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Warrior for the Sand Dwellers
Blade, Toa Firespear (fused)
Destrak Nui

Entak is a former member of an unknown tribe on Bara Magna and later one of the Sand Dwellers.


Entak's life on Spherus Magna is mostly unknown. He lived as a part of an unknown tribe. During the Core War, his people stayed uninvolved in the war. However, a battalion of Skrall had found them and killed most of their tribe, forcing the survivors to live on the planet as members of other tribes. It it unknown what tribe Entak came to live in.

After The Shattering, he lived his life as a Glatorian for the tribe he lived with.

After Spherus Magna was reformed, he was met by Daxan, who invited him to travel with his group. They later traveled to Matus Nui and formed a village on the island's desert. While on a mission, he was captured by the Shadow Makuta Brotherhood. He was then taken to Destrak Nui, where the Makuta started to interrogate Entak in an underground prison cell into giving the location of the Sand Dwellers. During this time, after refusing for yet another time, Omnidax and Metrados fused him and a staff, thinking he would be fused into the staff. However, the staff fused to him, causing part of his arm to be replaced with it.

Entak then escaped. While he was traveling through the Destrak Nui fortress, he found Draxo fighting "Destroy," and helped to defeat him by stabbing the Makuta through a wound Draxo created. Channeling his energy into the blade fused to him, he started to incinerate "Destroy's" antidemris.

After defeating "Destroy," he witnessed Draxo and his ally, Skovax, teleport away.

Weapons and Abilities[]

Entak carries two blades that he has had since he was in his old tribe. However, after his capture, he could only carry one blade, as his other arm was part Toa Firespear.