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Evnika is the Ignika in an evil form.


Evnika is an evil, twisted version of the Kanohi Ignika from an alternate universe where Teridax beat Mata Nui in their final battle. He managed to kill a handful of Toa before being stopped by his universe's version of Jaller. He later escaped to the Lightningverse. Evnika went to Hook's base, and was attacked by Hook, who demanded to know where he got the Ignika, Evnika later explained that he was the Ignika. Hook re-introduced him to Azon, Jaller, and Nightslasher. Evnika later explains that he was the one that saved Jaller from Glatraka, and that Shaller died trying to take his mask. He later went with Azon and Jaller to Tajun, when they came across Gelu. He went with the team to Roxtus to fight Piraka's Team and Tuma. He doesn't intend on staying on the team, inteding on killing them all from within.

Universal Reform[]

After a battle against "Olmak Guy" that caused the destruction of Hook's Olmak, and damage to Hook's Vahi and Evnika's Ignika there was a sudden temporal displacement which caused the most of the Lightningverse and several other universes to come together and also caused several events to never happen such as the Makuta of Karda Nui's death and Jaller originally being a training robot, this lead to the creation of the Varuverse.

Jaller's Story[]

Evnika, Malum, and Furno all work for an unknown character, Evnika suggested they kill Jaller.

Abilities and traits[]

Evnika can do some of the things Toa Ignika could. He seems to be rather strong, as he was able to throw a few Skrall quite a distance. He appears to be immune to a Kanohi Rode, as Azon hasn't been able to detect his deception. Evnika is filled with rage and hatred, and hates having to put on an act for Hook's team.

Mask and tools[]

Evnika is the Kanohi Ignika. He has a sword, a dagger, Claws, and wings.


Jaller's Story[]


"I can't beleive they bought that, it's only a matter of time 'til I take over just wait."
"Maybe I should kill one of these Skrall so I can get off this team."
―Evnika, Chaos Battle
"Midgets are tough, but I'm tougher."
―Evnika to the Hero Stars (Non-canon)


  • Before his name was revealed, he was known as New Dude.
  • His final form was created through tips given by many CB Wikia editors.
  • After his fourth design, he was almost given spikes on his shoulders.
  • Evnika stands for Evil Ignika, though as part of his disguise he says it stands for Evolved Ignika.
  • Originally, he was going to be Shaller in a new form.


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