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Digital Generator
Digital Generator
Function Gathering and Storing data, Defensive and Offensive purposes
Powers Holographic projection
Status Functional
Location Spherus Magna
Pronunciation N/A

The Digital Generator is a device of unknown origin.


Little to nothing is known of this device, save for that it was discovered by Cigol. It's attached attached to his back, with the projectors replacing the blades of his extra set of arms. Since his possession of it, he has used it in his research projects, as well as for defensive positions.


Digital Generator Use 1

Cigol using the device.

Digital Generator Use 2

Cigol after attaching some tools to the Projectors.

The Digital Generator's primary function appears to be data storage and gathering, acting like something akin to a computer. It has numerous types of scanners programmed into its systems, and is capable of displaying the data on holographic screens. It can also generate a "digital keyboard" of sorts, allowing the user to type or catalog something into the database. It's rumored to have software for translating texts as well.

It has also been claimed to have offensive devices. There have been accounts of lasers being fired from the projectors, energy blades appearing on them or in the Intellian's hands, and a shield being projected around him. So far, however, there's no proof of this. However, it is known that Cigol can attach physical tools to the projectors, allowing him to work with four hands, so to speak.

Known Users


  • The Digital Generator was inspired by the RIG system from the Dead Space videogame series.
  • There's also been a rumor that the device is of alien origin. It is possible that it was created by the Great Beings.