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Elements vs makuta

Elemental Powers are forces of nature which can be accessed by many beings. There is no official definition for an Elemental Power, but many agree that to make an ability an Element, it must fulfill two prerequisites: A being must have been seen to wield it as a natural power (except for Dark Matter, Shadow, Time and Life) and for it to be a central force of nature.

Elements and Powers[]

Primary Elements[]

Primary Elements are the most commonly found elemental powers found throughout the universe.


Secondary Elements are a less common variety of elements, but are still wielded by multiple species, including but not limited to Matoran, Toa, and even Makuta.

Tertiary Elements[]

Tertiary Elements are rare elements that are not in the Prime Reality, some of them are considered secondary elements.

Legendary Elements[]

Legendary Elements are incredibly powerful each having a corresponding Legendary Kanohi.

Combination Elements[]

Combination Elements are those which have been created through fusion of two or more elements to create more powerful abilities.

  • Cyborg - Iron, Life
  • Decay - Acid, Poison, DNA, Life
  • Electromagnetics - Lightning, Light, Magnetism
  • Ground - Earth, Stone, Sand, Gravity
  • Magma- Fire, Earth
  • Lava - Fire, Stone
  • Nightmare - Dream, Chaos
  • Protodermis - Any combination of six elements
  • Shockwaves - Earth, Sonics
  • Space-Time - Space, Time
  • Storms - Lightning, Air, Water, Sonics, Ice
  • Swamp - Water, Plantlife
  • Twilight - Light, Shadow
  • Ultimate Element - Combination of all elemental powers
  • Meta-Stability - Life, Technology, Soul(or Spirit) and Time
  • Mutation - Acid, DNA, Life, Poison, Radiation

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