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"We are the Dragarahk, the most vicious of all Rahkshi, pathetic heroes...and we serve our master, the great and mighty Makuta!"
―A Dragarahk, BIONICLE Chronicles: Torn Into Two

Dragarahk are special type of Rahkshi created by the Brotherhood of Makuta.


The Dragarahk first appeared alongside a group of other breeds of Rahkshi in order to fight Vlakro and the Glatorian - Tarix, Kiina, Ackar, Gresh, and Gelu - he was on a temporary team with in order to find the missing Toa Nuva, Takanuva, and five other Glatorian, as well as the Toa Vuan. One of the Dragarahk then spoke to the heroes, telling them that the Dragarahk are a superior breed of Rahkshi, that they serve Teridax, and that the heroes are "pathetic". Later, when the battle between the Rahkshi and the heroes ensued, the talking Dragarahk was slain by Tarix. The remaining Rahkshi were then frozen - as said by Gelu, in "time" - when Tarix, Gresh, Ackar, and Vlakro crossed their blades with each others' and channeled their respective elemental powers through the blades, sending a beam of energy at the foul monsters and stopping them in their tracks.

Powers & Abilities[]

Unlike other Rahkshi, Dragarahk can control all 42 Kraata powers and can use the elemental power of Shadow, thus making their level power close to the level of power an average Makuta. However, since they can use all 42 powers, the Dragarahk's Kraata powers are weaker than the Makuta's.


Each Dragarahk carries two "Dragon" Tooth Blades, which allow them to channel their powers. The blades can also form a staff, just like the way each normal Rahkshi can make their smaller staffs into one large staff.


  • Unlike most types of Rahkshi, the Kraata is mutated into a larger form and infused with a powerful suit of armor.