explore and search for Zoruxx. He was unlucky, and came back to the beach to pass the night with the other KMES members. That night, Matu noticed that the waters were shifting, and then Fahu and the others witnessed Tehktra Nui taking off to the space. As a consequence, they had to climb up to some trees, as the incident had caused a mass flooding.

The next morning they located Zoruxx, and headed off to battle him. Fahu participated in the battle, but the Mechanical Rahkshi had the upper hand in the fight. However, after Zoruxx had his light restored, the Rahkshi deactivated, saving Fahu and the others.

Later, when Kopak had decided to head to the center of the island, the KMES squad found a group of zombies around some dolmens. Those zombies were the Onu-Matoran that once had visited Axorla-Nui and that were told to haunt the island. When the zombies noticed the KMES members, they attacked them.

Abilities and Traits[]

As a Matoran, Fahu couldn't acces to his elemental powers of Ice, as they were inactive. However, he, like all Ko-Matoran, had a strong resistance to low temperatures.

Mask and Tools[]

Kino wore a powerless great Matatu.

When he joined the KMES, he was given various weapons, including a spear made out of Tarakava bones, which he used in his mission to Axorla Nui.