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Blaze Dragon
Status Alive
Power(s) Flame Breath
Pronunciation Drake-oz

Dracos is a Blaze Dragon and Sceptiez's steed.


Originally a wild Blaze Dragon, Dracos was challenged and defeated by the Agori Sceptiez, who eventually managed to train the beast as his mount.

More recently, Dracos and his master began taking jobs from the Skrall Skirvex, capturing Skrall, Glatorian, and Vorox to form an army. Their latest hunt had them in the company of Zaz and his Bone Hunters, and two Skrall warriors, with the Skrall Kelx as the group's leader in order to capture a former Rock Tribe member, Verex. They managed to ambush the Skrall's Agori companions, with Sceptiez and Dracos capturing the Zesk Drex.

Soon afterward, Verex arrived on the scene, and found himself surrounded by the group. Kelx then forced Verex to surrender, distracting him long enough for Sceptiez to order Dracos to unleash a blast of flame, sending Verex reeling. He later accompanied Sceptiez to a large jungle oasis. He later supported his master in his battle against the Sanctuary's inhabitants.

During the battle, he attacked the former Glatorian Lotawn, though he was swiftly defeated. After recovering from his wounds, he attacked Magmus and Vernax as they were attempting to take out Jarzek. Although he was defeated, his attack delayed the pair long enough for Jarzek to escape.

When Sceptiez was teleported away by Skirvex, Dracos was teleported with him.

Abilities & Traits[]

Like all Blaze Dragons, Dracos was originally willful and stubborn. Once he was tamed, however, Dracos became extremely loyal and protective of Sceptiez.

Dracos is very durable, capable of going days without water and several weeks without food. Fleetfooted, Dracos is capable of reaching speeds of up to fifty miles per hour and can keep this speed for several miles before needing a rest. He is a fearsome fighter equiped with large teeth, sharp claws, flaming breath, and a constricting tail. He is also a valuble tracker, as he possesses keen senses of sight, smell, and hearing.


  • Dracos' name is derived from the name Draco, which is often associated with the word dragon.