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The 11 Assignments were a list of tasks that Mata Nui gave to the First Matoran during their time in the Hangi Canyon after his awakening from the coma which was caused a millenia earlier, when he created Manuin. The tasks were meant to make the First Matoran prepare for the journey back to the Ocean of Prosperity, to the place where Dromii existed before sinking, so that Mata Nui could make Dromii their home again.

Below are the 11 Assignments:

1. Put the Mak-Matoran into the Ancient Suva.

2. Prepare a big pot of fruit juice.

3. Seek the Symbol of Mata Nui from the Canyon of the Great Spirit

4. Put Hangi's body on the Temple of History

5. Put Hangi's original mask on his face

6. Put the Symbol of Mata Nui on Tunaras memory statue

7. Put Makaatus body in ice and leave it on Manuin.

8. Destroy the Kakri

9. Take as much supplies as you possibly can, and sail on a big ship to the Ocean of Prosperity

10. Let the waves freely move you, until you get to a small tip of an island.

11. Attach the Twin Stones

The First Matoran did the assignments. They caused the Mak-Matoran to become First Matoran, Hangi's and Tunara's revival and the rising of Dromii.