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The Toa Hagah protect Makuta Dublas.



  • Xax-Toa of Iron and Leader of the Group. He has Green Armor and uses A Sniper.
  • Dune-Toa of Stone and Deputy. He has Green armor and Protosteel Gloves.
  • Silla-Toa of Lightning and Only Female of the Group. She has Brown Armor and Duel Scythes.
  • Vone-Toa of Sonics and Scout of the Group. He has Gold armor and Duel Blades.
  • Reaper-Toa of Fire and the other Scout. He has Black Armor and an Axe.
  • Torn-Toa of Air and Tactician. He has Translucent Green Armor and a Drill.

Former Members[]

  • Bleze-Former Toa of Magnetism, later A Toa of Shadow. He had Grey armor and A Sniper.


  • Valefrine-Female Toa of Air and Leader. She has Purple armorand uses a spiked blade
  • Ifran-Toa of Fire and Deputy. He has brown armor and Claws
  • Kalor-Member of a lightning-based Toa-like species and Valefrine's Bodyguard. He has Silver armor and a sphear.
  • Shiver-Female Toa of Ice and Front Guard. Has Translucent blue Armor.
  • Baji-Toa of Light and Strongest. Has Black armor and a Sword.
  • Yojay-Toa of Air and Assassin.. Has Purple Armor and a Sword