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Parallel to 'normal' beings
All over the BIONICLE Planet;Notably Canada Land

The Elcinoib were a race of bio-mechanical organisms that existed long before the traditional Bionicle races. Oddly enough, most figures in the Elcinoib race are equal to members in historical Bionicle. The entire race is believed to be extinct, killed in mass genocide during the Elcinoib/Bionicle War.



Its is unkown how the Elcninoib came into existence, but the best guess is that the Great Spirits created them as "prototypes" for the Bionicle species. Once put on the planet, the Elcinoib spread and diversified quickyl and effiecently, leaving evidence that they colonized most of the known Universe at one point. They existed like this in peace for tens of thousands of years, until the Bionicle races emerged.

Universal Racism and Explusion[]

For awhile, the Elcinoib and Bionicle co-existed peacefully, but eventually tension began to rise, as the Bionicles tried to expand their borders, and the Elcinoib were already on most islands. The populations started to merge at the borders, and racism toward the Elcinoib started. They were treated unfairly, and as the Bionicle races increased in their technological potential, they slowly took over the Elcinoib governments. After several thousand years, the tension got so bad that several small wars broke out, the Bionicle victorius, and the Elcinoib were exiled out of all the lands they once called home.

Exodus and a New Home[]

The Elcinoib were forced to leave, as the Bionicle were technologically dominant and the Elcinoib could not spare another war with them. They massed together a fleet of refugees, and found a new island, Canada Land. They quickly colonized it and existd peacefully for thousands of years, developing isloated from the rest of the world.

Re-discovery, War, and Extinction[]

After many years, Bionicle settlers eventually stumbled across Canada Land and re-discovered the Elcinoib there. At first, the relationship between them was positive, as the old days were long forgotten. Several colonies were established, and started to expand. This time, the Elcinoib revolted, refusing to lose their last home. After much war, the Bionicle invaders continued to expand their territory and presumably killed the last populations of the Elcinoib. N more individuals have been sighted in years.

Abilites and Traits[]

As "prototypes" of Bionicles, the Elcinoib were better physically adapted for the survival than Bionicle and relied less on technology. However, their elemental powers were not as developed as Bionicle, and took longer to master. Physically, they were stronger, faster, and had quicker reflexes.


  • The word Elcinoib is really Bionicle backwards.
  • Many words in Elcinoib are really Bionicle names turned backwards.