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Drekaz is a former Av-Matoran, currently a Shadow Matoran, and a member of the Legion of Shadows.


Drekaz was created by the Great Beings to aid in the construction of the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Drekaz and the other Av-Matoran left their homeland under the Southern Continent to colonize Karda Nui. The Av-Matoran returned to their homeland in the caves below the Southern Continent before the awakening of Mata Nui.

During the Great Cataclysm, the Av-Matoran homeland was damaged by the resulting earthquake and part of it fell into Karda Nui. This caused the Stalactite Villages to form and Drekaz took up residence in one of the villages for more than a thousand years, adapting to the hardships that the new lifestyle presented.

Centuries later, during the Seige of Karda Nui, Drekaz had his inner light drained by a Shadow Leech and became a Shadow Matoran. He was then mutated into his current form by Makuta Mutran.

Later, he encountered Makuta Kylla, who offered Drekaz membership into the Legion of Shadows. Drekaz accepted the offer, and the pair made their way to Makuta Cordak's fortress on Morek. On the way there, they encountered a Shadow Matoran named Distrex who also accepted membership into the Legion. After turning Distrex into a Toa, the trio arrived at Cordak's fortress, where Drekaz introduced himself to Cordak.

Later, Drekaz was summoned to Cordak's throne room along with his other servants. There, Makuta Kylla began assigning them missions that would aid their goals, and Drekaz was teamed with Distrex. The pair was ordered to head to the oldest section of the Onu-Metru Archives in order to recover the Blaze Gem. Drekaz and his companion eventually retrieved the stone, and contacted Cordak and Kylla to inform them of their success. Pleased with their work, Cordak ordered them to stop off at Zakaz to check on Osbek and Ventra's progress before returning. Later, they received a message from Kylla instructing them to disregard Cordak's last order, and return to Morek.

The pair complied, and Drekaz and Distrex returned to Morek with the Blaze Gem, which they handed to Cordak.

Abilities and Traits[]

Like all Av-Matoran, Drekaz had the ability to change how the color of his armor appears. He has been trained to use this ability reflexively, helping keep his elemental affiliation secret. Drekaz could also channel small amounts of Light energy through his hands or tools. These abilities were were replaced with shadow powers when he became a Shadow Matoran.

Mask and Tools[]

It is unknown what tools and mask Drekaz originally used. After becoming a Shadow Matoran, Drekaz was given a powerless Jutlin and a pair of claw blades by Makuta Mutran.