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Empire of Death
Empire of Death Information
Species AffliationDifferent Species
AlliesNo allies
EnemiesToa, Brotherhood of Makuta, Order of Mata Nui
GoalTo conquer the Universe

The Empire of Death was created by Akingi. It is more like a country or empire rather than an organization. It's leader is Akingi, who was originally Toa Katphish. When a mask from another universe fell to the Matoran Universe, it chose Toa Katphish. For reasons having to do with the Kanohi Akingi's Universe, Toa Katphish/Akingi began to kill Toa and proclaim himself leader of the universe. Akingi's "Empire" consists of escaped Prisoners from the Pit, Skakdi, Dark Hunters, Toas who survived Akingi's slaughter, a few Makuta, Shadow-Matoran, Exo-Toran and other beings.


The Empire has several hundreds of bases scattered across the Universe. The most important are Akin Gi(Naroxia renamed in honor of Akingi) and Swamp of Secrets. These bases are scattered across the Matoran Universe to insure that all the land that Akingi has conquered are well ruled. Several Skakdi and Krekka's species act us enforcers to the conquered lands while Toa, Makuta, and Dark Hunters act us "lords" who control the land given to them by Akingi. Teridax himself does not know anything about the Empire's activity as he is dealing with the Makutaverse Rebellion Force and the Order of Mata Nui and does not consider the Empire a threat, therefore, the Empire has been able to conquer lands swiftly and efficiently without much trouble.

Their Goal[]

Akingi claims that he is strong enough to kill Makuta. Once he does, he plans to come into Mata Nui's body and control the universe, ruling everything. This is probably as true as Makuta protecting Mata Nui.


  • When Akingi conquers the Matoran Universe, he plans to name it the Akingiverse.