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Esupha is a planet in the Bionicle Universe.


The inhabitants of Spherus Magna were shipped to Esupha by the Great Beings because of an evil Great Being who wanted to destroy it. Before that there were no sapient beings on Esupha.


Esupha has two continents, Zeltakar and Targol as well as two islands north of Zeltakar.


Zeltakar is Esupha's lagest landmass as well as the most populated. The continent is mostly inhabited by Ta-matoran, Po-matoran, Fe-matoran, Le-matoran, Onu-matoran fire Agori and jungle Agori. Though othe types of Matoran and Agori also live there. Zeltakar also has an abandoned Great Being fortress that was later made into a village.


Targol is the second largest landmass on Esupha. It is mostly inhabited by Le-matoran, Matoran of Platlife and jungle Agori. The continent is known for its dense jungles and lare insectoid Rahi. Targol is also home the hideouts of many evil beings.

Northern Islands[]

The Northern Islands are mostly populated by Ko-matoran and ice Agori. The larger island has a higher population than the smaller one. The islands are rarely visited by beings from Zeltakar or Targol.


  • The name "Esupha" was suggested by Explodingconut\Explodingdonut's friend, Anlo555(youtube username)