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"Ice may melt but fire burns long into the night." Toa Eros.

Toa Oralga
Toa of Fire
Control over fire
Fire Staff/Zamor Gun
Oralga Nui


Eros was a Ta-Matoran or Oralga Nui who found a toa stone hidden inside a

rock while lava surfing. He found a toa suva and met five other matoran (Alara, Fernua, Imaru, Almak and Rigagu) who had also found toa stones. When he placed his toa into the Toa Suva he was transformed in to a toa. He later became aware that his fellow toa, Rigagu and Almak, had been captured by wild rahkshi. He led the other three toa inside a rahkshi cave thinking that Almak and Rigagu were inside, not knowing that they were hidden in side Mount Rilamu (an ice volcano in Ko-Malga), It was a good guess though, and as a result the rahkshi caves led him right to the top of mount Rilamu where he and Fernua fell into and found themselves with Rigagu and Almak trying to escape the Ice volcano. Luckily, they met Alara and Imaru outside the volcano, who warned them that vicious warriors known as the Irakushi were coming to invade Oralga Nui. shortly after the Irakushi arrived and Eros's leadership skills were tested. he told the team to split up. He, and Fernua went to find the mask of death while Alara and Imaru went to find the Irakushi and Almak and Rigagu to save the matoran.He ventured with Fernua went looking for the mask of death in a hidden area in Ga-Ralga where there was a "temple of death" they went inside and faced seven different challenges including avoiding an army of rahkshi and a game of kholli. after these seven challenges they entered a room and found a stone carving of a head that looked like there used to be a mask on it. The to toa concluded that the mask of death had been here but the irakushi had already taken it. Upon entering the temple they were attacked by two irakushi.


Eros can cause volcanoes to erupt and is able to decrease or increase the amount of heat in any area.


Eros holds a fire staff that can increase and decrease heat in any area and also a lava launcher used to lob fireballs at foes. As a toa Eros wore the great mask of healing that allowed him to prevent or cure in any injury, poisoning, or sickness. However, the mask does not allow Eros to bring others back from the dead.

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