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Matoran warrior
Electro-blades, Zamor launcher (on Zyvarak's back)
Alive, revived

Edrax is a Ba-Matoran and an ally of the Order of Mata Nui.


Edrax once lived on Metru Nui. However, he was not the best worker, and so was sent to Karzahni. After being 'fixed' by Karzahni, he lived on Voya Nui and was best friends with another Matoran who is now known as Multicolour. When Mahri Nui broke off and sank, Edrax was one of the Matoran who survived under the sea. He, like all Mahri Nui Matoran, was slightly mutated (meaning that all of Karzahni's 'repairs' were undone.) Shortly after, he found an oddly-coloured Hahnah crab, who had been cast out from the others because he was different. Edrax befriended him, naming him 'Zyvarak.'

Mahri Nui[]

Edrax found that Zyvarak's mutation had given him the ability to drop air bubbles from his claws, so he took him on his adventures through the Pit (the idea being that Edrax would feed Zyvarak in exchange for refilling his air bubble whenever he was low on air.) Edrax also mounted his Solid Air Launcher on Zyvarak's back. Edrax didn't come into Mahri Nui itself very often, and hardly ever attended any council meetings. Whenever he did, he always straggled in late and stayed at the back. He was interested in the sea around him, and preferred to stay by himself near the borders of Mahri Rock. He lived with Zyvarak in a small cave, and, finding that Zyvarak's mutation made him amphibious, he asked to borrow some hydruka so he could create an air bubble inside the cave. Zyvarak always knew when the air bubble was shrinking, so he refilled it with air from his claws. When the Toa Mahri led the Matorans back up to Voya Nui, Edrax stayed behind with Zyvarak. At some point, he encountered the Barraki Ehlek. There was a battle, but Ehlek eventually gained the upper hand, knocked him semiconscious and tried to kill him, but before he could, Zyvarak attacked him from behind. Ehlek got up, but found that Zyvarak had dragged Edrax to safety. Edrax fully woke up in a crevice that Zyvarak had filled with air. Soon after, Edrax was found by Makuta Vorzex, who took him to the Order of Mata Nui. He then met an Order member, Eklektikon, and his old friend, Multicolour.