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2.0 exo was a mission set for the Toa Marhi. It never really had a name until a matoran named it and the name stuck. When called to investigate a mysterious rahi problem in a swamp located on south Spherus Magna, the Toa Marhi were sent there. They used the newly modified Toa Terrain Crawler to get there. With their arrival, they soon found out this was going to be a tough battle


Chapter 1[]

"Are we there yet?" asked Kongu. "Why would you even say that? You sound like a matoran.." "Hush!" Hahli yelled, "Remember, we are hear to investigate the Rahi problem. Not to be foolish." On a mission to investigate, the five Toa Marhi were sent to a unordinary swamp full with a large variety of plants and rahi. Little did they know was that this Swamp had secrets no one had ever discovered. "Looks like were here. Does that answer your.." THUMP! All the Toa flew out of their seats. "What was that?!" Hewkii said. Just then Nuparu appeared. "Seems that we met a dead end. Walking out of the Crawler through a hatch, they saw that in front of the Crawler's path was a huge stump of trees and a large amount of rocks. "Why don't we just go over them?" Kongu asked. "Because the Toa Terrain Crawler can't levitate over that road block," Nuparu replied. "Well then, looks like were waliking." No wait," Hahli said, "Maybe we should split up." "Sounds reasonable. Hewikii and me will pair up while you and Jaller pair up. Kongu will stay and guard the Crawler," Nuparu said. "Agreed," Hahli said. After their diplomacy, the Toa set off.

"Do you really think we should leave Kongu behind? What if he needs back up?" Jaller asked. "He'll be fine. Don't worry," Hahli replied. Distracted by talking, the Toa didn't hear the small ripples in the pond they were in. "Man, I hate swamps! They're all damp and..." Before Jaller could finish, a rahi quickly leaped in the air and struck the mighty Toa of Fire. "Umf!" Jaller said plunging into the cold protodermis. "Jaller are you all right?" Hahli asked. "Fine. Did you see what that was?" Jaller asked. "No but I don't want to find out," Hahli replied. Helping Jaller up, the two Toa continued their mission.

Ch. 1 End