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Draku was a former Rahkshi, who got mutated into a Makuta.

Group Rahkshi (formerly)
Tools bladed staff
Status unknown
Location unknown
Pronunciation Drah-Koo


In his past, Draku was a prototype Rahkshi. Draku got exposure to an energized mutagen which changed his body gradually. The power was too much for the Kraata to handle that. That protodermic reaction caused him to have a mind of his own and enter a techno-organic state which kept on changing gradually. He went across Metru Nui seeking to wreak havoc. The first person to stop him and defeat him in battle was the Toa named Seihu. Draku saw him as his sworn enemy since then.

In order to be effective against Seihu, Draku went on to adopt a new fighting style he would later call his own, he created Makuta Karakhi Zhex, translated “The Venomous Makuta Way”, it has a style of fighting similar to, but more ferocious and sinister than Mata-Taekworu Zhex.

He formed the army and organization, Draku's Mark.

After the Great Cataclysm, Draku's body increased in size and shape.

He made most of his armies and taught them everything he knew.

Abilities and Traits

Draku is cunning, intelligent, and a fierce fighter. He developed a fighting style of his own. He is still loyal to Teridax.

Powers and Equipment

As a Rahkshi, Draku wielded the Halberd of Shadows. He gained sharp claws, fangs, horns, wings, a sphere launcher, tail, and bladed spear after his mutation.