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'So, today your training is escaping from a Vorox without battling it! I'll count 'till 3! 1, 2, 3,...'

'You're joking, right?'


'Oh Cra-'

Exold training Romoa


Exold fought for the Element Lord of Jungle in the Core War on Bota Magna as a field comander and later joined the Jungle Tribe after fighting in the war and ended up on Bara Magna. Exold won many matches, but at his final match (Which was against Vastus), he conceaded, although he would have won. He stated he had a vision the night before, a vision showing a mask crashing on the planet, the Skrall being defeated and even the defeat of a gaint robot, and that he did not know when this could happen, stating it could happen anytime. The Agori said he was crazy, to which he became mad and walked away, not seen again until 1000 years later, when he returned to Tesara to train rookie Glatorian. He took the task of training the weakest of all, Romoa, who was best friends with Wave, a champion of Tajun. Exold made him train and suffer, but when the Agori united their villages to fight the Skrall, Romoa noticed the training was succesful. Exold later killed some Skakdi and Rahkshi during Teridax's attack and he witnessed Teridax's death. He is then seen again when the Glatorian also make an army to stop the Doom Event. He joined them and is currently on his way to Bevio.

Abilities and traits[]


Exold has no powers, as he never met Mata Nui.

Mask and tools[]

He has a helmet, like all Glatorian. He has 2 Venom Spears and a tail.


He is harsh, but caring and trustable at the same time. He is also a loner, as he spent 1000 years on his own.


  • Exold is going to appear in Bio Random.
  • Exold has visions, which do annoy him, although they are true. His latest vision was about the Doom Event.