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Diga Jungle
Primary Residents Rahi
Location Bio-Land, Northwest, near to Diga Port
Status Wiped out of existence

Diga Jungle on the map

Diga Jungle was a small jungle near to Diga Port and Diga Village. Many things were taken from there to the shops in the nearby port. Most of those things had been made by the unnamed lonely Matoran living in the jungle.

Besides the lonely Matoran living in the forest, no one lived there. It was a very peaceful place, with paths made in it, so you could go for a nice walk there and find your way back.


Diga Jungle was once a part of Mabauto but became it's own little jungle when Bio-Land broke off it. A village was soon constructed next to the jungle and even the forest soon got it's share of tourists from different lands.

When Mata Nui awoke and the Matoran Universe rose, Diga Jungle remained quite intact thanks to it's location. It was quite far from the rising place of Mata Nui. However, Diga Jungle is not a part of Kowa and thus, it was mostly destroyed by The Melding. However, a new jungle has started to grow from the remains of this jungle...


  • The jungle was inhabited by a few Muaka. They didn't attack Matoran, however.
  • The lonely Matoran of Diga Jungle refused to follow the Great Migration at first, but was later teleported to Kowa by Tapio as one of his last actions in this universe. Therefore this Matoran remains alive on Spherus Magna, living in another jungle there.
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