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Bionicle20 322
Status Alive
Power(s) None
Pronunciation Drehpk

Drepk is Ranzesk's Sand Stalker from the planet Bara Magna.


Drepk originally belonged to an Agori in Iconox. When the Rock Agori Ranzesk moved into the village, he managed to buy Drepk off the Ice Agori. Ranzesk then began using Drepk as a steed and continues to do so when traveling long distances across the wastelands whenever the Rock Agori's Cendox vehicle cannot make the journey.

When Ranzesk started traveling with the exiled Skrall Verex and the Zesk Drex, Ranzesk began using his Cendox more often, leaving Drepk in Iconox with a paid handler.

More recently, Ranzesk returned to Iconox with his allies in order to watch Verex's arena match with Arctica. Leaving his Cendox with an engineer for repairs, Ranzesk had Drepk fed prior to departing the village with his companions, along with Vernax and Grepex.

Weeks later, Ranzesk returned to Iconox yet again in order to return Drepk, and regain his Cendox. Drepk is currently in the care of Ranzesk's paid handler.

Abilities & Traits[]

Drepk, like most Sand Stalkers, can survive with little sustenance for long periods of time. He is also very sure-footed, and is capable of crossing dunes without sinking into them.