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A 006
Matoran/Rahi Fusion
Dark Hunters
Leader of the Dark Hunters
Air (formerly?)

Dreckno is the leader of the South Rebain Dark Hunters. Dreckno began his life as technically two beings.


Drake was one of the conscious beings that formed Dreckno. Silmo was a Rahi species related to the Vahki.

Drake was a lone Le-Matoran who traveled far and wide to feel most alive in which he had traveled everywhere except Metru Nui, telling others he was saving the best for last.

When on Metru Nui, he went to a flea market where they had a magnificent Rahi called the Silmo for sale. He quickly bought it as a souvenir and took it to his house in Rebain. He brought it to the beach to play with it, but little did he know that there was a spill of Energized Protodermis near the shore. When he and the Silmo went into the "water", they were fused, and formed Dreckno.

Dreckno believed himself to be the most miserable being ever, and then, a Dark Hunter known as Lariska came and found him. Lariska allowed him to join the Dark Hunters and he was agreed by many to be a good leader figure. Due to his knowledge of Rebain, he was made head of the new Dark Hunter organization there.