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"Why, you're in Diga port, of course! Home to a thousand fishermen! Center of tourism! A place with more expensive souvenirs that the Po-Metru Matoran can ever do!"
―A fisherman
Diga Port
Primary Residents Matoran
Location Bio-Land, Northwest
Status Wiped out of existence

Diga port on map

Diga Port was the most important port on Bio-Land. It was the place where most boats came and went. The port had hundreds of shops where tourists could bye souvenirs and other stuff. The Diga Village was right next to the port, the workers of the port lived there.

Diga Port was often called the center of tourism of Bio-Land. That's because it usually was the first and last thing that the tourists saw on their trip in Bio-Land. First they saw it when they arrive, next when they left with another boat.


The Diga Port was built by Matoran long after Bio-Land's separation from Mabauto. The port was built to serve as the main port of Bio-Land. It quicky became very crowded and tourism increased thanks to the port.

The tourism of Diga Port began slightly dropping before The Rising, due to the amount of dangers and battles. The Rising itself didn't cause much damage to Diga Port since it was far from the rising place, but didn't remain fully intact, however. Matoran from Diga Villagesoon came to the port in order to escape the island and find sanctuary from Teridax elsewhere. Before they could leave, however, they were told about the Great Migration and the Matoran moved to the Kowa Mountains.

Diga Port was destroyed by The Melding.

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