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Corpsian Traits

Exterminator was a protoype Assassin of Corpse and a member of the Corpsian Legion.


Early Life[]

Exterminator was created to be a prototype of the Assassins of Corpse. However, after Nightshade and Shadowbringer were created, he was given fewer missions by Skorpix and Nihiltian. After the fall of the Shadowy Ones, he came to serve Skorpix and Windeus.

Red Core[]

Later, he was sent by Skorpix to the Red Core to kill Shardak and Blast. He surprised them, but was defeated. He retreated, and ordered the Shadow God to attack. The god, however, was unable to destroy the toa. Later, Exterminator ambushed them at the edge of the Red Core, however, Shardak was able to overcome him and Blast pushed him into the Red Core, consuming him in flames.

Hybrid Wars[]

Exterminator was later summoned from the Death Prison by Varkanax/The Shadowed One as the second Hybrid to be created. He was summoned to posess Nightfang. After crushing the Toa's mind, Exterminator approached Blast, pretending to be Nightfang, and helped him disguise Shardak as a Toa of Earth to enter the great Toa Gathering. In the subsequent battle, Exterminator captured Shardak and ordered the Hybrids to take him to the Odina Splinter Dimension, where his soul was seperated from his body, which was made a Hybrid. In the Battle of Odina, Blast and Mata Nui suceeded in overcoming Skorpix, and subsequently Windeus, and freed Shardak, who poseessed the body of a Toa of Air. Varkanax sent Exterminator after them.

Later, Shardak and Blast were ambushed by the Corpsian, but suceeded in overcoming him and taking the Scepter of Good from him. Exterminator survived, and proceeded to the Hand of Mata Nui base with a legion of Hybrids led by Gorast/Kiina.

After Shardak and Blast gained possession of the Weapons of Good and the Battle Outside the Hand Base began, Exterminator persued them. Blast/Shardak tried to fire the Scepter at him, but Exterminator fled. He later attacked from behind, surprising Shardak, but Blast was able to seize control of the body and fired on Exterminator, turning him to dust.

Abilities and Traits[]

Exterminator was haughty and scornful of beings weaker then himself, and hated Shadowbringer and Nightshade for stealing his glory, to the point of accepting any missions to prove he was better then they were. Exterminator controlled the Element of Fire and had the normal regeneration powers of a Corpsian. However, the Red Core was able to kill him. Exterminator carried two Spearblades. As a Hybrid, he was tougher and nearly indestructable, as well as more patient and visious.


As a Corpsian, Exterminator carried two Spearblades. As a Hybrid, he carried the Scepter of Good and another Sword. After the Scepter was taken, he dual-weilded twin blades.

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