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The Dust Belt is the ring of super-stone rocks that from a ring of transportation all around it. The inner ring and outer ring are not visible until you 2 miles away from them.

The Forgotten system[]

The Forgotten system is once where the Le-Cycones made their home. The only Planet their was full of planet life and water. But soon when Mata Nui fell, The Planet life died out on the Planet. IT soon became a desert mostly. The Le-Cycones died and the last one mutated into a Manhauga, a Raptora King. He soon died 3 weeks after Corraka Spartan 2's settlement on the Planet. Corraka gave the Manhauga a freed spirit and he now protects the Raporta from Extiction.

The Inner Ring[]

The Inner section of the Two Rings is the only one that any thing can travel through without crashing into an object.

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