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"Damn it if only these stupid guards weren't here I'd be able to escape. Wait a minute, I'll use my mask!!!"
―Toa Ikarki, Matoran Adventures

The Kanohi Eliki is the Mask of Confusion. It has the power to cause a target to lose balance, motor control and fall into a state of confusion. It is often used to get out of trouble or to stupify a target.

One particular Eliki was fused with a Kanohi Huna, the Mask of Concealment, and is worn by Cavdon. Once the hybrid mask is activated, anyone who looks at him will see only a blur, start to get a headache, and be forced to look away, thinking nothing of what they had just seen. Kanohi Eliki were originally created by KMES, so we often shaped like noble masks of x-ray vision to suprise opponents. Over time, this has become the accepted shape for the mask and is now widely used  

Example usage[]

In Matoran Adventures [Ikarki, who was being held prisoner, used it to stupify the guards to make a hasty escape