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Double War

The Double War was a massive battle that took place in the remnants of Mata Nui, after the Matoran and Toa had left for Bara Magna. Most of the conflict occured on Metru Nui, though the last fight was on Voya Nui.

The Beginning[]

It was started when, in Mutran's abandoned lab, a vial shifted and fell. It relesed a toxic cloud into the air, which passed over the universe. It somehow took DNA samples from various beings, and attemped to reconstruct them. After the cloud had passed, doubles of many beings had been created, but without their original minds. The cloud had failed to perfect them, it seems. These beings were in some type of stasis for many years, and when they were awoken, they were able to realize they were trapped inside this universe. Not one of them could find the exit. Eventually, when it was discovered, a small battle occured over who should leave first. This had soon escalated into an all out war, in which these clones were killing each other left and right.

Events Leading up to the End[]

In the middle of the battle, the reconstruction of Radiak, who didn't want to die, attempted to flee. At that point, reconstructions of Takadox and Pridak were fighing, and when Pridak missed an attack, it hit Radiak. Now wounded, he was able to make it to the exit without being noticed. Before he could make it out, he was blocked by a reconstruction of Lewa, who was going to kill him and escape. Radiak opened the exit, and clawed his way out. Lewa followed after him, and destroyed the door to lock the others in. Radiak then bled to death, and Lewa ventured out into the desert, eventually arriving at Sandray Canyon. He was lost from sight after that.


It is unknown what happened to the duplicates. Either have simply killed each other, or they still live, deep in Mata Nui. Radiak's corpse was never found. Lewa was never seen again, after he vanished into the Canyon. Metus once spoke of seeing a green armored being out in the desterts, but he had vanished befroe Metus could reach him.