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"So you want to go to Drekor Desert, eh? Okay, I'll give you some supplies. Oh, and just one more thing, what type of flowers would you like to your funeral?"
―Unknown matoran to an explorer traveling to the Drekor Desert
Drekror Desert
Primary Residents Spiders of Doom
Former Residents Rahi, Matoran
Location Bio-Land, south western side
Size 67,892 sq. miles
Status Dominated by the Spiders of Doom
Locations Drekor Village

Drekor Desert on map

Drekor Desert is a large desert in the southwest of Bio-Land. It's really hot and anyone who goes there without a guide, will die of thirst or heatstroke, unless he/she gets to Drekor Village in time, where the Matoran take care of Matoran lost in the desert.

Drekor Desert is the largest desert in Bio-Land and bigger than Po-Wahi in size. At daytime the tempreture can reach up to 165'f degrees, but at night, the tempreture can drop below zero.


Not much is known of the desert's history. When Bio-Land was a part of Mabauto, Drekor Desert was part of a larger desert called Tafrago Desert.

When Bio-Land broke off Mabauto and floated for many years until getting attached to one place, the Drekor Desert formed of the parts of the former Tafrago Desert, along with Tofug Desert.

It's unknown when the first Matoran that founded the Drekor Village came. They could've been there at the time of Mabauto or migrated later. But it's not known.

The Spiders of Doom returned to Bio-Land many years later via the Drekor Desert, conquering it for themselves in the process. The Rising didn't effect the desert itself much, but made it smaller because water flooded some parts of it. Since then, the Spiders of Doom have roamed the desert without a destination.


  • Even though hundreds of Matoran have gone to the desert and have never been seen again, only a few have died. Most have been rescued and taken to the Drekor Village.
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