Diga Village
Primary Residents Matoran
Location Bio-Land, Northwest
Status Deserted

Diga Village is a small village next to the Diga Port. It is mostly habitet by sailors and fishermen that work in the Diga Port.

The Diga Village quite much represents a small, peaceful village in the countryside, and therefore tourists often visit there before travelling to the inland. The village hasn't been meant to be a tourist attraction however, it's just the home of those who work nearby.


The Diga Village was built at the same time as Diga Port to serve as a home to the workers of the port.

The Rising didn't affect the village much, but the Matoran moved from their homes and gone to the Diga Port to leave Bio-Land via a boat. They, however, went to Kowa Mountains instead with the Great Migration. Diga Village is thus deserted.